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28 May, 2016

Understanding 304 (exponential growth or death)

Well people, I grow weary. This blog should be growing exponentially and it isn't. By the thirtieth critical thinking post, it should have had seven billion hits. However, it was only growing exponentially because I was promoting it more, more and more again. I am burning out.

Only 12,000 pageviews so far. To grow exponentially, each of you has to introduce your friends, acquaintances, colleagues and family members to it. Without exponential growth I am wasting my time and I ought to kill the blog.

The end game is this. Mankind deserves whatever it gets. Tyranny and world war three or beauty and creativity. The thing changes in a heart beat and here is how.

1) You accept that governments seek to accumulate power by taking it from you
2) You accept that banks have behaved fraudulently for centuries
3) You accept that this is your fault.
4) You assume responsibility for your own life
5) You accept that you are a valid member of humanity, as is everyone else
6) You seek to improve the quality of your life but not at the expense of others
7) You hold anybody immediately accountable for any conduct that impacts negatively on others.
8) Once your needs are met you seek to improve the quality of others lives
9) You accept that your pension wealth is illusory
10) You accept that the fiat currency price of your house is massively inflated
11) You realise that denominating wealth in fiat currency units is an act of supreme stupidity
12) You critically think about huge issues regularly
13) You have some fun and relax
14) You realise that I have no impact on anything much, as I am only one person
15) You don't need me for anything
16) My blog opened a door that you were going to open anyway
17) You are powerful and no one wields more power than you
18) You deserve to live a life of beauty. No one out ranks you.

You know who you are, now I challenge you to understand who you are and what you are truly capable of. We are one small step below Angels. We should each be able to match Jesus, if not exceed him. What, exactly, are you waiting for?

You have Gods permission to astonish and delight him

You have Jesuses permission to excel.

Again, swap out the God, Jesus and Angel references for whatever belief system you have. The deities and quantum mechanics will NOT be offended and neither will I.

Try not to think in terms of status, dominance or wealth. That is digital monkey brain thinking. Try to think like a civilised human being, accept that the monkey brained central planners and politicians are inferior to you regardless of their position in society, wealth or their arrogance. They won't like it but they will soon realise that they are powerless against a civilised critical thinking individual.

Can you feel your power returning / increasing?


  1. Hi,

    I have only just found your blog and find your writing quite interesting and thought provoking, thank you

    I have only read half your posts but an initial comment would be regarding fractional banking system

    I have read much on the merits of sound money - the gold standard for example. This system does seem to have some merits, that being it being a more stable system without the booms and busts..

    However, there seems to be some merits to the fractional banking system as well. To use the Goldsmith story as an example:

    Due to his ability to create more paper notes that what he held in gold (fractional banking), many more people were able to obtain credit than what would have otherwise been the case. It is likely that many that obtained that credit were smart people with a great idea to create wealth and jobs, used the credit wisely, and made a success. A success that would not have been possible had the fraudulent credit been unavailable.

    Does not the fractional banking bring more people into the game? Give a chance to those with a creative mind but lacking in funds to startup? It seems to me the most successful societies became so by use of the fractional banking system.

    It seems to me that it is not the fractional banking system that causes the problems, but rather these bank bailouts that are the problem. Booms and busts are fine, the busts are like cleansing fire that clears the deadwood from the system.

    Anyway, I know in my life that access to easy credit allowed me to strike while the iron was hot, initiate a great idea, and make some good money. Under the old sound money system, by the time I had saved up the money to pay upfront, it would have been too late.

    I agree that the fractional banking system is fraud, but without it and a change to the Austrian Economics theory, I worry we will be back to a stagnant 1800's style financial system.

    Anyway, great blog David, I have gained much and look forward to more

    Damian from downunder

    1. Hi, I am pleased you found the blogs thought provoking. Your comments are equally interesting.

      I agree, credit is a powerful tool and it does provide great benefits. Unfortunately, the credit creation system we have is, mostly, a way to funnel wealth from the productive masses to the few.

      In 2008, one of the big four UK banks had a fractional reserve of one currency unit value in financial assets for every 423 bank credits that they had created. Not quite the ten percent reserve ratio the economic text books quote. Should confidence falter and a few attempt withdrawals, the financial system ceases operating. For every 423 units of wealth we think we have, only one is available for withdrawal into a physical currency unit.

      The banks and government will blame those who are attempting to withdraw what they believe is their life savings. The financial system we have is based on a few dominant monkey brained thinkers forcing mankind into a digital choice of accepting the currency units or starving. Such a digital choice is the hall mark of a dominant monkey brained organisation forcing the masses into a submissive monkey brained role.

      Back to your business. Critical thinking human beings with actual assets needed to be convinced by you to put a portion of their assets at risk and financially back your idea. The exact mechanism of this needs to be discussed and agreed. Banks could be formed but no fractional reserve lending allowed. All currency units to be backed by land, art, property or gold or whatever society judges to be of value. The system you actually used was the bank credited your account with unbacked numbers. 2008 gave us a small indication of how brittle that system becomes with age. The system is fraudulent, there are a few winners but mostly wealth is fraudulently channelled to a few. This is indicated by two things. One, inequality increase over time. Two, each American President borrows far more than all his predecessors combined borrowings.

      To be fair, this is an unbelievably subtle scam. I lack the ability to clearly demonstrate it. With your indulgence, I shall give it one more try.

      The creation of unbacked currency units takes wealth, subtly, from everyone who uses currency units.

      The banks effectively steal wealth from the people and loan it at interest.

      I suggest banks should only loan currency units at interest against assets that they hold. Risk is easier to see and bank failures a necessary unpleasantness, such that we accept the consequences for poor financial decisions.

      The system we have now is simply vast but subtle theft and the risks invisible until the entire façade collapses.

      Wow, was this comment longer than the original post? I did say your comment was thought provoking.

      This weekend, I am working on a post for Monday that should help a great many more people understand the world we have created. Including the financial system.

      Finally, assuming you are still reading. If there really is only one physical currency unit for every 423 financial assets. Should we divided our pension value by 423 to determine its actual value?

      The answer is yes and no depending upon a range of assumptions. Therefore, the answer is far more complicated than simply yes or no. The criteria for yes are rapidly approaching. One million in financial assets could easily be worth only two thousand pounds. Remember, the currency units are not backed, mostly. This could be a problem, under certain conditions. Anyway, whatever.

    2. Thanks for your reply, great reading

      I am by no means an expert in monetary policy, I must confess, but in the spirit of your blog and attempting some critical thinking..

      From what you write, it seems that 423/1 fraction has resulted from poor policy, rather than fraud. It seems that while U.S banks operate under a fractional reserve system (the max being 10/1), the UK (and Autralian) bank systems run under a more esoteric system call 'reserve requirements' (according to the so named wikipedia entree)

      After reading that, it seems that no fraud has taken place per se, rather the banks have taken advantage of extremely lax government system that (in some cases) requires banks to hold no real fractional reserve requirement whatsoever.

      It seems is very much a scam, being perpetrated by government policy itself.

      I think the scam would be far more acceptable, if the system was run from a nationalised, wholly owned government bank. At least the profits would return to the treasury. But of course, to give a government total control of the only bank would likely create a whole range of other problems..

      My search continues, in trying to determine the best monetary system to replace the current failing one.

      I look forward to your next blog entree



    3. http://fofoa.blogspot.co.uk
      The above chap has critically thought about a monetary system called freegold.

      I hadn't realised U.S. banks stuck to the 10:1 limit.
      JP Morgan plays with fifty trillion in derivatives with two trillion in assets. Theoretically, there shouldn't be a problem. In 'reality', any severe problems will be paid for by U.S. tax payers.

      Fascism has crept in, very quietly, according to Troy Ounce and I find myself nodding in agreement. The TTIP comment is particularly insightful. See below.

  2. 12.000 page views? Lucky bastard ;-)

    No, but seriously you should know how it is with pioneers. If you would have more page views world would have changed already.

  3. I've enjoyed reading your posts, but....

    "By the thirtieth critical thinking post, it should have had seven billion hit"

    ...you you realise that your blogs are up against the tenth series of Britain's Got Talent don't you?

    1. The smile on my face grows ever larger. The fact that you exist gives me so much joy. Forgive the intrusion into your anonymity but are you R2? Do not feel any obligation whatsoever to answer. You take care and have fun. You have made my 'online' weekend. :-)

  4. I am convinced it all started on August 15th, 1971. My father said at that time: "this means trouble". I had no idea what he was talking about. I was only 15.

    Capitalism must be able to destruct. Bad loans and investments MUST go. But vested interests won't let capitalism do its job. TBTF. It could well be that we will get a period of fascism, a silent agreement between corporates and the state. The TTIP is a good example.

    A culture pessimist I am: We must prepare for war. Smart people move to the country side with their loved ones.

    1. Excellent analysis. I believe that fascism is already here. Too big to fail banks getting billions in tax payer funded bail outs is fascism. In my opinion, your opinion is equally valid.

      War with who? The UK people's biggest threat is the UK government. Particularly if the UK government starts exchanging nuclear toys with Putin. The U.S. government is attempting to engage Russia and China in a war. Such a war is not in the U.S. people's best interest.

      Anybody, even hinting, that their own government is their biggest threat will be labelled, by their own government, as a 'nuisance'. Should I be arrested for writing this nonsense then fascism is getting a firmer foothold in the minds of our government / enemies.

      Just food for thought, not an absolute call to arms. Not a "you are with me or against me" false choice. Simply an extreme opinion in a sea of opinions. Or simply a layer in the onion that is me. Thanks for your comment, it was and is appreciated.

  5. Hello David,

    Your blog is interesting to me, thank you for taking the trouble to create and update it. I have 2 comments; one is that the gradual increase in page views are entirely consistent with an exponential growth curve (pls search for examples), the other is that the jump in critical thinkers from 2% to 20% may require more time than we have available. I have 30 years left of my life. I commit to doing what I can to unlock the power of critical thinking for the masses. For the data you have supplied thus far it is the least I can do.

    Best regards, Steve

    1. Hi Steve, thanks. I shall monitor my monthly figures to see how well the blog is doing.

      As for the 2% and 20%, let us see what happens. I am more than happy to be surprised. I will do my best too and try and stay more positive.

      You take care