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30 May, 2016

The yes / no world of Central Planners

Monkey Brained Digital Thinking Central Planners call themselves TPTB (the powers that be)

A monkey brained person is someone who thinks digitally.

For example, if you ever give serious thought to brexit or whether or not to vote blue or red, then you are a digitally thinking monkey brained individual.

This isn't your fault. You have been trained all of your life to be a monkey brained digital thinker. Society, generally, rewards digital thinking monkey brained people, mostly. In the same way that they shun a critically thinking human being, mostly.

Monkey brained people will attempt to decide who is the dominant and submissive monkey brain in any situation. Thus dealing with me becomes problematic should I decide not to play the monkey brain game. Nowadays, I rarely play the dominant / submissive monkey brain game. This completely baffles the police who mostly act as a dominant monkey brained group. For these digitally thinking monkey brains, if you don't act submissively then they are forced to. That is what digital thinking is. Only two states are allowed. They have to act as either submissive or dominant dependent on the situation. They are trained / conditioned for this type of thinking, as is mostly everyone. The training simply failed with me. However, I have tried to be 'normal', which is something I perhaps should not have done. Even now, I occasionally pretend to be a submissive monkey brain. Once this post is published, I doubt I ever will pretend to be a submissive monkey brained person again. Although, I reserve the right to torment whoever I like, however I like, whenever I like.

In most people, the digital monkey brain thinking is more of an unnecessary superficial social 'lubricant' rather than a deeply held belief system. The vast majority of people I regularly talk to don't do digital monkey brain thinking with me because I do not do it with them. Not everybody. The ones who are deeply conditioned to digital monkey brain thinking generally tend to seek a dominant monkey brained digital thinker to explain to me that I am the submissive digital monkey brained thinker. Which can be annoying. My monkey brained digital thinking Doctor tried that last year, failed and lost his job, at least at the practice I attend. I think a doctor must deliberately kill two hundred people before he loses the title Doctor. (Doctor Harold Shipman.) A Priest or Member of Parliament also risks losing his title after he rapes a similar number of children.

Today, society is made up of a great many critically thinking human beings but the herd is still clinging to its dominant / submissive monkey brained roots. As are the powers that be. I fully believe that the majority of these monkey brained people could become critically thinking human beings with the appropriate help and encouragement. This blog is only half the battle, you will need to help. I can't have regular one on one chats with seven billion people.

Once the monkey brain digital thinking ideology is destroyed, which is a small step for a man, then mankind makes a huge leap forward towards a far happier future. This is important, the monkey brained thing is unnatural and will not bear much critical thought. Hence the blog.

All central planners are monkey brained individuals. A critically thinking human being could not make decisions for millions of people unless they were also psychopaths. (I hope to be proved wrong on this.) Allow me to explain further. A dominant monkey brained central planner will feel that they are fully entitled to make decisions for the millions of submissive monkey brained individuals under their spell. A psychopath would not have any feelings about it whatsoever. Thus the critically thinking individual does not like politicians, central bankers or other central planners and would struggle to be one. The psychological strain would be enormous.

Please make a serious effort not to be a submissive or dominant digital thinking monkey brain in any situation. You will then notice how many institutions attempt to force you into being a submissive digital thinker. One example is the judicial system. They force you into a submissive role. They assume the dominant one. This is truly unacceptable and the opposite of justice. So don't accept it. Without our compliance they are utterly powerless.

Politicians are another group that give you digital choices about voting red or blue. The digitally thinking monkey brained group retain full control either way, with the masses assuming the submissive role. Again, this doesn't bear much critical thought without collapsing. They keep themselves in the dominant digital monkey brain position and us in the submissive role, all voluntary. What happened to the 'we serve the public' mantra of elected officials?

Another group of dominant digital thinking monkey brains is the banking sector. They force the masses into a submissive role and they take the dominant one. The digital thinking that banks promote is that you use their currency units or you starve. That is digital monkey brained thinking. The bearest minimum of critical thought reveals the truth of the matter. If we, the masses, do not use the banks currency units then the bankers and financial billionaires starve. Critical Thought reveals a far different scenario than the digital ones these monkey brains conjure up with simple two state thinking.

Now enjoy your day and read this post every few days until you feel more powerful than your president, prime minister, central banker, financial billionaire or any other digitally thinking monkey brained central planner.

You take care and have some fun confusing the monkey brained digital thinkers. I do, hence the blog.

Detecting a monkey brained individual or institution is easy. They give you a digital choice on a mind blowingly complex topic. (Such as Brexit.) Whatever you choose, makes zero difference. The question is always the same, "will you voluntarily accept a submissive role and accept our dominance over you?" The monkey brain is deceptively simple, it wants only one thing. To know if it is the dominant or submissive in any situation. That is why dominant monkey brain groups continually create other monkey brain groups that the original group is submissive to. Obviously, key members of the original group become founding members of the new group. What utter nonsense. Typical monkey brained digital thinking, which is completely unnecessary and highly destructive.

Do mankind a huge favour, don't accept a false choice given by a monkey brained digitally thinking individual or institution. Just point them over to the blog and help turn them into a critically thinking human being. Within two years, the world will have changed beyond imagination into something truly beautiful. Stop thinking digitally. The world will be far better. Truly beautiful may take additional effort.

The deeply conditioned monkey brained digital thinkers will become increasingly belligerent, cantankerous and aggressive as their world dissolves around them. Fortunately, there won't be many of them and they are easily confused into submission. Not that you should take any too much pleasure in doing that to them.

Remember, I am not giving you a digital / two state choice. Merely bringing to your attention that you have far more than two options, especially in the real world I am inviting you into with these blogs.

In actual monkey societies, should the few dominant monkeys accidentally die, the society becomes very peaceful and civilised. For generations. Should a dominant monkey discover the undominated group he will assume a leadership role, start slapping the smaller monkeys around and then be quickly killed dealt with by a far greater number of smaller monkeys. Which I find fascinating.

So Darth Rayne, has this post matched your expectations?

(Google 'zero hedge darth rayne' if you like. Zero Hedge post alternative views some of which Darth Rayne comments on.)

29 May, 2016

Accountability 111 (meaningful discussions)

The news

As I have already mentioned, the media tells us what we all know everyone else knows. The same is true of the news. If anything, it is even truer. A basic synchronization of core knowledge and beliefs.

Ask a question about something somebody has just read or seen and they repeat back the articles view point as if it were there own. What the hell is that all about?

Obviously, not everybody and certainly not my sophisticated readers, no, the others. Definitely not you.

Or is it you and me as well?

When an experienced motorist is driving a vehicle he knows well, on roads he is accustomed to, in fine weather, something called 'auto pilot' can be engaged for miles. This isn't necessarily a problem. However, it is.

I ride a motorcycle and I make a massive effort to remain alert and not go into 'auto pilot'. I achieve this by constantly scanning the road immediately ahead  all the way to the horizon. I actively seek out potential dangers and respond appropriately. Thus I can cover tens of thousands of miles, without being killed.

Auto pilot, I believe, is also something that we engage in during standard conversations.  Typical standard conversations are football, big brother, bake off, Kim Kardashian, politics, terrorists, drugs and the like. Scrape the surface, once a rapport has been built, and then you can have a meaningful adult to adult conversation.

I have brief but meaningful discussions with a great many people. This blog is merely an accumulation of those exchanges. I must also include the brief exchanges in the comments sections as many readers make the effort to share the results of their critical thinking and experiences, thank you.

One of the many points of this blog is to make everybody realise what I already know. What we all know everybody else knows is simply incorrect.

In my opinion, a crucial point will be covered Monday. Or may be not, in your opinion. This is my blog. Where is yours? Copy and paste a link into the comments section below. A few links to critical thinkers sites are available on the bottom right hand side of each post.

You all take care

28 May, 2016

Understanding 304 (exponential growth or death)

Well people, I grow weary. This blog should be growing exponentially and it isn't. By the thirtieth critical thinking post, it should have had seven billion hits. However, it was only growing exponentially because I was promoting it more, more and more again. I am burning out.

Only 12,000 pageviews so far. To grow exponentially, each of you has to introduce your friends, acquaintances, colleagues and family members to it. Without exponential growth I am wasting my time and I ought to kill the blog.

The end game is this. Mankind deserves whatever it gets. Tyranny and world war three or beauty and creativity. The thing changes in a heart beat and here is how.

1) You accept that governments seek to accumulate power by taking it from you
2) You accept that banks have behaved fraudulently for centuries
3) You accept that this is your fault.
4) You assume responsibility for your own life
5) You accept that you are a valid member of humanity, as is everyone else
6) You seek to improve the quality of your life but not at the expense of others
7) You hold anybody immediately accountable for any conduct that impacts negatively on others.
8) Once your needs are met you seek to improve the quality of others lives
9) You accept that your pension wealth is illusory
10) You accept that the fiat currency price of your house is massively inflated
11) You realise that denominating wealth in fiat currency units is an act of supreme stupidity
12) You critically think about huge issues regularly
13) You have some fun and relax
14) You realise that I have no impact on anything much, as I am only one person
15) You don't need me for anything
16) My blog opened a door that you were going to open anyway
17) You are powerful and no one wields more power than you
18) You deserve to live a life of beauty. No one out ranks you.

You know who you are, now I challenge you to understand who you are and what you are truly capable of. We are one small step below Angels. We should each be able to match Jesus, if not exceed him. What, exactly, are you waiting for?

You have Gods permission to astonish and delight him

You have Jesuses permission to excel.

Again, swap out the God, Jesus and Angel references for whatever belief system you have. The deities and quantum mechanics will NOT be offended and neither will I.

Try not to think in terms of status, dominance or wealth. That is digital monkey brain thinking. Try to think like a civilised human being, accept that the monkey brained central planners and politicians are inferior to you regardless of their position in society, wealth or their arrogance. They won't like it but they will soon realise that they are powerless against a civilised critical thinking individual.

Can you feel your power returning / increasing?

27 May, 2016

Government (11/30) Wars impoverish us

Small government is good. The one we have now is bad. Well, that is my view after a great deal of critical thought.

Easily proved. Hitler stands up in a pub and says all the economic hardship is due to weak generals and the Jews and black people and mentally handicapped people and gays. Well, instead of forty million independent thinkers having forty million differing views, we have world war two. Just a few decades after world war one.

Today, we have Cameron bleating on about economic hardship caused by immigrants, physically challenged people, single mums and the Labour party. Instead of 60 million independent thinkers having 60 million views, we re-elect Cameron.

You started agreeing with me yet? Not about anything in particular but about the general lack of critical thinking occurring anywhere?

Economic hardship is caused by someone stealing your wealth and wasting it.

Surely, that is obvious? So who is stealing your wealth? What are they doing with it?
Well, try critically thinking about it.

How much did world war one cost?
How much did world war two cost?
How much does bombing Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq cost?

How this charade of the world continues is amazing.

World war one. It was just a racket.
World war two. Really?
Iraq war. Can you even remember why?
Iraq war part two. Blair says they have weapons of mass destruction. Not nuclear weapons, like what we have., which are weapons of earth destroying capability.
War on drugs. Seriously, who believes this nonsense.
War on terror. I give up.

Well, I haven't quite given up yet. What we all know, other people know, can and does change in a heart beat. A great many people that I am in contact with, know what everybody knows is not actually what they know.

Confused? Good, perhaps you will start thinking for yourself.
If not, be very careful who you let think for you.

Banks are greedy, faceless parasites and politicians lie. You all know this but each year they take more and more from us.

Peace out fellow Earthling.

PS World war three will cost you far more than you are prepared to lose. It will be very expensive. But you know, terrorists and other exaggerated threats. What a joke mankind is.

A wise man once said, if you don't change direction, you are going to get where you are headed. I can see a fork in the road and we really do need to take it.

Don't let any of my blogs upset you. The entire mess of the too big to fail financial industry and the too big to be held accountable governments are not sustainable. Just give some thought to surviving their collapse.

Perhaps we can intentionally collapse them in a controlled manner?

The very best thing we can do is reduce our dependence upon them. Each of us must individually decide what sort of world we want to live in and then live in it.

Take care of yourselves and each other, do not rely on financial institutions and huge governments - where ever possible.

Get others reading my blog, you will be doing many of them a favour. Many simply won't survive a government AND simultaneous financial collapse.

Best of luck

25 May, 2016

Tax and interest

The concept of tax corrupts the human soul.

Nothing stops critical thought faster than the concept of "we pay our taxes, let government sort it out." A tax is where a a dominant group takes wealth from the rest of us. This is abhorrent. We are human beings and we don't need a dominant group.

(The above point basically explains the entire world we live in and the contradiction that causes us so much cognitive dissonance. Monkeys have a dominant group culture. Human beings also have one but it is completely unnecessary. Strangely enough, if you kill all the dominant monkeys in a troop, you end up with a group of exceedingly civilised monkeys. So, even monkeys don't actually need a dominant group.)

We would amass wealth far quicker without tax. We would then individually need to decide what to do with it. All of this requires critical thought.

Interest is another tax. One that the banks charge for providing a social service. Remember that banks do not lend out their wealth or even other depositors wealth. They merely create bank credits when we take out a credit agreement / loan.

Centralised control and tax are both strong features of our society. Both of which destroy that which makes us human. The ability to think, act and evaluate are strangled by tax and government. Our education reinforces obedience to "superiors", which is fine but who are these "superiors". No, the entire way of western life crushes humanity. The fact that I meet and talk with a great many great humans gives me hope. What a great pity that society itself seeks to destroy that which makes us human. It is about time the humans reshaped society in their own image.

There are no superiors and there is no reason to continue using a financial system that merely impoverishes the masses.

Two things you can do.
Stop applying for credit
If you are struggling with debt, stop applying for more credit.

Our current financial system only survives by impoverishing the masses. If the masses stop supporting the parasitic financial system, it dies.

Taking out credit agreements with banks continues the masses impoverishment.
Stop doing it

House prices will drop to 25% of what they are if the masses stop taking out mortgages. Which is about how much you need to save to get the lowest interest rate on a 25 year credit agreement.

Remember, there are no such things as loans. You enter into a credit agreement, whereby the Bank credits your account with currency units and you exchange your labour for currency units to extinguish the credit agreement. No actual wealth was borrowed. (A decent lawyer, using that line of argument, means that no credit agreement ever needs repaying, if the borrower can show that an event outside of their control has occurred that makes repayment onerous / impossible.)

You owe me big for that one. Give it some critical thought and we are even.

You take care and stop being a victim of government and finance.

24 May, 2016

The Law

The Law used to be the rules of the land, based on what the majority decided were true and just.

Thus Law and Justice. Unfortunately, when most are incapable of critical thought we get tyranny. Mild tyranny, heading slowly and then quickly to Nazi style government. Their rules that you obey and they ignore.

Politicians often say that they are not guilty of wrong doing, it just means an expensive barrister will get them off. We already know that an excess of currency units will get you a better class of justice in our legal system. Which is my definition of corruption.

Justice, is what normal people hand out amongst themselves for practically zero cost.
Laws are what central planners use to force us to conform to their bizarre view of the world.

The UK have had several episodes where the police have been shown to be badged thugs. The U.S. gets daily demonstrations. Our 80's miners strike where the government encouraged police to break the law and assault the striking miners. Is treason, as I define it. The same police force recently admitted to being badged thugs regarding policing of a football match known as the Hillsborough tragedy. The word treason again is the correct one to use.

Government using police against the good of the public is treason. The Queen needs to apologise, stand down and see if Charles can do better.

The UK police have shown themselves to be badged thugs, rather expensive ones at that. The UK government nudge into both treason and tyranny far too regularly. The Queen does nothing, says nothing, which is not Her purpose.

How about the UK armed forces? Are they armed thugs? My favourite question to ask ex army people is the striking miners question. Would they obey a government order to "go in heavy against lawfully striking miners?". Apparently, that is also a question they are asked when seeking promotion up the ranks. Good.

Justice is easy. Justice is inexpensive. Justice is common sense. The judicial system is about laws and more importantly it is about you and i obeying those laws. Law is about controlling the masses. This pretend money / currency unit fraud is about control of the masses. The mainstream media is no different. It is all about controlling the masses. Government is just another mechanism for controlling the masses. Government, law, police, central bank monopoly units, education and the rest is all about control and nothing else. Control of the masses by the few, using the masses to achieve control.

Why is all this control necessary? It isn't, it is unnatural and goes against human nature itself. The U.S. suffers from the most control on the planet and "coincidentally" takes most of the world's pharmaceuticals to "cope" with being forced to live in such an unnatural way.

Let me give you an example of justice. A friend of mine has several young children and a trampoline which the local children also play on. One of their neighbours has a security camera pointed directly at the trampoline. Which is unacceptable.

The man was warned several times about his camera but just laughed. Eventually, the police were called and the man told to point his camera onto his own property. He complied until they left. In fairness to the police, they were concerned but basically powerless. Unbelievable. Now, I am good at justice and so is my friend. We would have sorted this out quickly and at no cost to the general public. Unfortunately, the judicial system is there to prevent the people dispensing justice. It is there to force compliance upon us. That is not justice. That is the law.

The man with the camera is an easy one to deal with. You inform him that pointing the camera at the trampoline is unacceptable. You point his camera onto his own property. If he fails to understand or attempts to prevent you from accessing his property, well then a quick meeting of local residents can quickly decide on what justice is, under these circumstances. I would suggest destruction of all cameras, computers and storage media with disconnection from the Ethernet and other communication systems. Destruction of any and all associated equipment.

He can obviously appeal. If he strongly feels he has the right to film neighbours children playing on a trampoline then he needs to be removed from any environment with children, at his own expense.

Back to the police force I have mentioned twice in this one blog. Somehow, they allowed around 2,000 children to be abused by a small gang of taxi drivers. Please imagine how much it costs to have police, social workers, magistrates, prisons and provide pensions for all these people and still have 2,000 abused children. As I said, my friend and I can police our own neighbourhoods for free. As can all of you.

These 2,000 children all lived in Rotherham. There are plenty of men who live there who are more than capable of protecting their own and their neighbours children. At no cost to me.

The Law is a system of control, it is not justice.

The financial system is another brutal method of control.

The mass media, another system of control.

Education, another means of control.

Government, another tool of control.


23 May, 2016

The Goldsmiths Tale

Don't bother reading this until you have googled the title and watched the cartoon and spent a few hours contemplating it.

I know, time is short and you are busy. Ever wonder why in the golden age of automation you are busier than your great grand parents ever were?

Anyway, the Gold Smith was a productive member of society. He made gold jewellery and probably repaired heirloom pieces, thus providing a valued service. He was also accumulating an intangible asset, trust.

As time passed the Goldsmith accumulated savings, as any productive man would. These he stored in a secure safe. Due to the accumulation of trust, other particularly productive people paid a fee for the Goldsmith to securely store their accumulated wealth too.

That is all for the greater good. Once the productive cease being productive, they can essentially barter their accumulated wealth for whatever they need from the current crop of productive people. Thus gold is the savings vehicle of the productive.

Then we headed straight into fraud. The Goldsmith stopped bothering with the jewellery business as he simply skimmed wealth from the productive people around him. Soon owning the largest house in his town plus holiday homes plus whatever else took his fancy.

This is where we are today, in any city the tallest, grandest building is a banks HQ or residential tower housing people who work in finance.

The Goldsmith fraud, due to popular demand, is where we are now. In 2008 the entire fraudulent financial system started to collapse simply because credit growth started to falter, slightly. Without the masses borrowing more, government borrowing more or business borrowing more, the value of the fiat currency units is revealed as worth far less than toilet paper.

What is amusing is when the masses slightly reduced their borrowing, these 'wealthy' financial behemoths, needed a rather large government hand out. Not the few billion saved by cutting disability allowance but hundreds of billions. Apparently, this was necessary because when the financial giants can no longer steal as much as they are used to, we have to give it directly to them. Or they simply collapse, wreaking havoc on Global supply chains. Effectively meaning no food in the supermarkets and us wiping our bottoms on what we thought was money.

So, for the hard of understanding, the busy, the stressed, the 'just give me a solution' crowd, what should you do?

Whatever you like but do not impact negatively on anyone. Productive people ought to store their wealth outside of the fraudulent financial industry. Invest in yourself, your family and your loved ones. Organise local markets to deliver local food to local people. Not the tasteless food of today but the high quality food our great grand parents ate. If it costs more, then it costs more. Perhaps grow your own high quality food, perhaps you can spare space for a single tomato plant. Whatever.

Acquire some gold and silver coins. Her Majesties Royal Mint do a nice silver Britannia and gold sovereigns. Get a few, hide them. Keep them in the family for as long as you are able.

Recently, our water was cut off for several hours. As I store water, in my home, this essentially made no difference to my lifestyle. What would you do if your water was cut off for one week? I would not be inconvenienced. President Trump or President Clinton will give a speech about how they need more power, control and much more of your wealth because of the gay, black, transgender, disabled, mentally impaired, Russian Muslim Terrorists who are to blame for your 47 year decline in standards of living. Obviously, your government is on your side rather than on your back / sarcasm.

So, do you want an additional forty years of being viciously gouged by banks and government or would you like these thieves 'right sized'?

Act now and store 2% of your net worth in gold and silver. Gold is safer but silver does appear to out pace gold. Both up and down. The risk of gold is that someone might steal it. So don't tell anyone you have any. There is no such risk with currency units, the theft is automatic and a built in feature of the fraudulent financial sector.

Best of luck trusting politicians and bankers rather than your own good sense.

22 May, 2016

Accountability 110 The United Nations

Who on the news hasn't been accountable recently, was my outline headline for this page but....

I suppose I could go large and say Israel. For some reason we don't bother holding Israel accountable for killing Palestinians. Feel free to research the subject.
I know of a Rothschild who ceased funding pro-Israeli lobbyists because, well you research it.

Then again, what about Saudi Arabia. They behead more people than ISIS.


Are you aware that after WWII the winners got to carve the world up into spheres of influence? That meant you could cause whatever atrocities you wanted without being held to account by the other Governments. Provided that each government stays within its own sphere.

What about NATO and the United Nations? Well, I have already explained to you the reason for committees to exist. These two allow the U.S. to commit war crimes against humanity with zero accountability.

This will all be too much for a great many people. Others will just nod.

There are official explanations for all this but without the ability to detect 'nods and winks' you won't be getting lies but you also will not be getting the unvarnished truth.

So, dear readers, where is my credibility? Who am I? Remember the paragraph I wrote on dealing with 'superiors'?, well I do. Who I am really is unimportant, I am No one.

Discuss, research, evaluate, discuss, research, evaluate, discuss, act, discuss, evaluate, discuss, act, evaluate, discuss and just keep going.

My next blog will attempt to convince you what the news is and why personally directed research is the only way to understand both current and on going affairs.

Or not. This is my blog.

21 May, 2016

Understanding 303 (banking façade)

The world, currently, runs on credit. There is no money.

I have a few base metal discs, aka coins, in a jar. For these coins to exist outside of the banking facade, someone had to ask for a loan and a bank type a new value into their account. Banks can create this electronic currency whenever a new loan is approved.

About 2% of this electronic currency can be removed from the banking facade. Hence the bank note in my wallet and the coins in a jar.

Unfortunately, the entirety of the loan must be repaid. So, all the notes and coins must be returned to the banking facade, as must all the electronic currency. Leaving us, the masses, with no currency in our accounts or in our pockets. None. Zero.

So, for the system to continue, someone somewhere has to borrow. It gets worse. They must borrow enough for all the preceding loans to be repaid and then even more to allow for the interest payments to be repaid.

Luckily, government helps tremendously by borrowing copiously and never repaying.

It gets worse, much worse. Our pension accounts hold a great deal of illusory wealth. Much more than the banking facade credit scam. Should the boomers ever decide to retire, then converting illusory pension wealth into bank credits will prove to be impossible. The first few will succeed, the rest won't because the banking facade will collapse. This nearly happened in 2008. The central banks of the world rapidly typed in some rather large numbers into the too big to fail financial accounts of systemically important institutions.

Bored yet? Or have you exploded in rage? Are you beginning to understand?

Anyway, that's where we get inflation of consumer prices from, rather than a steady deflation thanks to our heroes the Engineers and technicians.

You may wonder at what you can do to stop this fraud. You might be wondering why I call your pension fund illusory wealth. I wonder why you allowed banking facade bail outs. I wonder why you consider currency to be money. I wonder why under thirties bother paying into a pension fund or work for bank credits of zero intrinsic value. I wonder when we will get hyperinflation.

I have bored myself, you all take care.

20 May, 2016

Education (10/30) for docile drones

I have mentioned this before but bear with me, I shall provide more detail.

At the tender age of 16, I wanted a job. My dearest mother wanted me to do A levels. I didn't manage to get a job. So I 'studied' A levels. Well, I attended sixth form.

What I should have done was think critically about life, particularly my life. Especially, I should have thought critically about money, government and how the world works. But, why would you? At 16 I knew how it worked. I know what everybody else knows. You work hard, earn money and have fun spending it.

That could easily be how the world actually works. Less than one person in a million knows how the world actually works. Some people are born with great clarity of thought. The rest of us simply aren't.

I don't have great clarity of thought. I only know of one person who does. I pay each month to read his musings. Well worth the asking price of £5 a month.

So education, what is it all about? Easy, produce millions of docile drones. It works. Someone clever, once said, ' it takes a great mind to resist an education'. Education fills you with knowledge, the knowledge that helps you become a docile drone.

At this point, if not sooner, you may be thinking that I am a conspiracy theorist. Against government, banks and the like. Well, yes and no.

Back to education. Does Cameron want 60 million independent thinkers or 60 million docile drones? You already know. He wants 60 million drones who think they are independent thinkers who will oppose any actual independent thinkers by calling them conspiracy theorists.

Whatever, back to education. Education is instilling the values of professionalism into young folk, to make them a valuable member of society. Giving them the tools to independently research whatever interests them and to evaluate the information they uncover. To critically think about their aims, goals, desires and to determine how to lead a beautiful life.

For some reason, we don't get an education but we do get docile drone training.

You all know this. Research cognitive dissonance.

Education is what I am attempting with you. The education you have had isn't education it is docile drone training.

Is independent thought that hard that very few people attempt it? Someone famous once said, 'I make a generous living having just one critical thought each week'. Wow. Like I said, or rather a recent ancestor, resisting an education isn't easy.

So, education, higher education and further education. My opinion? Just don't do it.

Why are we so terrified of home schooling our own children? I would say because we are drones and have been institutionalised. Please, give it some critical thought.

We don't educate our young because we are not independent thinkers. Educating our young would force is to critically think about what to teach them.

You may see where I am going with this. Am I inspiring you to see the invisible bars of our cages? Or do you think I am an unemployed and unemployable raging nutter?

Well, luckily, I am able to hold two opposing views in my head simultaneously. Which someone famous once said was the very definition of a great intellect. So, I can function in the bizarre world you drones all live in whilst still seeing the world as it is. To make matters worse, I can simultaneously hold in my head the view of how it should be. That is three views. A beautiful world full of free thinkers, the cage we all actually live in and the dream world we currently 'all' believe we live in.

Hence my occasional grumpiness about living on a planet of drones. Sorry.

In summary, I am a big fan of education, I owe a great debt to those who gave me one. Thank you. It took me a while, cough, but I got there in the end. Thanks.

17 May, 2016

Paul Krugman

Paul Krugman is a widely travelled, highly respected, incredibly well paid economic spokesman for those who believe more centralised control is required to solve the very problems that central control creates.

I have seen him in YouTube clips where he goes toe to toe with a Critical Thinker. They are really funny. Mr Krugman, very quickly turns into a five year old boy. The real comedy comes from Paul portraying his own economic concepts completely backwards. Incredible to watch, as he states the exact opposite of what he wrote about just a few years earlier. Honestly, it is so funny.

This summarises the problem humanity currently faces. Only those who don't understand the world, study it. These people get degrees in economics and politics where they are told whatever nonsense the professors in these subjects believe. That is what this all boils down to. A belief system. Instead of worshipping God or Jesus or Mohammed or whoever, we worship those who accumulate lots of currency units. Or we simply believe in the financial system which loans fictitious value in the form of currency units. Many people ask, what should we do and my answer is the same, think critically.

These globalist don't suffer from their own lack of understanding but we do.
Globalist portray the nonsense that one globalist can out think 100 million or more people. U.S. globalist Janet Yellen actually believes that she can out think 340 million Americans. Christine Lagarde actually believes that she can make better decisions for billions of people than the billions of people themselves. Seriously, these people are damaged intellectually and emotionally. Or perhaps, more kindly, their beliefs about reality are exactly the opposite of what normal people believe.

Paul Krugman believes that smashing windows is good for the economy. However, preparing for a fictitious alien invasion, would be good for the entire GDP of the world. Again, this belief is simply foolish.

Yet, when mankind refuses to think critically, these central planners promise the exact opposite of what they deliver and we allow more of the same.

So, what can we do?
Silver protects against vampires and central planners.
Gold is a less bulky form of silver and doesn't tarnish.
Critically think about what central planners say and how they achieve the exact opposite, ALL THE TIME.
Don't risk your life on a system that gets increasingly brittle with age. Such a system is the system of global finance and industry that we have used for decades.
Ask questions, continually. Seek answers that give you an understanding of a thing, rather than the knowledge of a thing.

For example, you may ask your local member of parliament or senator about the financial system. He will say that it is massively complicated and throw in a few facts. He will not say that the currency units have no value, your pension pot is an illusion because the currency units only exist at the instant that they are borrowed.

I know this sounds harsh but it is really quite simple. 300% of world's GDP is the current rated value of our savings / pension pots. How much of that can be spent into the real economy over the next twenty years without massively devaluing the worth of each currency unit OR without the  value of our savings / pension simply collapsing?

That is a great question to ponder. Especially after swapping your life savings into physical silver. I'd guess at 2% per year maximum. Any higher and central banks would have to start acquiring financial assets and pray that the masses don't start to (critically) think.

What do you (CRITICALLY) think?

If you fully believe in Paul Krugman, then stick with what you know.
If you don't believe in Paul Krugman, then invest some time and effort in your own  education.

Education, learn to read and then learn to critically think, then learn to write. You will now outperform 99% of the human race, easily.

The future

Without mankind bothering itself with critical thought, the future is not difficult to predict.

More bail outs for financial institutions. Not just banks but pension providers and eventually insurance companies.

In other words, more currency units conjured up from nowhere. Which are different from the currency units conjured up from nowhere when the masses borrow them, in one detail only. The masses, generally, do their utmost to pay the loans back and the interest.

Eventually, we will get hyperinflation. Which means the masses no longer see any benefit in the fiat currency unit fraud. Critical Thought, amongst the masses, ends the fiat currency unit fraud sooner and more numerous beneficial systems will take its place.

Bail out after bail out should be anticipated but don't expect any substantial interest rate rise until after a financial collapse that aligns your pension fund value with reality. Expect a 90% reduction.

The cause of this 'problem' is centralisation. One aspect of this is the over reliance on fiat currency units. The 'solution' will be lower standards of living for almost everyone and more centralisation. Perhaps a new global fiat currency unit, which is already in place anyway. (SDR)

Putin has pointed this nonsense out a few times, so he is now portrayed by the centralisation people as the enemy. China, is also trying to go against the global centralisation people with its own Asian investment bank and a few other ideas. So, China is being set up by the western central planners, as an enemy. There can be only one (central planner), which is the game these deluded souls play.

Putin and China are enemies of the central planners. Which makes them friends of the masses. Try not to be manipulated by the main stream press into having a major / world war with them.

Humanity has only two enemies, central planners who insist that if they had more power things would somehow be 'better'.

The second enemy is the lack of understanding that the central planners have relative to a normal person.

A major / world war and major REDUCTIONS in standards of living are easily defeated with critical thought. In fact, critical thought, improves the standard of living for everybody. Provided that we don't simply surrender all the benefits and more to these central planning idiots / buffoons / thugs / thieves / mass murderers / deluded would be emperors of your soon to be dirt grubbing grand children.

Is thinking that hard that you would have your grand children enslaved to central planners?

Remember, without critical thought, the Nazi mentality is barely one week away. Resisting that will cost you your life. Critical Thought, applied today, improves everyone's life. Not quite, the central planners will need a map back to reality.

You have fun


The world's pensions in 1970, were valued at around 30% of the world's GDP. There were quite a few productive workers per retiree.

Massive governments spend vast quantities of currency units on roads, bridges, schools, police, armies and a vast array of pet projects. When a massive government runs low on currency units, pieces of paper are exchanged between central banks and massive governments. The government's checking account gets credited with currency units and the central bank gets a bond, which it then hopes to sell to our pension providers.

Basically, the currency units we exchange our labour for are taxed / taken from us by the government and any currency units we put into our pension have already been spent by our government.

Do you detect a pattern? Your wealth is taken from you visibly and invisibly. The value of your pension fund is zero. Every currency unit in your pension has already been spent by your government. Yet, the vast majority of us is unaware of this particular confidence trick.

Today, our valueless pension fund is around 300% of GDP. Which sounds like a lot. However, should we all decide not to pay into a pension, this number drops to zero within a week. Current workers, are simply taxed or encouraged to divert currency units into their pension to pay for current retirees. Everything each retiree saved for their retirement has already been spent, a government bond is effectively a receipt for spent currency units.

Give this post some critical thought and independent research. Shall I do it for you?

The currency units only have value because the masses will exchange their labour for them. Banks create them as required with close to zero effort. Yet the masses go to the banks to ask for loans. If the bank says yes they then tell us how much we must pay back.

My bank offered me £7,500 at 5%, just for fun I took up their offer. They were happy to type 7500 and add it to my bank credits for just 20% apr.

The banks charge for temporarily adding a small sum to my account for three years was 1000 currency units that I must exchange my talents and labour for.

I didn't do that. I got interest free finance and paid 1000 currency units under list price. Next time, I won't do that either. Borrowing just extends this silly financial game.

In England, the banks like to mortgage against brick built houses that will last for a great many mortgage cycles. So, American quality houses in the UK don't get mortgage funding. This is the interesting bit. There is a vast gulf in price difference. 60,000 for  U.S. style home to 240,000 for a properly built home. I only need a house to last 30 or 40 years. I don't want a 25 year interest bearing loan. Guess what the banks want me to do? The flaw in this brief story? Most of the value on a home is currently in the land price. However, do I need to explain everything in absolute detail or can I just give some guidance please and you think critically rather than just evaluate the bizarre nonsense I write in these blogs? I don't care what you feel, I want to know what you think and why mankind doesn't.

16 May, 2016

Quantitative Easing

You already know what this is. A con.

Quantitative easing temporarily saved the banking sector. The masses paid / pay for it.

The situation is similar to Greece. 95% of the currency units, created electronically from nowhere, did not go to the Greek people but the repayment stream is taken from the Greek people. The currency units went to a few big banks, to temporarily stop them from visibly collapsing.

What a joke these currency units have become. They are conjured from thin air by organisations we believe are wealthy, banks and central banks. That really makes no sense. Basically, if we allow our neighbour to counterfeit currency and then we all pretend it is real, do the currency units become real? Well, yes. Is our neighbour actually wealthy? No, he is unbelievably wealthy. Does that type of system work? Well, yes but not forever. (The Federal Reserve is the counterfeiting neighbour on a global scale.)

In the UK, the Bank of England simply synchronises the ever increasing expansion of currency units. Any one bank loaning into existence too many currency units must borrow from other banks, each evening, to balance the books.

The ever increasing currency unit expansion is now faltering, due to demographics / boomers retiring. Now, the Bank of England has just used QE to swamp the system in liquidity such that banks no longer need to borrow, overnight, from each other.

The other problem that Central Banks face is boomers starting to liquidate assets to fund their retirement. There are simply not enough buyers, so many Central Banks are buying stocks, bonds and shares to stop these markets from collapsing.

It won't work forever but it buys time. How it ends is a guess. It depends on the people. The masses decide how this ends. Either through panic and violence or through a reasoned understanding of the problems.

This really does matter, at this point your quality of life starts collapsing far quicker or it starts to improve beyond all recognition. The people of Detroit have already lost. The Greeks have lost. Spain is losing. The U.S. is struggling. The UK is reasonably OK so far. Things could be so much better if the masses understood the world they live in.

Hence the blog.

Don't bother reading this until you have read all 30 learning to critically think posts. This is advanced stuff. You don't need to know it, you need to learn how to appreciate and understand it.

Once you have read all 30 posts, you can than start on the numbered posts. Accountability 101 and work through all those on your own time and at your own pace. Then you will be ready for these "title only" posts.

Unless, of course, you are already an established critical thinker. The number counter at the bottom of the blog will indicate how many page views this blog has had. Until it hits 14 million, there are not enough critical thinkers to avoid mass panics, millions of deaths and probably some exchange of nuclear weaponry. I am aware of about a dozen (global) critical thinkers on the planet. We need 14 million.

Anyway, what can you do? The last best hope for mankind are all on Facebook arguing over who should be president. WHAT A BIZARRE QUESTION.

15 May, 2016

Accountability 109 (2% versus the "powerful")

How do we hold these "powerful" people to account?

The first step is to become a Critical Thinker. Then give a topic you are interested in some critical thought. Then give some critical thought as to how best spend your time and resources effecting the change you deem necessary.

You don't need me or anyone else for that.

Good luck.

I hope this brief post gives you an idea of what is readily achievable if you put in the effort and become a Critical Thinker.

When a couple of percent of us can clearly see the world for what it is, we will simply change it.

2% talk to 10 people each, that's now 20%. Conversations now take hold about what the world actually is and what it could be. The status quo is now seen to be untenable, it collapses under its own weight when a few stop supporting it. The Queen restores peace and order. Not sure how but that isn't my problem. She either does or she doesn't. Critical thinkers can restore calm at a local level, regardless.

National government or finance is not necessary for prosperity for all. In fact, we already have the exact opposite of prosperity for all. You already know this but you are conditioned not to give it any critical thought. The thing you know is that the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer. Check out how much faster income inequality has risen since quantitative easing started. Or not. Your choice. Assuming of course that this simple task is within your capabilities. If you don't find it simple, you need to find someone local to help develop your abilities. Then you will be able to. The fact that the average person will struggle, reveals the nature of our educational system. Which is a topic for another time.

14 May, 2016

Understanding 302 (money)

What is money?
It is an idea. It is not real. It does not exist.

The first fifty seconds is crucial to understanding money. Watch it a few times.

The first twenty seconds, if you are really pressed for time.

Or ten seconds to get an understanding of the YouTube clip.

The word you are looking for is, fraud.

This is a massive concept to come to terms with. The Greeks are struggling with the reality of the concept, with zero understanding of why they are struggling. The rest of us are glad it is them and not us. Well, it is us too but it is more readily seen in Detroit or Greece.

Modern banking is legalised fraud. It is legal because the Government say it is. It is still fraud. One which government does very well out of. Governments can borrow, apparently, without limit forever. No loan is repaid, ever. The government debt ends up in our pension funds, as an asset. How bizarre is that?

This post should not be easy to read. The words are simple enough. The concepts are simple enough. The problem is that you already KNOW what money and banking is, which prevents you from UNDERSTANDING it.

Let me break it down for you. The Government and banks do very well indeed when the government makes banking fraud legal.

So, who suffers? Well, obviously a great many of the Greeks and the Detroit based people. Not so obvious, everybody. Well, not the top bankers or top government officials but the masses do suffer, massively.

How much does this fraud cost us?
Since the seventies computer technology, automation and robotics has grown beyond imagination. What may have cost many millions in 1970 and filled a small building with a group of technicians, just to keep it running, is now sat in my hand and is disposable.

I am an Engineer and my job involves contact with a great many other Engineers. We are in the automation business. What did require a thousand people, now requires three. We should be paid more than a rock star footballer. We aren't.

What used to take a man a week can be done on a basic computer using free software in a few seconds. Most of us should be retiring at about 35. The working week should be 2 - 3 days. Holidays should be 3 - 4  months a year. Basic transport, food, clothing, housing and heating, FREE.

When I say free, I simply mean no one in a western country need have to work for the basics. See what I wrote, seconds ago, about automation.

Legalised banking fraud is costing the average human a great deal of time, wealth, effort and they even blame us for our ever decreasing standards of living.

If you aren't effervescent with rage, you UNDERSTAND NOTHING. You probably know quite a lot and most of it is wrong. Watch the video until you UNDERSTAND it.

Critical Thought about finance and government is vital. Without it, expect to live a black and white life. With some effort, we could all be living far more satisfying lives.

13 May, 2016

Sorry about the bullying (9/30)

I have attempted to get you to understand that although you think, you rarely think critically. I mentioned several trivial examples, to give you a sense of what critical thinking is. You should also have a feel for what the accumulated benefits are. Then wham. I hit you with some big stuff and then started bullying you. Trying to get you to understand what sort of world we all end up living in when most people refuse to critically think, this one. Greece and Venezuela are struggling as is Brazil and the U.S. might not be doing as well as you think. We shall follow soon enough.

My mind is incredibly flexible. The concept might be from Alice In Wonderland but I really can believe five impossible things before breakfast. As an Engineer, I am continually amazed by things I can only really describe as magic. Basically, I am a rather large and well paid eight year old child. Most people do not have so flexible a mind. I forget that I am odd, or different or slightly alien like compared to the bulk of humanity. Not better, different. I call myself Elite at times just to annoy the elite. Anyway, thanks for giving this blog your best shot, it is not easy.

Another point, don't worry about wether or not I am right or wrong. That is digital thinking. You aren't a computer. Think analogue. I am not absolutely right, or absolutely wrong and neither are you. My ideas change over time, sometimes gradually and sometimes suddenly. A sudden change has motivated me to write this blog. Sudden changes can be mentally difficult to adapt to. The money currency thing took me three months. So, you take your time. Forget right or wrong. Do, I make an interesting point is the right question. Am I right, is unimportant. The degree to which I am right requires you to think, evaluate and judge. That requires quite a lot of effort. Thank you.

This weekend, I am back on watches. I have my two watches and I am still happy but research doesn't just stop. It is on going. Recently, I found out about tritium watches. (Google it if you don't know.) I don't have a tritium watch, I never noticed one in my research. So, critical thought time. I know I want one but which one and why?

Long story short, I might replace my sport watch for a tritium watch but only when it ceases to function. That saved me £600. I look forward to meeting, in person, someone with a tritium watch and hopefully strike up a pleasant conversation about it.

You have fun.

11 May, 2016


I actually thought that Cameron UNDERSTOOD the world we live in. Apparently not, he is clueless. Which probably explains his smugness.

Today, he was inadvertently caught talking about corrupt nations in front of Her Majesty and a Cardinal, possibly, I don't know what he was, it is unimportant. Obviously, Dodgy Dave Cameron has complete forgotten about his father and the corruption he was involved in.

We know other nations are corrupt because we corrupt them. We being the IMF, NATO, USA and the UK. We deliberately destabilise and corrupt Africa, the middle east, anywhere with oil and gas, anywhere which could transit oil and gas, places with mineral wealth or strategically placed to annoy Russia.

We are not nice. We are corrupt. Dodgy Dave's Dad is corrupt. Only, we pretend we aren't. Our UK banks steal wealth from the UK population, just as the financial giants steal wealth from the rest of the world.

The entire planet is corrupt. Everything is corrupted.

Instead of spending the rest of my life cataloging it and explaining it, give me two more minutes.

Get some paper and a pen and draw a big pyramid. This pyramid represents everyone on the planet. All the wealth and power appears to accumulate at the top. So, Obama, the Queen, Janet Yellen, Lord Rothschild, the Pope, some footballers and Kim Kardashian are all at or close to the peak.

Now get some scissors and cut off the very top of the pyramid and place it next to the base of the pyramid. Relative to the rest of the pyramid, the peak looks tiny.

Ask an eight year old which of the two pieces is bigger and more powerful than the other.

Your very mind is completely corrupted. The eight year old has a chance.

The power and wealth is NOT concentrated at the peak. Control from the peak, is illusory. The real wealth is with the masses. The real power is with the masses. We have been corrupted to believe otherwise.

For example, Warren Buffet is a multi billionaire and a powerful man.

Stop exchanging your labour for ANY of his currency units or illusory financial assets and he is an old man who is slowly starving to death. Like many poor people in Nigeria.

We have been completely and utterly duped. I am furious. This world changes in a heartbeat, should the masses bother with critical thinking.

Warren Buffet goes from billionaire to beggar in a heart beat.

What exactly are the masses waiting for. Dodgy Dave won't ever explain this to you as he does not understand it.

Anyway, the path we are on leads to WW3, mankind must really hate itself. The devil must be bored, considering how easy it was to corrupt everyone.

Dodgy Dave is simply not being held to account. He embarrasses the country and Her Majesty, MI5 need to explain things to Cameron, firmly. Clearly, the MI5 need to consult with me as they appear to be as clueless as dodgy dave. (1kg of gold is sufficient payment for a good long chat. Call it 100 gold sovereigns. Perhaps, type some digits in my bank account, sufficient to purchase my own body weight in silver.)

Read the accountability posts to appreciate what happens when the top pyramid people aren't held to account. (They just steal more.)

Was that two minutes?

10 May, 2016


Brexit means a United Kingdom exit from the European Union.

We have been given yet another false choice. This one is particularly cruel.  Should we choose to stay, Cameron retains his job as chief Tory salesman. Future difficulties will be blamed on staying in the Euro area, Cameron loses his job but things remain the same. The public will accept blame for choosing to stay.

Should we leave, Cameron loses his job sooner. Future difficulties are blamed on the public for choosing to leave the Euro area.

Nothing actually changes, either way. What an utter waste of time.

Again, we are presented with a simple yes / no choice. We are human beings. We should not accept being placed into yes / no categories. Yet that is all governments ever do. Vote blue or vote red. This is completely unnatural but essential for the few to control the many. 1,000 politicians controlling every aspect of 60 million people should not even be theoretical possible.

In the U.S. civil forfeiture laws are used to confiscate 5 billion currency units from US citizens, each year. Robbers and thieves steal about 3 billion currency units a year. The police, courts and prison staff all need paying too. What an utter scam. The government would frighten you into believing how much worse it would be without them. Which is what abusive husband's tell their partners.

The human race has been institutionalised, we have an increasingly abusive, invasive and arrogant government with an increasingly docile population. Which is why many people refer to the masses as sheep. Me, for example, being one of them.

Forget Trump vs Clinton and forget brexit. The question is, why don't we get to choose how we spend our lives. 47 years of less and less for the working man. Why not choose to end the financial fraud and the completely unnatural false choices of government?

Easy answer, thinking is hard and barely anyone is encouraged to do it. Is everyone capable of it? I say yes but the viewing figures of this blog say no.

If mankind did critically think, the world would be beautiful.

09 May, 2016

Trump vs Clinton (Trumpton)

Well voters, what sort of a choice have you been presented with?

It is remarkably similar to the choice we had in the UK, more of the same or 'bit of a character' protest vote. Our protest vote was UKIP and yours is Trump.

In the UK, unbelievably, we went for more of the same. In the U.S. this would be Clinton. I am not predicting who will win, just outlining the choice.

We all know what more of the same is. The rich get richer and the rest of us get poorer. Which is how our financial system is designed to work.

So, what is the nature of the protest vote? Our UKIP person was an ex banker. Hence, zero actual choice. Voting represents no choice. More of the same or someone who is part of the banking fraud perpetuated against humanity.

The U.S. protest vote is Trump, someone who borrows vast quantities of fiat dollars and maintains quite a pleasant lifestyle. So, effectively, the protest vote is for more of the same banking fraud.

In America, you may get to vote for a grandfatherly figure who isn't as outrageous as Trump, that might be Bernie or someone similar. This happens every eighty years or so and represents the end of a financial supercycle.

Mankind is not as mature as we believe we are.

The rich keep getting richer because they designed the banking system we all use without thought, with zero critical thinking.

Hence the blog. You all take care.

If you want to 'vote' to change the financial system, then simply realise that each of your fiat dollars or fiat dollar denominated wealth is a 'vote'. Each dollar you own is a 'vote' allowing the rich to get richer and the rest of us to suffer.

For example, today I have exchanged some surplus currency units for a bottle of whisky. I refuse to take on interest bearing loans, which is a massive 'vote' against our current financial system.

For 47 years the working man or woman has had their share of the world's wealth reduced. So, perhaps give some critical thought to reversing that trend. Or may be you want your children to suffer?

08 May, 2016

Accountability 108 (Her Majesty)

Her Majesty

This topic also generates intense emotional debate. No one appears to understand Her Majesties function.

Her Majesty is responsible for her subjects, of which I am one, and the landmass of England and the other bits.

Now, this is the hard bit to understand, the vast majority of this privileged group of which she is the boss, will hold themselves to account at a far higher level than we ever would.

Let that sink in. Accountability. Her Majesty can dissolve our Parliament and take control of our armed forces in extremis. She will hold Herself accountable at a far higher level than anyone else possibly could, would or should.

This costs me about a £1 a year.

Eventually, unless the Facebook people decide otherwise, the U.S. and the UK are heading slowly, so slowly, at first and then suddenly into tyranny. In America they have guns and Kim Kardashian. The British have Her Majesty.

Accountability, that is the key word here. That is why my critical thinking blog has blogs about Accountability in it. It is crucial.

Zero accountability in the U.S. to anyone, ever, for anything.
Ultimately, we have the Queen. Once She notices the tyranny, it ends. In America, you have chosen a different path, more accurately, you are on the path you were given.

The Queen costs me £1 a year. My government costs me thousands and thousands and impacts massively on my quality of life and my enjoyment of life.

So, I don't care to know what you feel about Royalty. They are bred to perform an important function. To hold themselves to account, when no one else in power is.

The Queen may well need fresh blood in her team of advisors but that is my only concern and an unimportant one at that.

07 May, 2016

Accountability 107 (Janet Yellen)

I have described how politicians, are eager to avoid being held to account. As are all people. However, not holding people who wield great power, to account is pure insanity.

So, let us start with the most powerful woman in the world. Currently, this is not Her Majesty. (All negative comments about the Queen will be deleted.) It should be but isn't. My next post will explain why.

No, the most powerful woman in the world has so much power, she decides the value of your life savings. She determines how much disposable income you have. She decides how much homes will cost. She decides every aspect of your financial well being. So, who holds her to account? Nobody.

Recently, she was asked a question that she did not like. The person asking it was a reporter whose sole purpose was to ask her questions that had been pre-approved. It cost him a rather well paid job in Washington D.C. I hope you are beginning to appreciate the seriousness of the difficulties the world is charging in to?

The woman is Janet Yellen. Her job is to maintain our belief in her pretend money called the U.S. dollar. Each currency has its own Central a banker who performs the same function. Extending belief in the current financial system until they cannot.

America, Land of the Free, is generally said to be five years in front of the UK. Let us hope so.

The moral of the story is, financial journalists do not hold Central Bankers to account. Don't expect political journalists to ask awkward questions either. Journalists need a continuous supply of pretend money, as do we all.

Pretend money is a topic for another day too.

06 May, 2016

Understanding 301 (for accomplished critical thinkers only)

A great many of you can critically think, which is nice. So let's focus our attention on significant stories from around the world. They key here isn't to KNOW but to appreciate and UNDERSTAND what isn't said and what isn't explained.

I will assume that you can handle the truth.

First of all knowledge is not power. Knowledge is a diversionary tactic of those in power. Once you understand the world, you have power.

The first step to acquiring this power is the ability to critically think, so absorb as much as you are able from the thirty critical thinking posts.

The second step is to understand accountability, so read and re-read those too.

The final step is practice. Which is why I shall be randomly posting these UNDERSTANDING posts.

If at any time, you FEEL that I am not making sense, then accept that you are not ready or I have lost my slender grasp of your reality.

Your reality is awful. 20,000 children starve to death over a very short time period, regularly. Notice the lack of knowledge. It doesn't matter, understanding why they die matters. Knowing they starve to death is NOT the point. Giving them food is an answer but NOT the answer. The answer is to understand the world, the world then changes in a heartbeat. I say this a lot and I do mean it.

Practically all mankind's problems arise because of three issues.

Practically zero critical thought and understanding of the world by the masses.

Unbelievably large Government, which is an unstable centralisation of power.

An unbelievably large Financial 'Industry', which is mainly an illusion.

That should explain the importance of the blog and why I focus on Government and Finance.

You have fun but spare a thought or two for those we deny food because........
Research (8/30)

Part of critical thinking is self directed research. Not a boss, a teacher or lecturer giving you a specific topic to find out about, self directed research.

Last week I tried to get you to understand money. This required to you to do self directed research. Those of you who are well practiced critical thinkers will have no problems doing independent research. Those of you who just think you can think will have struggled.

As I want to encourage critical thinking, I ought to give those of you struggling some help. Unfortunately, none of you are brave enough to ask. Therefore, I must keep guessing.

Use Google, use YouTube and spend lots of time evaluating the information you receive. Don't just ask what your friends think. Everybody already knows exactly what everybody knows. We are after understanding.

Not easy is it? Independent research and thinking is hard and time consuming and is never taught in school, college or university as part of everybody's education. The reason is obvious, if we all understood the financial system at 9am tomorrow morning. Guess what? By 9:01am it would have crashed. Government would be outraged until we all critically thought about government. Then it would be quite different as would our new financial system.

Anyway, this is about you not me. Try the research thing again. See if you can find a YouTube clip called a goldsmiths tale. That would be a great start to your research.

Here is some motivation, you work forty hours a week for fifty years and never once question where the money you are paid comes from. I worked for over twenty years before I began to think and think hard about the world. You may wish to start now, I will guide you as much as I am able.

Take care

02 May, 2016

A simple choice

We all KNOW how, everyone else feels, the world works and we are all wrong.


Darth Rayne's picture
We are at a junction. Without critical thought we get what we deserve. The author does a beautiful job of describing it above.
With critical thought we get something entirely different. We get what we deserve, quite literally and it will be beautiful.
So, point people over to this blog and guide them through it or don't.
Up vote if you are looking forward to mankind maturing and having heaven on earth
Down vote if you'd rather have the Armageddon which the devil is looking forward too.
I am Darth Rayne. I have to give you a choice.

Bear in mind knowing is comforting
Not knowing is discombobulating, it is also a necessary first step to understanding.

01 May, 2016

Accountability 106 (conspiracy theory)

Critically thinking about the results of my critical thinking, I have developed my own conspiracy theory. Are you ready?

Governments are essentially made up of people in high profile, influential, well paid and comfortable jobs. The last thing they want is to be held accountable for their mistakes and stripped of all their perks. . Hence all the committees, advisors and governmental inquiries to share the blame round and dissipate accountability.

All obvious and straightforward. The Nazi / Stanford Experiment, which you know about because you researched it earlier or knew anyway, tells us that we should not allow governments to use committees and police themselves with their own inquiries. Yet we do.

My conspiracy theory? Many of the key players in government fear losing their position in society and so are in no rush to be held to account by anyone. They will not be overly keen on anything that threatens their position. So, that would be me encouraging you to both critically think and hold people to account.

As conspiracy theories go, that was a non event. I was simply describing basic human nature, which is why concentrating power into the hands of so few is unwise. It certainly won't end well unless we end it ourselves.

Am I inspiring you to think deeper?

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There is an army of Facebook people who can change the direction the world is heading from the comfort of their own homes. I am not sure for how long that this will be the case. Worse case scenario? ONE WEEK

Have you done any of the research I have suggested? Watches? Money? Fluoride?

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