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06 May, 2016

Understanding 301 (for accomplished critical thinkers only)

A great many of you can critically think, which is nice. So let's focus our attention on significant stories from around the world. They key here isn't to KNOW but to appreciate and UNDERSTAND what isn't said and what isn't explained.

I will assume that you can handle the truth.

First of all knowledge is not power. Knowledge is a diversionary tactic of those in power. Once you understand the world, you have power.

The first step to acquiring this power is the ability to critically think, so absorb as much as you are able from the thirty critical thinking posts.

The second step is to understand accountability, so read and re-read those too.

The final step is practice. Which is why I shall be randomly posting these UNDERSTANDING posts.

If at any time, you FEEL that I am not making sense, then accept that you are not ready or I have lost my slender grasp of your reality.

Your reality is awful. 20,000 children starve to death over a very short time period, regularly. Notice the lack of knowledge. It doesn't matter, understanding why they die matters. Knowing they starve to death is NOT the point. Giving them food is an answer but NOT the answer. The answer is to understand the world, the world then changes in a heartbeat. I say this a lot and I do mean it.

Practically all mankind's problems arise because of three issues.

Practically zero critical thought and understanding of the world by the masses.

Unbelievably large Government, which is an unstable centralisation of power.

An unbelievably large Financial 'Industry', which is mainly an illusion.

That should explain the importance of the blog and why I focus on Government and Finance.

You have fun but spare a thought or two for those we deny food because........

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