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23 May, 2016

The Goldsmiths Tale

Don't bother reading this until you have googled the title and watched the cartoon and spent a few hours contemplating it.

I know, time is short and you are busy. Ever wonder why in the golden age of automation you are busier than your great grand parents ever were?

Anyway, the Gold Smith was a productive member of society. He made gold jewellery and probably repaired heirloom pieces, thus providing a valued service. He was also accumulating an intangible asset, trust.

As time passed the Goldsmith accumulated savings, as any productive man would. These he stored in a secure safe. Due to the accumulation of trust, other particularly productive people paid a fee for the Goldsmith to securely store their accumulated wealth too.

That is all for the greater good. Once the productive cease being productive, they can essentially barter their accumulated wealth for whatever they need from the current crop of productive people. Thus gold is the savings vehicle of the productive.

Then we headed straight into fraud. The Goldsmith stopped bothering with the jewellery business as he simply skimmed wealth from the productive people around him. Soon owning the largest house in his town plus holiday homes plus whatever else took his fancy.

This is where we are today, in any city the tallest, grandest building is a banks HQ or residential tower housing people who work in finance.

The Goldsmith fraud, due to popular demand, is where we are now. In 2008 the entire fraudulent financial system started to collapse simply because credit growth started to falter, slightly. Without the masses borrowing more, government borrowing more or business borrowing more, the value of the fiat currency units is revealed as worth far less than toilet paper.

What is amusing is when the masses slightly reduced their borrowing, these 'wealthy' financial behemoths, needed a rather large government hand out. Not the few billion saved by cutting disability allowance but hundreds of billions. Apparently, this was necessary because when the financial giants can no longer steal as much as they are used to, we have to give it directly to them. Or they simply collapse, wreaking havoc on Global supply chains. Effectively meaning no food in the supermarkets and us wiping our bottoms on what we thought was money.

So, for the hard of understanding, the busy, the stressed, the 'just give me a solution' crowd, what should you do?

Whatever you like but do not impact negatively on anyone. Productive people ought to store their wealth outside of the fraudulent financial industry. Invest in yourself, your family and your loved ones. Organise local markets to deliver local food to local people. Not the tasteless food of today but the high quality food our great grand parents ate. If it costs more, then it costs more. Perhaps grow your own high quality food, perhaps you can spare space for a single tomato plant. Whatever.

Acquire some gold and silver coins. Her Majesties Royal Mint do a nice silver Britannia and gold sovereigns. Get a few, hide them. Keep them in the family for as long as you are able.

Recently, our water was cut off for several hours. As I store water, in my home, this essentially made no difference to my lifestyle. What would you do if your water was cut off for one week? I would not be inconvenienced. President Trump or President Clinton will give a speech about how they need more power, control and much more of your wealth because of the gay, black, transgender, disabled, mentally impaired, Russian Muslim Terrorists who are to blame for your 47 year decline in standards of living. Obviously, your government is on your side rather than on your back / sarcasm.

So, do you want an additional forty years of being viciously gouged by banks and government or would you like these thieves 'right sized'?

Act now and store 2% of your net worth in gold and silver. Gold is safer but silver does appear to out pace gold. Both up and down. The risk of gold is that someone might steal it. So don't tell anyone you have any. There is no such risk with currency units, the theft is automatic and a built in feature of the fraudulent financial sector.

Best of luck trusting politicians and bankers rather than your own good sense.

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