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30 May, 2016

The yes / no world of Central Planners

Monkey Brained Digital Thinking Central Planners call themselves TPTB (the powers that be)

A monkey brained person is someone who thinks digitally.

For example, if you ever give serious thought to brexit or whether or not to vote blue or red, then you are a digitally thinking monkey brained individual.

This isn't your fault. You have been trained all of your life to be a monkey brained digital thinker. Society, generally, rewards digital thinking monkey brained people, mostly. In the same way that they shun a critically thinking human being, mostly.

Monkey brained people will attempt to decide who is the dominant and submissive monkey brain in any situation. Thus dealing with me becomes problematic should I decide not to play the monkey brain game. Nowadays, I rarely play the dominant / submissive monkey brain game. This completely baffles the police who mostly act as a dominant monkey brained group. For these digitally thinking monkey brains, if you don't act submissively then they are forced to. That is what digital thinking is. Only two states are allowed. They have to act as either submissive or dominant dependent on the situation. They are trained / conditioned for this type of thinking, as is mostly everyone. The training simply failed with me. However, I have tried to be 'normal', which is something I perhaps should not have done. Even now, I occasionally pretend to be a submissive monkey brain. Once this post is published, I doubt I ever will pretend to be a submissive monkey brained person again. Although, I reserve the right to torment whoever I like, however I like, whenever I like.

In most people, the digital monkey brain thinking is more of an unnecessary superficial social 'lubricant' rather than a deeply held belief system. The vast majority of people I regularly talk to don't do digital monkey brain thinking with me because I do not do it with them. Not everybody. The ones who are deeply conditioned to digital monkey brain thinking generally tend to seek a dominant monkey brained digital thinker to explain to me that I am the submissive digital monkey brained thinker. Which can be annoying. My monkey brained digital thinking Doctor tried that last year, failed and lost his job, at least at the practice I attend. I think a doctor must deliberately kill two hundred people before he loses the title Doctor. (Doctor Harold Shipman.) A Priest or Member of Parliament also risks losing his title after he rapes a similar number of children.

Today, society is made up of a great many critically thinking human beings but the herd is still clinging to its dominant / submissive monkey brained roots. As are the powers that be. I fully believe that the majority of these monkey brained people could become critically thinking human beings with the appropriate help and encouragement. This blog is only half the battle, you will need to help. I can't have regular one on one chats with seven billion people.

Once the monkey brain digital thinking ideology is destroyed, which is a small step for a man, then mankind makes a huge leap forward towards a far happier future. This is important, the monkey brained thing is unnatural and will not bear much critical thought. Hence the blog.

All central planners are monkey brained individuals. A critically thinking human being could not make decisions for millions of people unless they were also psychopaths. (I hope to be proved wrong on this.) Allow me to explain further. A dominant monkey brained central planner will feel that they are fully entitled to make decisions for the millions of submissive monkey brained individuals under their spell. A psychopath would not have any feelings about it whatsoever. Thus the critically thinking individual does not like politicians, central bankers or other central planners and would struggle to be one. The psychological strain would be enormous.

Please make a serious effort not to be a submissive or dominant digital thinking monkey brain in any situation. You will then notice how many institutions attempt to force you into being a submissive digital thinker. One example is the judicial system. They force you into a submissive role. They assume the dominant one. This is truly unacceptable and the opposite of justice. So don't accept it. Without our compliance they are utterly powerless.

Politicians are another group that give you digital choices about voting red or blue. The digitally thinking monkey brained group retain full control either way, with the masses assuming the submissive role. Again, this doesn't bear much critical thought without collapsing. They keep themselves in the dominant digital monkey brain position and us in the submissive role, all voluntary. What happened to the 'we serve the public' mantra of elected officials?

Another group of dominant digital thinking monkey brains is the banking sector. They force the masses into a submissive role and they take the dominant one. The digital thinking that banks promote is that you use their currency units or you starve. That is digital monkey brained thinking. The bearest minimum of critical thought reveals the truth of the matter. If we, the masses, do not use the banks currency units then the bankers and financial billionaires starve. Critical Thought reveals a far different scenario than the digital ones these monkey brains conjure up with simple two state thinking.

Now enjoy your day and read this post every few days until you feel more powerful than your president, prime minister, central banker, financial billionaire or any other digitally thinking monkey brained central planner.

You take care and have some fun confusing the monkey brained digital thinkers. I do, hence the blog.

Detecting a monkey brained individual or institution is easy. They give you a digital choice on a mind blowingly complex topic. (Such as Brexit.) Whatever you choose, makes zero difference. The question is always the same, "will you voluntarily accept a submissive role and accept our dominance over you?" The monkey brain is deceptively simple, it wants only one thing. To know if it is the dominant or submissive in any situation. That is why dominant monkey brain groups continually create other monkey brain groups that the original group is submissive to. Obviously, key members of the original group become founding members of the new group. What utter nonsense. Typical monkey brained digital thinking, which is completely unnecessary and highly destructive.

Do mankind a huge favour, don't accept a false choice given by a monkey brained digitally thinking individual or institution. Just point them over to the blog and help turn them into a critically thinking human being. Within two years, the world will have changed beyond imagination into something truly beautiful. Stop thinking digitally. The world will be far better. Truly beautiful may take additional effort.

The deeply conditioned monkey brained digital thinkers will become increasingly belligerent, cantankerous and aggressive as their world dissolves around them. Fortunately, there won't be many of them and they are easily confused into submission. Not that you should take any too much pleasure in doing that to them.

Remember, I am not giving you a digital / two state choice. Merely bringing to your attention that you have far more than two options, especially in the real world I am inviting you into with these blogs.

In actual monkey societies, should the few dominant monkeys accidentally die, the society becomes very peaceful and civilised. For generations. Should a dominant monkey discover the undominated group he will assume a leadership role, start slapping the smaller monkeys around and then be quickly killed dealt with by a far greater number of smaller monkeys. Which I find fascinating.

So Darth Rayne, has this post matched your expectations?

(Google 'zero hedge darth rayne' if you like. Zero Hedge post alternative views some of which Darth Rayne comments on.)