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08 May, 2016

Accountability 108 (Her Majesty)

Her Majesty

This topic also generates intense emotional debate. No one appears to understand Her Majesties function.

Her Majesty is responsible for her subjects, of which I am one, and the landmass of England and the other bits.

Now, this is the hard bit to understand, the vast majority of this privileged group of which she is the boss, will hold themselves to account at a far higher level than we ever would.

Let that sink in. Accountability. Her Majesty can dissolve our Parliament and take control of our armed forces in extremis. She will hold Herself accountable at a far higher level than anyone else possibly could, would or should.

This costs me about a £1 a year.

Eventually, unless the Facebook people decide otherwise, the U.S. and the UK are heading slowly, so slowly, at first and then suddenly into tyranny. In America they have guns and Kim Kardashian. The British have Her Majesty.

Accountability, that is the key word here. That is why my critical thinking blog has blogs about Accountability in it. It is crucial.

Zero accountability in the U.S. to anyone, ever, for anything.
Ultimately, we have the Queen. Once She notices the tyranny, it ends. In America, you have chosen a different path, more accurately, you are on the path you were given.

The Queen costs me £1 a year. My government costs me thousands and thousands and impacts massively on my quality of life and my enjoyment of life.

So, I don't care to know what you feel about Royalty. They are bred to perform an important function. To hold themselves to account, when no one else in power is.

The Queen may well need fresh blood in her team of advisors but that is my only concern and an unimportant one at that.