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29 May, 2016

Accountability 111 (meaningful discussions)

The news

As I have already mentioned, the media tells us what we all know everyone else knows. The same is true of the news. If anything, it is even truer. A basic synchronization of core knowledge and beliefs.

Ask a question about something somebody has just read or seen and they repeat back the articles view point as if it were there own. What the hell is that all about?

Obviously, not everybody and certainly not my sophisticated readers, no, the others. Definitely not you.

Or is it you and me as well?

When an experienced motorist is driving a vehicle he knows well, on roads he is accustomed to, in fine weather, something called 'auto pilot' can be engaged for miles. This isn't necessarily a problem. However, it is.

I ride a motorcycle and I make a massive effort to remain alert and not go into 'auto pilot'. I achieve this by constantly scanning the road immediately ahead  all the way to the horizon. I actively seek out potential dangers and respond appropriately. Thus I can cover tens of thousands of miles, without being killed.

Auto pilot, I believe, is also something that we engage in during standard conversations.  Typical standard conversations are football, big brother, bake off, Kim Kardashian, politics, terrorists, drugs and the like. Scrape the surface, once a rapport has been built, and then you can have a meaningful adult to adult conversation.

I have brief but meaningful discussions with a great many people. This blog is merely an accumulation of those exchanges. I must also include the brief exchanges in the comments sections as many readers make the effort to share the results of their critical thinking and experiences, thank you.

One of the many points of this blog is to make everybody realise what I already know. What we all know everybody else knows is simply incorrect.

In my opinion, a crucial point will be covered Monday. Or may be not, in your opinion. This is my blog. Where is yours? Copy and paste a link into the comments section below. A few links to critical thinkers sites are available on the bottom right hand side of each post.

You all take care