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17 May, 2016

Paul Krugman

Paul Krugman is a widely travelled, highly respected, incredibly well paid economic spokesman for those who believe more centralised control is required to solve the very problems that central control creates.

I have seen him in YouTube clips where he goes toe to toe with a Critical Thinker. They are really funny. Mr Krugman, very quickly turns into a five year old boy. The real comedy comes from Paul portraying his own economic concepts completely backwards. Incredible to watch, as he states the exact opposite of what he wrote about just a few years earlier. Honestly, it is so funny.

This summarises the problem humanity currently faces. Only those who don't understand the world, study it. These people get degrees in economics and politics where they are told whatever nonsense the professors in these subjects believe. That is what this all boils down to. A belief system. Instead of worshipping God or Jesus or Mohammed or whoever, we worship those who accumulate lots of currency units. Or we simply believe in the financial system which loans fictitious value in the form of currency units. Many people ask, what should we do and my answer is the same, think critically.

These globalist don't suffer from their own lack of understanding but we do.
Globalist portray the nonsense that one globalist can out think 100 million or more people. U.S. globalist Janet Yellen actually believes that she can out think 340 million Americans. Christine Lagarde actually believes that she can make better decisions for billions of people than the billions of people themselves. Seriously, these people are damaged intellectually and emotionally. Or perhaps, more kindly, their beliefs about reality are exactly the opposite of what normal people believe.

Paul Krugman believes that smashing windows is good for the economy. However, preparing for a fictitious alien invasion, would be good for the entire GDP of the world. Again, this belief is simply foolish.

Yet, when mankind refuses to think critically, these central planners promise the exact opposite of what they deliver and we allow more of the same.

So, what can we do?
Silver protects against vampires and central planners.
Gold is a less bulky form of silver and doesn't tarnish.
Critically think about what central planners say and how they achieve the exact opposite, ALL THE TIME.
Don't risk your life on a system that gets increasingly brittle with age. Such a system is the system of global finance and industry that we have used for decades.
Ask questions, continually. Seek answers that give you an understanding of a thing, rather than the knowledge of a thing.

For example, you may ask your local member of parliament or senator about the financial system. He will say that it is massively complicated and throw in a few facts. He will not say that the currency units have no value, your pension pot is an illusion because the currency units only exist at the instant that they are borrowed.

I know this sounds harsh but it is really quite simple. 300% of world's GDP is the current rated value of our savings / pension pots. How much of that can be spent into the real economy over the next twenty years without massively devaluing the worth of each currency unit OR without the  value of our savings / pension simply collapsing?

That is a great question to ponder. Especially after swapping your life savings into physical silver. I'd guess at 2% per year maximum. Any higher and central banks would have to start acquiring financial assets and pray that the masses don't start to (critically) think.

What do you (CRITICALLY) think?

If you fully believe in Paul Krugman, then stick with what you know.
If you don't believe in Paul Krugman, then invest some time and effort in your own  education.

Education, learn to read and then learn to critically think, then learn to write. You will now outperform 99% of the human race, easily.