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20 May, 2016

Education (10/30) for docile drones

I have mentioned this before but bear with me, I shall provide more detail.

At the tender age of 16, I wanted a job. My dearest mother wanted me to do A levels. I didn't manage to get a job. So I 'studied' A levels. Well, I attended sixth form.

What I should have done was think critically about life, particularly my life. Especially, I should have thought critically about money, government and how the world works. But, why would you? At 16 I knew how it worked. I know what everybody else knows. You work hard, earn money and have fun spending it.

That could easily be how the world actually works. Less than one person in a million knows how the world actually works. Some people are born with great clarity of thought. The rest of us simply aren't.

I don't have great clarity of thought. I only know of one person who does. I pay each month to read his musings. Well worth the asking price of £5 a month.

So education, what is it all about? Easy, produce millions of docile drones. It works. Someone clever, once said, ' it takes a great mind to resist an education'. Education fills you with knowledge, the knowledge that helps you become a docile drone.

At this point, if not sooner, you may be thinking that I am a conspiracy theorist. Against government, banks and the like. Well, yes and no.

Back to education. Does Cameron want 60 million independent thinkers or 60 million docile drones? You already know. He wants 60 million drones who think they are independent thinkers who will oppose any actual independent thinkers by calling them conspiracy theorists.

Whatever, back to education. Education is instilling the values of professionalism into young folk, to make them a valuable member of society. Giving them the tools to independently research whatever interests them and to evaluate the information they uncover. To critically think about their aims, goals, desires and to determine how to lead a beautiful life.

For some reason, we don't get an education but we do get docile drone training.

You all know this. Research cognitive dissonance.

Education is what I am attempting with you. The education you have had isn't education it is docile drone training.

Is independent thought that hard that very few people attempt it? Someone famous once said, 'I make a generous living having just one critical thought each week'. Wow. Like I said, or rather a recent ancestor, resisting an education isn't easy.

So, education, higher education and further education. My opinion? Just don't do it.

Why are we so terrified of home schooling our own children? I would say because we are drones and have been institutionalised. Please, give it some critical thought.

We don't educate our young because we are not independent thinkers. Educating our young would force is to critically think about what to teach them.

You may see where I am going with this. Am I inspiring you to see the invisible bars of our cages? Or do you think I am an unemployed and unemployable raging nutter?

Well, luckily, I am able to hold two opposing views in my head simultaneously. Which someone famous once said was the very definition of a great intellect. So, I can function in the bizarre world you drones all live in whilst still seeing the world as it is. To make matters worse, I can simultaneously hold in my head the view of how it should be. That is three views. A beautiful world full of free thinkers, the cage we all actually live in and the dream world we currently 'all' believe we live in.

Hence my occasional grumpiness about living on a planet of drones. Sorry.

In summary, I am a big fan of education, I owe a great debt to those who gave me one. Thank you. It took me a while, cough, but I got there in the end. Thanks.


  1. I would like to distinguish between schooling and education. You have in english a proverb; Don't let your schooling get in a way of your education.

    That is a good one. Sadly I can not say that in my own language...

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