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17 May, 2016

The future

Without mankind bothering itself with critical thought, the future is not difficult to predict.

More bail outs for financial institutions. Not just banks but pension providers and eventually insurance companies.

In other words, more currency units conjured up from nowhere. Which are different from the currency units conjured up from nowhere when the masses borrow them, in one detail only. The masses, generally, do their utmost to pay the loans back and the interest.

Eventually, we will get hyperinflation. Which means the masses no longer see any benefit in the fiat currency unit fraud. Critical Thought, amongst the masses, ends the fiat currency unit fraud sooner and more numerous beneficial systems will take its place.

Bail out after bail out should be anticipated but don't expect any substantial interest rate rise until after a financial collapse that aligns your pension fund value with reality. Expect a 90% reduction.

The cause of this 'problem' is centralisation. One aspect of this is the over reliance on fiat currency units. The 'solution' will be lower standards of living for almost everyone and more centralisation. Perhaps a new global fiat currency unit, which is already in place anyway. (SDR)

Putin has pointed this nonsense out a few times, so he is now portrayed by the centralisation people as the enemy. China, is also trying to go against the global centralisation people with its own Asian investment bank and a few other ideas. So, China is being set up by the western central planners, as an enemy. There can be only one (central planner), which is the game these deluded souls play.

Putin and China are enemies of the central planners. Which makes them friends of the masses. Try not to be manipulated by the main stream press into having a major / world war with them.

Humanity has only two enemies, central planners who insist that if they had more power things would somehow be 'better'.

The second enemy is the lack of understanding that the central planners have relative to a normal person.

A major / world war and major REDUCTIONS in standards of living are easily defeated with critical thought. In fact, critical thought, improves the standard of living for everybody. Provided that we don't simply surrender all the benefits and more to these central planning idiots / buffoons / thugs / thieves / mass murderers / deluded would be emperors of your soon to be dirt grubbing grand children.

Is thinking that hard that you would have your grand children enslaved to central planners?

Remember, without critical thought, the Nazi mentality is barely one week away. Resisting that will cost you your life. Critical Thought, applied today, improves everyone's life. Not quite, the central planners will need a map back to reality.

You have fun


  1. Any "Critical Thoughts" on the barbaric cult of global domination and death that western countries have allowed in at their own peril?

  2. Well, I did mention the central planners in this article. They are big cults and global domination is what they believe they are entitled to.

    Death seems to be in vogue with governments permanently.

    If more people critically thought then the global domination and death ideologies would be severely curtailed. Hence why I am bothering with writing this blog.

    Thanks for the comment, you take care.

  3. The crystal ball i bought at a yard sale says the Central Banks/Globalists are setting up a conflict between the West and the BRICS. Not sure the BRICS are up to speed yet. The US still has the largest Navy and able to project the most force until a financial collapse shrinks our military, or BRICS gain a technological edge(drones?)
    Then perhaps a fast, quick, brutal war(single decade or less) and th UN as the voice of reason steps in and has a plan for global peace:
    A new shiny basket Reserve Currency!!!
    I can see a BitCoin mkII with a built-in half-life replacing cash. Different tiers of digital currencies to create differentials that the planners will use to manipulate the social/cultural clubs called 'nations'. Drone labor will replace a lot of factory work. A Basic Income may come about - could possibly work with the catch that the recipient has to be smart enough to survive any market vicissitudes by investing(saving will be obsolete) or buying shit that cant be replaced(Artwork is the great hidden embezzling vehicle).
    Social Media will be a career. Virtual Reality Acting(think LARPing) will be a career. The 1st gen tech is currently here and i would invest if i were you. Vive is fun.
    Im pretty sure shortly after this the planners will realize a certain genetic 'ballast' is needed and eugenics wont get too out of control.
    Hopefully their greed augmented with strong AI will plan for Meteor Defense/Catastrophic Events cuz it would be a shame to finally build that throne just to have a meteor(the falling angel) ruin it all...

    Who knows

    1. There was a time when I would have read your comment and laughed. Now that I understand the world, I am not laughing.

      I really do see a fork in the road ahead and we ought to take it to avoid the potential future that you describe above.