X marks the spot


06 May, 2016

Research (8/30)

Part of critical thinking is self directed research. Not a boss, a teacher or lecturer giving you a specific topic to find out about, self directed research.

Last week I tried to get you to understand money. This required to you to do self directed research. Those of you who are well practiced critical thinkers will have no problems doing independent research. Those of you who just think you can think will have struggled.

As I want to encourage critical thinking, I ought to give those of you struggling some help. Unfortunately, none of you are brave enough to ask. Therefore, I must keep guessing.

Use Google, use YouTube and spend lots of time evaluating the information you receive. Don't just ask what your friends think. Everybody already knows exactly what everybody knows. We are after understanding.

Not easy is it? Independent research and thinking is hard and time consuming and is never taught in school, college or university as part of everybody's education. The reason is obvious, if we all understood the financial system at 9am tomorrow morning. Guess what? By 9:01am it would have crashed. Government would be outraged until we all critically thought about government. Then it would be quite different as would our new financial system.

Anyway, this is about you not me. Try the research thing again. See if you can find a YouTube clip called a goldsmiths tale. That would be a great start to your research.

Here is some motivation, you work forty hours a week for fifty years and never once question where the money you are paid comes from. I worked for over twenty years before I began to think and think hard about the world. You may wish to start now, I will guide you as much as I am able.

Take care