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27 May, 2016

Government (11/30) Wars impoverish us

Small government is good. The one we have now is bad. Well, that is my view after a great deal of critical thought.

Easily proved. Hitler stands up in a pub and says all the economic hardship is due to weak generals and the Jews and black people and mentally handicapped people and gays. Well, instead of forty million independent thinkers having forty million differing views, we have world war two. Just a few decades after world war one.

Today, we have Cameron bleating on about economic hardship caused by immigrants, physically challenged people, single mums and the Labour party. Instead of 60 million independent thinkers having 60 million views, we re-elect Cameron.

You started agreeing with me yet? Not about anything in particular but about the general lack of critical thinking occurring anywhere?

Economic hardship is caused by someone stealing your wealth and wasting it.

Surely, that is obvious? So who is stealing your wealth? What are they doing with it?
Well, try critically thinking about it.

How much did world war one cost?
How much did world war two cost?
How much does bombing Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq cost?

How this charade of the world continues is amazing.

World war one. It was just a racket.
World war two. Really?
Iraq war. Can you even remember why?
Iraq war part two. Blair says they have weapons of mass destruction. Not nuclear weapons, like what we have., which are weapons of earth destroying capability.
War on drugs. Seriously, who believes this nonsense.
War on terror. I give up.

Well, I haven't quite given up yet. What we all know, other people know, can and does change in a heart beat. A great many people that I am in contact with, know what everybody knows is not actually what they know.

Confused? Good, perhaps you will start thinking for yourself.
If not, be very careful who you let think for you.

Banks are greedy, faceless parasites and politicians lie. You all know this but each year they take more and more from us.

Peace out fellow Earthling.

PS World war three will cost you far more than you are prepared to lose. It will be very expensive. But you know, terrorists and other exaggerated threats. What a joke mankind is.

A wise man once said, if you don't change direction, you are going to get where you are headed. I can see a fork in the road and we really do need to take it.

Don't let any of my blogs upset you. The entire mess of the too big to fail financial industry and the too big to be held accountable governments are not sustainable. Just give some thought to surviving their collapse.

Perhaps we can intentionally collapse them in a controlled manner?

The very best thing we can do is reduce our dependence upon them. Each of us must individually decide what sort of world we want to live in and then live in it.

Take care of yourselves and each other, do not rely on financial institutions and huge governments - where ever possible.

Get others reading my blog, you will be doing many of them a favour. Many simply won't survive a government AND simultaneous financial collapse.

Best of luck

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