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03 June, 2016

What can we do? (12/30)

What world do you want to live in? A beautiful world of plenty or the current invisible bars one. Or the other I have already forgotten. Oh yes, the real world?

Pick one and live it, the end.

What I hadn't realised is that each world already exists. Most live in the invisible bars world. It isn't compulsory. It is just what we have been trained for. What are parents were trained for, etcetera.

The world I live in is very pleasant. Occasionally, I have to deal with the police but as they have my fingerprints, DNA and psychological profile, they tend to be on their very best behaviour. I accept nothing less. (Dispensing justice, not submitting to 'authority' is not without its costs, more about this in a future post, possibly.)

You are training your children for the same world that you live in. Why? Easy, because thinking, especially critical thinking, is hard. So are world wars. Make your choice, try understanding your choice. Critical Thought will be required.

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