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15 May, 2016

Accountability 109 (2% versus the "powerful")

How do we hold these "powerful" people to account?

The first step is to become a Critical Thinker. Then give a topic you are interested in some critical thought. Then give some critical thought as to how best spend your time and resources effecting the change you deem necessary.

You don't need me or anyone else for that.

Good luck.

I hope this brief post gives you an idea of what is readily achievable if you put in the effort and become a Critical Thinker.

When a couple of percent of us can clearly see the world for what it is, we will simply change it.

2% talk to 10 people each, that's now 20%. Conversations now take hold about what the world actually is and what it could be. The status quo is now seen to be untenable, it collapses under its own weight when a few stop supporting it. The Queen restores peace and order. Not sure how but that isn't my problem. She either does or she doesn't. Critical thinkers can restore calm at a local level, regardless.

National government or finance is not necessary for prosperity for all. In fact, we already have the exact opposite of prosperity for all. You already know this but you are conditioned not to give it any critical thought. The thing you know is that the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer. Check out how much faster income inequality has risen since quantitative easing started. Or not. Your choice. Assuming of course that this simple task is within your capabilities. If you don't find it simple, you need to find someone local to help develop your abilities. Then you will be able to. The fact that the average person will struggle, reveals the nature of our educational system. Which is a topic for another time.

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