X marks the spot


09 May, 2016

Trump vs Clinton (Trumpton)

Well voters, what sort of a choice have you been presented with?

It is remarkably similar to the choice we had in the UK, more of the same or 'bit of a character' protest vote. Our protest vote was UKIP and yours is Trump.

In the UK, unbelievably, we went for more of the same. In the U.S. this would be Clinton. I am not predicting who will win, just outlining the choice.

We all know what more of the same is. The rich get richer and the rest of us get poorer. Which is how our financial system is designed to work.

So, what is the nature of the protest vote? Our UKIP person was an ex banker. Hence, zero actual choice. Voting represents no choice. More of the same or someone who is part of the banking fraud perpetuated against humanity.

The U.S. protest vote is Trump, someone who borrows vast quantities of fiat dollars and maintains quite a pleasant lifestyle. So, effectively, the protest vote is for more of the same banking fraud.

In America, you may get to vote for a grandfatherly figure who isn't as outrageous as Trump, that might be Bernie or someone similar. This happens every eighty years or so and represents the end of a financial supercycle.

Mankind is not as mature as we believe we are.

The rich keep getting richer because they designed the banking system we all use without thought, with zero critical thinking.

Hence the blog. You all take care.

If you want to 'vote' to change the financial system, then simply realise that each of your fiat dollars or fiat dollar denominated wealth is a 'vote'. Each dollar you own is a 'vote' allowing the rich to get richer and the rest of us to suffer.

For example, today I have exchanged some surplus currency units for a bottle of whisky. I refuse to take on interest bearing loans, which is a massive 'vote' against our current financial system.

For 47 years the working man or woman has had their share of the world's wealth reduced. So, perhaps give some critical thought to reversing that trend. Or may be you want your children to suffer?