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10 May, 2016


Brexit means a United Kingdom exit from the European Union.

We have been given yet another false choice. This one is particularly cruel.  Should we choose to stay, Cameron retains his job as chief Tory salesman. Future difficulties will be blamed on staying in the Euro area, Cameron loses his job but things remain the same. The public will accept blame for choosing to stay.

Should we leave, Cameron loses his job sooner. Future difficulties are blamed on the public for choosing to leave the Euro area.

Nothing actually changes, either way. What an utter waste of time.

Again, we are presented with a simple yes / no choice. We are human beings. We should not accept being placed into yes / no categories. Yet that is all governments ever do. Vote blue or vote red. This is completely unnatural but essential for the few to control the many. 1,000 politicians controlling every aspect of 60 million people should not even be theoretical possible.

In the U.S. civil forfeiture laws are used to confiscate 5 billion currency units from US citizens, each year. Robbers and thieves steal about 3 billion currency units a year. The police, courts and prison staff all need paying too. What an utter scam. The government would frighten you into believing how much worse it would be without them. Which is what abusive husband's tell their partners.

The human race has been institutionalised, we have an increasingly abusive, invasive and arrogant government with an increasingly docile population. Which is why many people refer to the masses as sheep. Me, for example, being one of them.

Forget Trump vs Clinton and forget brexit. The question is, why don't we get to choose how we spend our lives. 47 years of less and less for the working man. Why not choose to end the financial fraud and the completely unnatural false choices of government?

Easy answer, thinking is hard and barely anyone is encouraged to do it. Is everyone capable of it? I say yes but the viewing figures of this blog say no.

If mankind did critically think, the world would be beautiful.

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  1. I am enjoying your blog enormously. Keep it up. I like to think I do a fair bit of critical thinking..sadly mostly after the event..As a reproach I guess. Best wishes.