X marks the spot


28 May, 2016

Understanding 304 (exponential growth or death)

Well people, I grow weary. This blog should be growing exponentially and it isn't. By the thirtieth critical thinking post, it should have had seven billion hits. However, it was only growing exponentially because I was promoting it more, more and more again. I am burning out.

Only 12,000 pageviews so far. To grow exponentially, each of you has to introduce your friends, acquaintances, colleagues and family members to it. Without exponential growth I am wasting my time and I ought to kill the blog.

The end game is this. Mankind deserves whatever it gets. Tyranny and world war three or beauty and creativity. The thing changes in a heart beat and here is how.

1) You accept that governments seek to accumulate power by taking it from you
2) You accept that banks have behaved fraudulently for centuries
3) You accept that this is your fault.
4) You assume responsibility for your own life
5) You accept that you are a valid member of humanity, as is everyone else
6) You seek to improve the quality of your life but not at the expense of others
7) You hold anybody immediately accountable for any conduct that impacts negatively on others.
8) Once your needs are met you seek to improve the quality of others lives
9) You accept that your pension wealth is illusory
10) You accept that the fiat currency price of your house is massively inflated
11) You realise that denominating wealth in fiat currency units is an act of supreme stupidity
12) You critically think about huge issues regularly
13) You have some fun and relax
14) You realise that I have no impact on anything much, as I am only one person
15) You don't need me for anything
16) My blog opened a door that you were going to open anyway
17) You are powerful and no one wields more power than you
18) You deserve to live a life of beauty. No one out ranks you.

You know who you are, now I challenge you to understand who you are and what you are truly capable of. We are one small step below Angels. We should each be able to match Jesus, if not exceed him. What, exactly, are you waiting for?

You have Gods permission to astonish and delight him

You have Jesuses permission to excel.

Again, swap out the God, Jesus and Angel references for whatever belief system you have. The deities and quantum mechanics will NOT be offended and neither will I.

Try not to think in terms of status, dominance or wealth. That is digital monkey brain thinking. Try to think like a civilised human being, accept that the monkey brained central planners and politicians are inferior to you regardless of their position in society, wealth or their arrogance. They won't like it but they will soon realise that they are powerless against a civilised critical thinking individual.

Can you feel your power returning / increasing?