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21 May, 2016

Understanding 303 (banking façade)

The world, currently, runs on credit. There is no money.

I have a few base metal discs, aka coins, in a jar. For these coins to exist outside of the banking facade, someone had to ask for a loan and a bank type a new value into their account. Banks can create this electronic currency whenever a new loan is approved.

About 2% of this electronic currency can be removed from the banking facade. Hence the bank note in my wallet and the coins in a jar.

Unfortunately, the entirety of the loan must be repaid. So, all the notes and coins must be returned to the banking facade, as must all the electronic currency. Leaving us, the masses, with no currency in our accounts or in our pockets. None. Zero.

So, for the system to continue, someone somewhere has to borrow. It gets worse. They must borrow enough for all the preceding loans to be repaid and then even more to allow for the interest payments to be repaid.

Luckily, government helps tremendously by borrowing copiously and never repaying.

It gets worse, much worse. Our pension accounts hold a great deal of illusory wealth. Much more than the banking facade credit scam. Should the boomers ever decide to retire, then converting illusory pension wealth into bank credits will prove to be impossible. The first few will succeed, the rest won't because the banking facade will collapse. This nearly happened in 2008. The central banks of the world rapidly typed in some rather large numbers into the too big to fail financial accounts of systemically important institutions.

Bored yet? Or have you exploded in rage? Are you beginning to understand?

Anyway, that's where we get inflation of consumer prices from, rather than a steady deflation thanks to our heroes the Engineers and technicians.

You may wonder at what you can do to stop this fraud. You might be wondering why I call your pension fund illusory wealth. I wonder why you allowed banking facade bail outs. I wonder why you consider currency to be money. I wonder why under thirties bother paying into a pension fund or work for bank credits of zero intrinsic value. I wonder when we will get hyperinflation.

I have bored myself, you all take care.