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13 May, 2016

Sorry about the bullying (9/30)

I have attempted to get you to understand that although you think, you rarely think critically. I mentioned several trivial examples, to give you a sense of what critical thinking is. You should also have a feel for what the accumulated benefits are. Then wham. I hit you with some big stuff and then started bullying you. Trying to get you to understand what sort of world we all end up living in when most people refuse to critically think, this one. Greece and Venezuela are struggling as is Brazil and the U.S. might not be doing as well as you think. We shall follow soon enough.

My mind is incredibly flexible. The concept might be from Alice In Wonderland but I really can believe five impossible things before breakfast. As an Engineer, I am continually amazed by things I can only really describe as magic. Basically, I am a rather large and well paid eight year old child. Most people do not have so flexible a mind. I forget that I am odd, or different or slightly alien like compared to the bulk of humanity. Not better, different. I call myself Elite at times just to annoy the elite. Anyway, thanks for giving this blog your best shot, it is not easy.

Another point, don't worry about wether or not I am right or wrong. That is digital thinking. You aren't a computer. Think analogue. I am not absolutely right, or absolutely wrong and neither are you. My ideas change over time, sometimes gradually and sometimes suddenly. A sudden change has motivated me to write this blog. Sudden changes can be mentally difficult to adapt to. The money currency thing took me three months. So, you take your time. Forget right or wrong. Do, I make an interesting point is the right question. Am I right, is unimportant. The degree to which I am right requires you to think, evaluate and judge. That requires quite a lot of effort. Thank you.

This weekend, I am back on watches. I have my two watches and I am still happy but research doesn't just stop. It is on going. Recently, I found out about tritium watches. (Google it if you don't know.) I don't have a tritium watch, I never noticed one in my research. So, critical thought time. I know I want one but which one and why?

Long story short, I might replace my sport watch for a tritium watch but only when it ceases to function. That saved me £600. I look forward to meeting, in person, someone with a tritium watch and hopefully strike up a pleasant conversation about it.

You have fun.

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