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11 May, 2016


I actually thought that Cameron UNDERSTOOD the world we live in. Apparently not, he is clueless. Which probably explains his smugness.

Today, he was inadvertently caught talking about corrupt nations in front of Her Majesty and a Cardinal, possibly, I don't know what he was, it is unimportant. Obviously, Dodgy Dave Cameron has complete forgotten about his father and the corruption he was involved in.

We know other nations are corrupt because we corrupt them. We being the IMF, NATO, USA and the UK. We deliberately destabilise and corrupt Africa, the middle east, anywhere with oil and gas, anywhere which could transit oil and gas, places with mineral wealth or strategically placed to annoy Russia.

We are not nice. We are corrupt. Dodgy Dave's Dad is corrupt. Only, we pretend we aren't. Our UK banks steal wealth from the UK population, just as the financial giants steal wealth from the rest of the world.

The entire planet is corrupt. Everything is corrupted.

Instead of spending the rest of my life cataloging it and explaining it, give me two more minutes.

Get some paper and a pen and draw a big pyramid. This pyramid represents everyone on the planet. All the wealth and power appears to accumulate at the top. So, Obama, the Queen, Janet Yellen, Lord Rothschild, the Pope, some footballers and Kim Kardashian are all at or close to the peak.

Now get some scissors and cut off the very top of the pyramid and place it next to the base of the pyramid. Relative to the rest of the pyramid, the peak looks tiny.

Ask an eight year old which of the two pieces is bigger and more powerful than the other.

Your very mind is completely corrupted. The eight year old has a chance.

The power and wealth is NOT concentrated at the peak. Control from the peak, is illusory. The real wealth is with the masses. The real power is with the masses. We have been corrupted to believe otherwise.

For example, Warren Buffet is a multi billionaire and a powerful man.

Stop exchanging your labour for ANY of his currency units or illusory financial assets and he is an old man who is slowly starving to death. Like many poor people in Nigeria.

We have been completely and utterly duped. I am furious. This world changes in a heartbeat, should the masses bother with critical thinking.

Warren Buffet goes from billionaire to beggar in a heart beat.

What exactly are the masses waiting for. Dodgy Dave won't ever explain this to you as he does not understand it.

Anyway, the path we are on leads to WW3, mankind must really hate itself. The devil must be bored, considering how easy it was to corrupt everyone.

Dodgy Dave is simply not being held to account. He embarrasses the country and Her Majesty, MI5 need to explain things to Cameron, firmly. Clearly, the MI5 need to consult with me as they appear to be as clueless as dodgy dave. (1kg of gold is sufficient payment for a good long chat. Call it 100 gold sovereigns. Perhaps, type some digits in my bank account, sufficient to purchase my own body weight in silver.)

Read the accountability posts to appreciate what happens when the top pyramid people aren't held to account. (They just steal more.)

Was that two minutes?

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