X marks the spot


25 May, 2016

Tax and interest

The concept of tax corrupts the human soul.

Nothing stops critical thought faster than the concept of "we pay our taxes, let government sort it out." A tax is where a a dominant group takes wealth from the rest of us. This is abhorrent. We are human beings and we don't need a dominant group.

(The above point basically explains the entire world we live in and the contradiction that causes us so much cognitive dissonance. Monkeys have a dominant group culture. Human beings also have one but it is completely unnecessary. Strangely enough, if you kill all the dominant monkeys in a troop, you end up with a group of exceedingly civilised monkeys. So, even monkeys don't actually need a dominant group.)

We would amass wealth far quicker without tax. We would then individually need to decide what to do with it. All of this requires critical thought.

Interest is another tax. One that the banks charge for providing a social service. Remember that banks do not lend out their wealth or even other depositors wealth. They merely create bank credits when we take out a credit agreement / loan.

Centralised control and tax are both strong features of our society. Both of which destroy that which makes us human. The ability to think, act and evaluate are strangled by tax and government. Our education reinforces obedience to "superiors", which is fine but who are these "superiors". No, the entire way of western life crushes humanity. The fact that I meet and talk with a great many great humans gives me hope. What a great pity that society itself seeks to destroy that which makes us human. It is about time the humans reshaped society in their own image.

There are no superiors and there is no reason to continue using a financial system that merely impoverishes the masses.

Two things you can do.
Stop applying for credit
If you are struggling with debt, stop applying for more credit.

Our current financial system only survives by impoverishing the masses. If the masses stop supporting the parasitic financial system, it dies.

Taking out credit agreements with banks continues the masses impoverishment.
Stop doing it

House prices will drop to 25% of what they are if the masses stop taking out mortgages. Which is about how much you need to save to get the lowest interest rate on a 25 year credit agreement.

Remember, there are no such things as loans. You enter into a credit agreement, whereby the Bank credits your account with currency units and you exchange your labour for currency units to extinguish the credit agreement. No actual wealth was borrowed. (A decent lawyer, using that line of argument, means that no credit agreement ever needs repaying, if the borrower can show that an event outside of their control has occurred that makes repayment onerous / impossible.)

You owe me big for that one. Give it some critical thought and we are even.

You take care and stop being a victim of government and finance.