X marks the spot


24 May, 2016

The Law

The Law used to be the rules of the land, based on what the majority decided were true and just.

Thus Law and Justice. Unfortunately, when most are incapable of critical thought we get tyranny. Mild tyranny, heading slowly and then quickly to Nazi style government. Their rules that you obey and they ignore.

Politicians often say that they are not guilty of wrong doing, it just means an expensive barrister will get them off. We already know that an excess of currency units will get you a better class of justice in our legal system. Which is my definition of corruption.

Justice, is what normal people hand out amongst themselves for practically zero cost.
Laws are what central planners use to force us to conform to their bizarre view of the world.

The UK have had several episodes where the police have been shown to be badged thugs. The U.S. gets daily demonstrations. Our 80's miners strike where the government encouraged police to break the law and assault the striking miners. Is treason, as I define it. The same police force recently admitted to being badged thugs regarding policing of a football match known as the Hillsborough tragedy. The word treason again is the correct one to use.

Government using police against the good of the public is treason. The Queen needs to apologise, stand down and see if Charles can do better.

The UK police have shown themselves to be badged thugs, rather expensive ones at that. The UK government nudge into both treason and tyranny far too regularly. The Queen does nothing, says nothing, which is not Her purpose.

How about the UK armed forces? Are they armed thugs? My favourite question to ask ex army people is the striking miners question. Would they obey a government order to "go in heavy against lawfully striking miners?". Apparently, that is also a question they are asked when seeking promotion up the ranks. Good.

Justice is easy. Justice is inexpensive. Justice is common sense. The judicial system is about laws and more importantly it is about you and i obeying those laws. Law is about controlling the masses. This pretend money / currency unit fraud is about control of the masses. The mainstream media is no different. It is all about controlling the masses. Government is just another mechanism for controlling the masses. Government, law, police, central bank monopoly units, education and the rest is all about control and nothing else. Control of the masses by the few, using the masses to achieve control.

Why is all this control necessary? It isn't, it is unnatural and goes against human nature itself. The U.S. suffers from the most control on the planet and "coincidentally" takes most of the world's pharmaceuticals to "cope" with being forced to live in such an unnatural way.

Let me give you an example of justice. A friend of mine has several young children and a trampoline which the local children also play on. One of their neighbours has a security camera pointed directly at the trampoline. Which is unacceptable.

The man was warned several times about his camera but just laughed. Eventually, the police were called and the man told to point his camera onto his own property. He complied until they left. In fairness to the police, they were concerned but basically powerless. Unbelievable. Now, I am good at justice and so is my friend. We would have sorted this out quickly and at no cost to the general public. Unfortunately, the judicial system is there to prevent the people dispensing justice. It is there to force compliance upon us. That is not justice. That is the law.

The man with the camera is an easy one to deal with. You inform him that pointing the camera at the trampoline is unacceptable. You point his camera onto his own property. If he fails to understand or attempts to prevent you from accessing his property, well then a quick meeting of local residents can quickly decide on what justice is, under these circumstances. I would suggest destruction of all cameras, computers and storage media with disconnection from the Ethernet and other communication systems. Destruction of any and all associated equipment.

He can obviously appeal. If he strongly feels he has the right to film neighbours children playing on a trampoline then he needs to be removed from any environment with children, at his own expense.

Back to the police force I have mentioned twice in this one blog. Somehow, they allowed around 2,000 children to be abused by a small gang of taxi drivers. Please imagine how much it costs to have police, social workers, magistrates, prisons and provide pensions for all these people and still have 2,000 abused children. As I said, my friend and I can police our own neighbourhoods for free. As can all of you.

These 2,000 children all lived in Rotherham. There are plenty of men who live there who are more than capable of protecting their own and their neighbours children. At no cost to me.

The Law is a system of control, it is not justice.

The financial system is another brutal method of control.

The mass media, another system of control.

Education, another means of control.

Government, another tool of control.