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30 December, 2016

Critical Thought in action No.4

I have had a good Christmas break, sharing time with good people, good books and giving some thought to what I consider to be a dying society that is doing far more harm than good and attempting to embrace the dawn of a new civilisation.

Society is full of rules. I now have a good understanding of these rules and how they tend to benefit a few at the expense of the many.

I have chosen to live in a civilisation, one which nourishes our humanity rather than crushing our souls.

Trying to achieve this transition is where I am currently expending some considerable effort. However, it is not as impossible task as it might appear.

I am now aware of societies financial frauds, lies and injustices. I can choose not to perceive myself as a victim of all this or choose to be a victim. Successfully choosing not to be a victim is the path to living in a civilisation.

You can all choose to be part of this society, I can live in a civilisation.

Perhaps a few examples can illustrate how.

I get paid in fiat currency. Potentially one of the greatest weapons a society can wield is not nuclear but financial.  This is not a problem. I can exchange these currency vouchers for useful things such as food and rent. Should I be so fortunate to have a surplus I can choose how to store that surplus.

So, I am no longer perceiving myself as a victim of financial fraud. I choose to earn pretend money, swap it for useful things and save any surplus however I choose too. Current society is dominant and coercive but I can choose not to be angry at it. It will inconvenience me, occasionally or perhaps often. This is not a reason to become angry or annoyed at society, people or individuals. A lack of critical thought has allowed society to develop how it has. Which is why I expend time and effort on this blog. I am doing as much as I choose to. How effective this is or isn't is not my problem. I am doing as much as I am prepared to do and no more.

Therefore, the big change comes from me. I choose to live in a civilisation, which means when someone inconveniences me I  can choose to react to them appropriately. In a civilisation, that would mean responding with calmness and understanding. Rather than with aggression and anger.

I am not a victim of their apparent carelessness, just a civilised human being accepting the inconvenience and generously giving the other person the time and space they need to accomplish their goal.

This serves two purposes in one encounter. I get to live in a civilisation, I don't have an adrenalin rush and display my anger or agitation. Which has no physical benefit for me whatsoever. I get to demonstrate to the other person how a civilised human being responds in such a situation. Thus generously allowing them to be a part of my civilisation, albeit possibly temporarily.

Thus, I immediately enter the civilisation I wish to be a part of by instantly creating it myself.

That is it. That is all I needed to do. I shall, as best I can, practice being a human being living in an actual civilisation for as long as I live.

Part of that requires me to allow others to live in their society, whether or not they are aware of their choice is their problem. As a civilised human being, or at least as a practicing human being living in a civilisation of my own creation, I will help others whenever they request it and if I choose to expend some of my time with them.

I am probably being perceived as being incredibly arrogant to those who live in society. To those living in a civilisation, they will be pleased to accept another.

I only hope, that in the new year, I am able to spend most of it bringing in the dawn of a new civilisation and not letting old habits of living in a society weigh too heavily upon me.

You all take care of yourselves and be kind to one another. Being aggressive may seem empowering at the moment that someone inconveniences you but true power is freely giving someone the time and space to do whatever it is they are doing. Whether or not they appreciate this at the time, later or never is of no consequence.

To those who are interested, I have been reading a Greg Baer book. Best £7.56 I have ever spent. (Thanks Mr Horseman for the recommendation.)

Practicing living in a civilisation is easier than I thought. Instead of getting angry at a woman in a queue, I helped her. Then I graciously noted the presence of another woman and let her have right of way. A man then quickly took advantage of the space. I merely smiled at him. I was amused that he felt the need to 'best' me. I didn't feel any anger, which amazed me. If he felt that he needed to 'push in' then what a pathetic life he must lead. No need for me to impact upon his life negatively and I chose not to impact upon it positively either. Zero guilt. Zero stress. I didn't even feel that I was inconvenienced, merely amused at him and especially pleased with my composure, which was peaceful, calm and if I may use the word without embarrassment, loving.

Have a great year, it will likely be an 'interesting' one, as will the next dozen.

23 December, 2016

Critical Thought in action No.3

Read this critically thought out article about the future of paid work, written by a critical thinker, should you wish too.


Read this response by another critical thinker.

Feel free to leave your own thoughts below.

16 December, 2016

End of year review

The planet is increasingly controlled by ever fewer people. We could call this capitalism or globalisation. We could blame the Rothschilds or Central Bankers. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

We are all each to blame on an individual basis.

The very few cannot control the many without the many helping.

That is all there is to this blog.

I must attempt to explain why the few controlling the many is a bad idea. First off, this sort of power attracts those who wish to wield it. Anyone wishing to wield such power must NEVER be allowed to have it.

The power comes from the many. Why would any sane, rational, caring human being want to wield power over the rest of us? Yet the many do give away their power to those they believe should not have it. Many of us call this democracy. I don't.

There are many reasons for the many to give away, a small portion of, their power to support a common good. Such as roads, hospitals, farms and industry. It would make sense to form a governing body to oversee these public works. You could add prisons and a justice system, then pensions and then I have just described the very thing I said was wrong. The few controlling the many.

The difference is subtle but vital. Accountability.

The larger a government gets, the less accountable it is to an individual. In other words, the more the fewer control the many then the less control we have over our own lives.

This is just wrong. Assuming you agree, how can we remedy the situation? The solution(s) are straightforward and implementation painless.

1) Don't give away your power
2) Behave in a manner that you fully believe is appropriate.

Number one is readily explained. Always question those who believe themselves to have authority over you. Get them to explain themselves to you. Do this on an intellectual level. If there is to be threats and violence, let them initiate it.

Number two reinforces number one. Even those with low paid 'demeaning' jobs can hold their heads up high in any company, should they choose to do those jobs well.

Complaining and moaning are two things I excel at but both activities are ones where I am actively giving away my power.

That is all there is to it. Just two 'rules' based on just one concept, ACCOUNTABILITY.

The 'executive' summary is just one sentence.

Make sure that those you give a portion of your power to are accountable to you and be accountable for all your own actions.

In my opinion, anything less than that is the path towards your own ever increasing enslavement. A huge step backwards for all mankind and we have already taken it!

Quite simply, we are on a path of increasing inequality and decreasing standards of living for all but a few.

Those who truly believe in big government generally mean their big government and not the opposition. Which I believe means that even they don't actually believe in big government either. They just believe in themselves being right and that the opposition is simply wrong. Marvellous, subject everybody to big government when even its biggest proponents believe it to be wrong half the time! The alternative is a small government that can be, largely, ignored. Which in the UK was around 100 years ago. I suspect that the same was true of America. However, the creation of the Federal Reserve has been crucial to the increasing power of the few over the many.

I suppose you would like to know how we get from a large mostly unaccountable government to a small accountable one? Simple, just be patient and live mostly by the two rules I gave out earlier.  Unbelievably, the same is true regarding the wealth inequality too! (Although, I regularly give out tips and hints on how to accelerate this process. This blog is a 'treasure chest' to those who understand it. You are welcome.)

In the coming year I will publish one article, on the third Friday of, each month. (They are already written, including the end of year review!)

These will attempt to illuminate the concept of accountability as summarised in this post.

As an end of year review, perhaps I ought to mention brexit and Trump. The system gave us a choice between what it believes is right and proper and a stupid alternative. Those voting for the 'stupid' alternative are deemed to be deplorable and stupid. This is obvious. As fewer and fewer people control the many, globalisation / centralisation, then we get one official view. The 'right and proper' view versus what the 'stupid' masses think. As a critical thinker who is mindful of humanity, I write this blog. Just because we, the people, have voted against the establishment, don't expect the establishment to go quietly into the night. It would be foolish to believe that central planners giving us a simple controlled choice, don't have an agenda for either choice we make.

My point is this, each of us should be accountable for our own actions. It should make no difference to most people who the US vote in for their mascot. An amateur golfer, a property developer or a another Clinton. Increasing centralised power means that, eventually, one of these mascots could end the lives of billions of people.

I end with another of my factual historical examples. After world war two, where millions died, Churchill said this. 'The only thing harder than getting Hitler to go to war with us, was keeping him at war with us.'

If Clinton had got in, I would have expected her to say the same about Putin, after world war three. Millions would not have died but billions.




Obviously, this could easily cause many people to have an uncontrolled emotional response. Perhaps verbalised with words like Nazi and Jew hater. This would indicate one thing and one thing only, their conditioning by the central planners / globalists is strong.

The same thing applies to those fearful of Trump or Bremainers worrying about the future.

A fearful being seeks protection by a larger being. In this example, the central planners. This is what the few do, basically terrorise us. A terrified human makes very poor choices.

An authentic human being is not fearful of a property developer or a new set of trading rules. Be mindful of your emotional responses, Those who seek to control us will always use our emotions to their own advantage and against ours.

We can all become authentic human beings but it is not something that the central planners / globalists want. They want the exact opposite, easily controlled and managed populations corralled into geographic areas. Which is what they have.

You have a great winter pagan festival, call it Christmas if you will.

Have a think about what you believe an authentic human being would be like. Then be one. Acknowledge those who help and become aware of the institutions who do not.

04 December, 2016

Critical Thought in action No.2

Fake news

Change is afoot. Brexit and Trump are good examples. The President of Europe has asked for no more in or out of the EU referendums. As he expects the voters to vote leave.

Centralised control requires most people to believe the same things. Like being in the EU is beneficial to the working man. Russia is the enemy, again. Muslims are terrorists. Immigrants are taking your jobs.

Critical Thought fractures these simple story lines into highly complex issues. So, critical thought is not what these central planners want us to do. Any website or other media outlet not repeating the same simple story lines as the governments, is now being branded as a fake news site. In America, they have doubled down on this stupidity and stated that some fake news outlets have been infiltrated by Russian Intelligence.

Unfortunately, 340 million Americans have recently endured several months of particularly hateful presidential campaigning. Many Americans are now fearful of what the Trump will do next. Mainstream media has whipped up a frenzy of anti Trump and anti Russian propaganda. A fearful human is not a critically thinking human.

Fake news sites provide an alternative view. A differing opinion. This is good. It helps to flesh out a simple story and develop it into an understanding.

Fake news, simply means something that is false. Like reporting a celebrity death when they are very much alive. However, fake news is the label applied to those websites which disagree or argue against the simple stories the government's want us to believe.

In the UK we haven't really heard much of fake news. Currently, it is very much an American thing. Which is unfortunate as America's military is evenly matched against the rest of the world. I worry that the U.S. might start WWIII with the rest of the world when we no longer accept their greenbacks in exchange for the products of our labours.

My personal critical thinking has led me to believe that the global financial crisis of 2008 was just a tremor. There may or may not be more tremors before the big one hits. The big one being a loss of confidence in fiat currencies.

Critical Thought is hard. To do it, you must be calm. Open to new ideas and ways of thinking. Warm, content and relaxed. Critical Thought is based upon logic. However, the same level of understanding can be achieved through empathy or simply understanding the human condition.

Alternative news sites are a threat to our current way of life as they encourage a wider range of views. This makes government far harder.

Government relies on us the population fully believing their simple stories and explanations. We can then easily buy in to 'their' solution. A critically thinking human does not believe the simple story or the solution. The critically thinking human is not wanted by government or those seeking ever greater centralised control and power.

Thus when a website or media outlet is said to be fake by the mainstream media, go and read or view the site and see what you think. You will encounter some very different ideas and beliefs. You may even develop your own ideas. This is good.

As an Engineer, when faced with a problem, before a solution is given all the assumptions must first be stated. Today, a great many assumptions are never discussed. As these assumptions become more detached from reality, the world sleep walks into disaster.

A quick example based upon pensions. One very large pension provider wishes to cut its forecasted growth from 7.5 to 6 percent each year. However, many are fighting against this as their premiums would rise quite dramatically. In reality, the growth has been zero for several years. What they are assuming is difficult to understand. The reality is zero growth. However, no one has suggested they down grade projected growth to anything less than six percent. Bizarre. These clowns are in charge of your future retirement. This particular set of non critical thinkers are in banking, local government and federal government. The pension fund is calpers. Most funds face similar conditions.

The underlying forgotten assumption about pensions is that pension promises are affordable as our children and grand children will be far richer than us.

Which is unfortunate because the assumption has not been realised.

Very unfortunate. Unfortunately, should enough people critically think about this, it will bring down government. All of them.

This isn't a bad thing. Sustaining the unsustainable will make the change far more painful than it needed to be. The change is inevitable. Will the catalyst be another world war or something else?

This blog is written by me and only me. I finance it. I do my own research. I have no staff. I write what I want, when I want. No one helps. No one proof reads. No one makes suggestions. I was expecting this to be revolutionary and to be killed for it. So far, nothing. Which is disappointing.

Be seeing you

27 November, 2016

Critical Thought in action No.1

A recent UK news article stated the UK government was going to crack down on fraudulent whiplash injury claims.

I am currently on my second whiplash injury. The first left me in pain for a year. I also had a form of PSTD, according to the court physician. This time, the whiplash is only expected to last 4.5 months, again according to the courts physician. Unfortunately, I now also have travel stress anxiety, expected to last 7.5 months.

There is one fact I wish to convey. Currently, whiplash claims pay out one to five thousand pounds. However, the costs of administering this pay out are five to twenty five thousand pounds.

Just grasp that little fact for a moment. Should I get 2,500 pounds. The final bill for the incident will be 15,000 pounds.

The government's solution is to increase the costs to ensure that fewer fraudulent claims get paid out. Notice that they are not trying to reduce the costs.

I am not sure what value is placed on my pain but the solicitors company is charging 300 pounds an hour. I am unaware of the court physicians fee.

Obviously, a first order inspection of the government's quest to cut down on fraud is sound. A second order analysis (critical thought) reveals that the actual result will be more fees for those professionals involved.

The associated costs are already five times larger than the payouts.

That is the status quo for you. More for the insiders and less for those who foot the bill.

Doctors and solicitors and police and insurance companies all live very nicely within the society we live in.

Imagine what we could do with all the wealth if we lived in an actual civilisation?

Government today looks more like mafia racketeering the closer I look. The words used are different but the scam is the same.

(I apologise to any gangsters reading this. I know you aren't as bad as current government. I am simply trying to awaken the citizens to the realities of our society by getting them to critically think.)

In conclusion, whoever lobbied the government to get this bill passed is not doing the public any favours. However, a handful of large solicitors firms could find themselves nicely enriched. Why bother working hard when you can pay a lobbyist to influence government policy for your own benefit?

There are many more ways the public are fleeced. Many more ways the wealth of the many is channelled to the few. How much wealth is siphoned off depends upon the level of Critical thinking the public bothers with.

I estimate that most forty hour a week workers in our society would be far better off working just 8 -16 hours a week in an actual civilisation.

Critical Thought is hard, initially. Working 24 - 32 hours a week extra for nothing is a steep price to pay for not critically thinking or simply not paying attention to what your own senses are telling you.

That was quite a specific example. A more general view is quoted below. The stuff I write is hardly new!

"This elite-generated social control maintains the status quo because the status quo benefits and validates those who created and sit atop it.  People rise to prominence when they parrot the orthodoxy rather than critically analyze it. Intellectual regurgitation is prized over independent thought. Real change in politics or society cannot occur under the orthodoxy because if it did, it would threaten the legitimacy of the professional class and all of the systems that helped them achieve their status.
-Kristine Mattis, The Cult of the Professional Class

I found the above quote here http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-11-27/masters-hypocrisy-incredible-lightness-liberal-thinking

11 November, 2016

're-monetization' of gold (Elite level) 4/4

Last week I gave an example of the value of gold. It allows our financial overlords to regain our trust and belief in their financial system when it implodes. I suggested that the U.S. could back their twenty trillion debt with gold, either before or after a spike up in interest rates to fifteen percent.

However, they won't. Nixon didn't in 1971 and Clinton won't do it either. So, what is the value of gold? In our financial system, gold and only gold is money. As a very last resort, gold will be used to pay for trade imbalances. Gold will help free up international trade but only when international trade grinds to a halt due to a loss of faith in the dollar http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-10-10/death-cognitive-dollar-dissonance-remonetization-gold.

This is where the IMF believe that their SDR will reveal its power. When exporters refuse to accept dollars, the IMF reveals its own paper currency and will expect us to use it. This isn't a solution, it is merely a delay. Each delay increases the damage that will be done when the financial system implodes.

At some point in the future, international trade will grind to a halt. Our way of life will be disrupted. Gold is the lubricant that will get international trade moving again. Most likely, an SDR wrapped in gold leaf.

Why? What? How?

How about an historical factual example? From 1950.

Imagine you are a Saudi Prince / a cut throat pirate ruling your people with a kind hand / utter brutality. (Again your point of view depends on whether or not you are the Prince or whether your hands have just been cut off for stealing food to feed your starving family.) Oil is discovered. Being a Prince 'owning' a desert is quite different to owning the world's largest and easiest to pump oil field. Luckily, Mr Kissinger, an Angel caring deeply for each and every US citizen, recognises an opportunity to do Gods work. Kissinger offers the Prince the full protection of the U.S. army and lots of dollars. The protection is desperately needed. However, the Prince laughs at dollar payment. The Prince does not believe in dollars as money. In other words, he has no confidence in the dollar. So this trade doesn't even start. How is the trade started? Well, despite the dollars being freely convertible into gold the trade starts with an annual shipment of 300 tonnes of gold directly to the Prince. An annual royalty fee paid in a fixed weight of gold and U.S. military protection provided the oil was priced in dollars.

See how gold gets trade moving when a paper currency is not acceptable? The Prince was told he should exchange his increasing dollar hoard for US govt interest bearing debt because he would be paid dollar interest on his dollars. The Prince collapsed in a fit of laughter. However, the planes loaded with gold kept arriving so he did as he was asked.

History indicates that gold is used as money as a last resort. The U.S. will not be repaying debts with gold, see 1971. However, they will include it in deals to buy oil, see 1950.

This is unfortunate if your pensions or chosen investment products have a good chunk of govt debt in them. Dollars, pounds, yen and euros are all, more or less, the same. As is all government debt. Whether they are bills, bonds, gilts or whatever.

So, assuming international trade has ground to a halt and the gold leaf covered SDR is accepted. What is the price of gold? Well, exporting nations would probably accept a one billion 'dollar' value SDR which includes one tonne of gold.

The actual SDR takes its 'value' from a basket of paper currencies which take their value from each other. Originally, gold was included as this is how our paper currencies all began. Gold is always required to get people to have belief and confidence in paper currencies. This works until those issuing the paper currencies realise how much more wealthy they could be without the gold handcuffs. They explain it to us quite differently. Eventually, too much paper currency is issued but more needs issuing each year or a plague of defaults wipes out the paper currency financial system. When the old financial system collapses / falters another can be quickly fabricated, based on part, with gold. Hence the SDR described earlier.

So, what price for the one tonne of SDR gold? Currently, forty three million dollars. (25th August 2016) There is no need for that to increase. In my currency, thirty two million pounds or 38 million euros or 4.2 billion yen. Now, the ratios in the SDR basket could change if a country did not obey the IMF. Owning gold would protect your wealth from such changes. Over time 'INFLATION' would reduce the value of the SDR but not reduce its gold content, HINT.

Anyway, that could easily extend the life of the current financial system a decade or two. At the end of which, the 'billion dollar' SDR is valued at exactly one tonne of gold and the SDR and paper currencies valued at nothing.

That is the value of gold. (The price of gold is always controlled by the paper currency issuers. See 1960 London gold pool.) It's price, in this example, eventually one million dollars is worth nothing and one kilogram of gold worth a million fully gold backed dollars. In other words, a kilogram of gold is a kilogram of gold. The value of the dollar varies from one twentieth of an ounce of gold to 23mg to nothing.

Thus the U.S. federal reserve now can issue eight trillion gold backed dollars for the U.S. government to spend into the economy in whatever way most benefits their donors. Should confidence not be restored sufficiently then actual gold dollars would have to be issued. Nothing will have changed, especially for those who do not hold physical gold somewhere safe like bullionvault.

There, you knew I was selling something / attempting to restore your sovereignty.

Clicking on the bullionvault adverts on this blog and then buying some gold or silver will net me a single currency unit for every eight thousand / eighty thousand currency units you exchange. (Part of their affiliates program.) I am not suggesting for a moment that you do this, I am merely informing you of an existing relationship.

I could just as easily explain the bullionvault adds as an easy way for you to check the 'price' of gold in your favourite paper currency. The value of gold exists only in your own mind. I merely write about how I value humanity and profoundly dislike the concept of world war three.

Silver. This is even more interesting than gold. Get both. Get none. Get one. Your choice. Get critically thinking about the world and how we choose to allocate resources. I am not offering financial advice, I am trying to get you thinking critically.

Money does not exist, it is simply an idea.

Gold and silver can readily be used as if it were money, everything is else is just credit.

Gold, oil and dollars were the things I first considered four years ago when I first wondered about the subprime mortgage disaster. Dollars are a paper currency which historically means that they will eventually become worthless. Gold is money. Oil is what our entire civilisation runs on.

An interesting thought experiment is to value everything on the planet in gold. Imagine two brothers. Between them they own everything. They hate to share so they decide that one owns the entire planet and the other owns all the gold. Whatever the value we place on the world, in whatever units we care to measure it in, that value is fully reflected in the 'price' of the gold. World GDP rises from eight to eighty trillion, no problem, the price of the gold rises to match the new world valuation.

Now, imagine that the oil supplying countries, or one of them, decides to be paid in gold, rather than a paper currency. Eighty million barrels each day are consumed and ten tonnes of gold mined or recycled daily. Thus, ownership of the two can simply be swapped. The value of gold would be 8 barrels per gram.

Under these conditions, with the two brothers owning everything, the additional gold and additional oil belongs to them. Ownership can be readily exchanged without effecting their previous holdings.

So, eight barrels per single gram of gold.

That is the value of gold. Now, no doubt, you want to know the price of this gold in your own favourite paper currency? Well, that is tricky. The price of oil in dollars varies continually. Sometimes it is one hundred dollars and sometimes it is forty dollars. What a strange measuring instrument this paper dollar is. Today it is probably forty dollars. Eight barrels multiplied by forty dollars is 320 dollars. Thus 320 dollars could get you sufficient oil to sell for one gram of gold. You 'could' if you wanted, say gold was worth 320,000 dollars per kg and not the undervalued 43,000 dollars per kg it is today. An eight fold increase in gold price.

The point of this is to make you aware that dollars are not a very good instrument for measuring things as important as prices and wages. Unless, of course, you are the currency issuer.

100 years ago a dollar was actually 1,550mg of gold
Today a dollar is 23mg of gold and this trend is accelerating rather than slowing down.

Today an economist would say that we cannot use gold as money as there simply isn't enough.

Some would argue that we cannot use gold as money as we have issued far too much credit.

Both are wrong. There is enough gold and credit will simply expand until it collapses.

What there isn't enough of is critical thought and far too much wishful thinking.

The price of gold? For hundreds of years the price of gold has been controlled. For two hundred years the British controlled it and for two hundred years the price never changed.. Then for decades the U.S. controlled it. In the 1960's the main currency issuers controlled it. Today, the federal reserve with help, controls the price of gold. The currency issuers want one thing, your total obedience to their paper currency and not to recognise the value of gold. The value of gold is its six thousand year history of being recognised as being a timeless, cultureless money. Or barbaric relic by the paper currency issuers friends.

Gold, honest money for honest politicians.
Gold, sound money for ethical bankers.

Which is why, currently, the currency issuers call gold tradition rather than money.

Which is why gold is so important for mankind's maturation from monkey brained barbarians into something so much more satisfying. At which point, gold may well become simply decorative but not until paper currencies are deemed an intellectual embarrassment. A primitive tool for primitive man aka us.

Well done for reading all this. Now spend a year understanding the world as it actually is, rather than what we (westerners) are all taught and believe it is.

Finally, before you try to debate some part of these blogs with me remember one thing. The point of all these blogs is for you to critically think about things both small and large. If all I had to write was 'remember the sea is red not blue' then that is what I would have written. Regardless of what colour I think the sea actually is. (Green.)

Have fun and do whatever you can to prevent World War Three.

The next post will be a yearly round up published in December.

Future posts will be published on the third Friday of each month.

I write as though Clinton won the election and not Trump. Clinton has the best chance of doubling US debt from twenty to forty trillion dollars. Those amassing centralised control will want this doubling of debt. It gives them more time to take even more from us. Trump has built his empire upon debt. Trump, whether he realises it or not, depends heavily upon the banks who fund his extravagant lifestyle. The banking cabal may have an easier time controlling Trump than Clinton.

So there really is no choice and no real difference in the two candidates provided by the central planners. Clinton is a vote for more of the same, much more. Trump is a protest vote, a release valve in the same way Obama was. Remember the 'hope and change'? Well, nothing changed. Trump may well win. Will he manage to get the debt up to forty trillion dollars? The central planners will all be doing their absolute best to help or coerce any president into doubling the debt over each and every eight year period.

Clinton or Trump, what difference does it make? None.

It has been said that whichever of them wins, will put the other in jail. I doubt it. The central planners will want to reward both of them for playing their parts. Do the central planners realise just how vicious a woman scorned can be?

Anyway, Trump does appear to be more human than Clinton so he may win.
Clinton has scared more people into believing Trump is dangerous, so she may win.

Either way, I don't care.

Bernie Sanders, I am told by someone who knows him well, was the man to vote for. The central planners managed to remove him from the ballot with ease.

Ron Paul, a great many believe he is the best man for the job. The central planners repeatedly managed to remove him from the ballot.

Whichever becomes president of the united states of america, one thing remains certain, nothing will have changed. Nothing.

Americans either accept the status quo or they don't. They accept their new 'mascot', with hope or with fear, or they don't.

Central planners will feed upon us even if we die off in great numbers, until we start critically thinking in great numbers.

How many millions or billions need to die before mankind matures into a critical mass of thoughtful and compassionate beings?

The Romney / Obama or Clinton / Trump 'choice' reminds me of our brexit vote. The central planners really do want us to believe in their omnipotence. They really do want us to choose Obama, Clinton and for the UK to remain in Europe. So what happens when we don't? The central planners are quick to emphasise that any problems are now because we were given a choice and chose incorrectly. This is exactly how an abusive relationship works.

Central planners originally gained power by promising how much better things would be. Central planners are now clinging on to power by telling us how bad things would be without them. Central planners do believe they are right. Their confidence is absolute. They want us to believe in them. Which is where the flaw is. For us to believe in them more than we believe in our own eyes, ears and thoughts places mankind's future in the hands of a few. If they are ever wrong then the consequences for the rest of us will be massive. On a deeper level, the central planners crush innovation. If we believed in ourselves then there would be far more innovators, more artists, more artisans, more story tellers, more entertainers and more diversity. Wealth would not be concentrated in the hands of Elon Musk, Clinton and Trump. Wealth would be far more widely and equitably divided. As would power.

Is Elon Musk the world's greatest innovator? May be. He certainly has the easiest access to wealth.

Is Clinton the world's best person to lead the western world into a new era of enlightenment? She certainly makes the best possible use of her gifts for the accumulation of her own wealth and power.

Is Trump the world's greatest property developer? Or has he just been incredibly well funded and his competitors not had such financial support.

Centralised control creates a stadium effect. One or two actors earn millions whilst thousands live on rice and beans. One or two well financed media moguls control thousands of information outlets, thus biasing the news somewhat. It all ties together beautifully. Those who get to decide when to issue bank credit and to whom, EVENTUALLY, control everything. The status quo is assured. Until it isn't. Society / humanity becomes more and more rigid. Less able to withstand shock at the same time it appears to be ever stronger.

Picture thousands of companies competing to provide us with electricity. We get to choose companies that mainly use nuclear power or gas or coal or whatever. We get to choose companies that have better service or a strong connection to our own community. We get actual choices. Not a false brexit or Trump / Clinton choice. Actual choices, plural. We also get a robust electricity network. If coal powered electrical distribution became too expensive we could choose another electricity provider.

Now, here is an opportunity for a central planner to gain our trust and confidence. To initiate a new belief system whereby we believe in the central planners more than we believe in ourselves. Basically, central planning will get us cheaper electricity. Less duplication of equipment and rules and regulations to make things 'fair' for everyone. The central planner scoops a fair bit of wealth but electricity is cheaper.

However, we have lost the choice we once had. So, the price of electricity can rise. The central planner can take more wealth. Innovation is also removed. Thousands of providers can make thousands of commercial decisions, some will pay off. Two or three providers are only seeking to repay the financiers. Seeking only innovation in financing to buy out their competitors.

Unfortunately, the real problem has been hidden. Thousands of service providers ensures continuity of service. You do get duplication. You get a robust electrical supply. Two service providers, keen on maximising profit so as to be able to borrow sufficient sums for mergers and acquisitions, do not duplicate equipment. They have the bare minimum. This eventually leads to an increasingly brittle and fragile system that is not capable of withstanding any level of shock. It just fails.

No electricity, generally means no water either. Then no gasoline. Then no food in the shops.

Hopefull, you are now a little more educated in the benefits of centralised power and its flaw. Perhaps, America does not have to suffer a Zombie Apocalypse caused by one or more massive but brittle systems simply failing.

Obviously, the central planners will blame small system collapses on a Russian government cyber attacks and or Muslims. They cannot and will not blame themselves for creating systems that are not robust. Ultimately, the blame lies with us, the people.

I gave the electricity example as I believe it is the easiest to understand. Central planners are either intelligently managed and dismantled by the masses or the systems we rely on for our survival will, one day, simply not function.

I am a systems analyst and design engineer. I have, privately funded, spent four years analysing global systems. Very few engineers of my calibre will give global systems any thought whatsoever. I have given four years of my life to it. Four years.

Mankind always faces a fork in the road, we need to take it. Soon. Or go over the cliff.

A quick thought. On the titanic, the electricity did not go off until after the vessel broke into two pieces. The first class bar was a better place to be than a life boat, until it wasn't.


An Engineer designed the titanic to be unsinkable.

The captain, facing huge financial pressure, sailed the thing at full speed, knowingly through a field of icebergs. (Unusually calm sea.)

An accountant changed the specified rivets for cheap ones. Which is why the titanic split open like a dodgy seam in a cheap suit.

The titanic was designed to be unsinkable. It wasn't built to be unsinkable. It wasn't operated to be unsinkable. It was believed to be unsinkable until it sank. I suspect quite a few people drowned still believing it was unsinkable.

Our financial overlords DON'T give a shit about any of us. The official narrative still has us believe the engineer was at fault and not the accountant.

In this example the engineer is the innovator.
The accountant a disciple of our financial overlords.

Today, one hundred years later, the accountant draws the higher salary.

Our financial overlords DON'T give a shit about the truth, just their ever increasing skim and whatever it takes to maintain it. Clinton is their best shot at maintaining the skim. Protest vote Trump is perceived to be easily brought to heel by our financial overlords, if necessary. Sanders and Paul, simply weren't put forward by 'our' political system. How neatly 'our' political system aligns with our financial overlords whims.

So dear reader, you have made your choice. Do YOU believe in banks being wealthy when you KNOW they lend out ten times more 'money' than they have?

Or are you, as I am, beginning to understand?

This post portrayed 'financial overlords' as the baddies, as the ones to blame. I did this to make the post easier to read. It is highly probable that nobody on the planet considers themselves to be a 'financial overlord'. As far as I am aware, I just made the phrase up earlier today. At an Elite level of understanding, there really is no one person or one group to blame for societies ills. This includes Russians, Putin, the Rothschilds, ISIS, the Chinese, immigrants, Bush, Yellen, Bernanke, economists, skin pigmentation levels, Democrats, Reblicans, 'them', Jews, Christianity, aliens, accountants, bankers, Goldman Sachs, governments, big pharmaceutical, Obamacare and Muslims. Or any other group, even pure parasites like the Federal Reserve, IMF and BIS. Or psychopaths. We are to blame, we being adults. All of us. All seven billion of us. Pointing fingers is not a solution. Neither is dropping bombs on those of us we point fingers at. We all know this, yet the inequality grows ever worse increasingly faster.

What would you have me write next?


This was written before Trump was declared President Elect. I am surprised but Brexit also surprised me. Perhaps I am far too easily surprised. 1,000 currency units gambled upon a Trump Brexit double would have returned 16,000 currency units.

Anyway, whatever. Y'all take care now.

04 November, 2016

What is golds value? (Elite level) 3/4

Gold is similar to the Matrix in that it isn't just one thing. It is many things, depending upon context.

In the context of US debt, which is officially twenty trillion, it is irrelevant because we all have full faith and  confidence in the fact that the United States is not a dead beat nation.

Let us do some basic arithmetic.

Twenty trillion debt divided by three hundred and forty million people is.............
Sixty thousand each. Assuming a mummy and daddy with two children, their household share of the debt is a cool quarter million.

Let us assume this family have no intention of repaying all that debt over their lifetime. A nation of such people is called America. So, what next?

Eventually, human beings will do the arithmetic and rightly lose full faith and confidence in the ability of the USA to repay its debt. What next? Well, America will remind us all of its huge army and its even larger treasure chest. US debt will be backed by military power projecting strength and 8,300 tonnes of gold.

Pick your own initial conditions for the pricing of gold under these conditions. Will the U.S. state the value of its gold at 43 dollars per ounce? Not likely.

Here the assumptions are no faith and confidence in the US dollar. This would have major financial repercussions. All the US could do is back every dollar with gold. The world's largest army would be on full alert. Anybody gonna argue? Crisis over, no confidence in the dollar restored as each dollar is now a claim against physical gold.

That readers is the value of gold. in extremis, gold restores confidence in the financial system. Should we ever not believe that the average American family isn't good for a quarter of a million dollar debt then gold saves the day.

Panic over, don't worry.

That is why gold is considered by some to be a monetary metal. It is why central banks posses it.

Under these conditions, how much gold would back each of the twenty trillion dollars of debt? The entire United States military poised ready to obliterate any country who denies them their exceptionalism.

Let us do the arithmetic.

8,300 tons is 8,300,000 kg is 8,300,000,000g is 8,300,000,000,000mg

Thus the amount of gold backing each dollar of US govt debt is 0.415mg

 Should this evercome to pass then it would be sensible to exchange a few dollars for gold today. The current price of the U.S. dollar is just over 23mg

That would be a fifty fold increase.

In the real world we also have interest rates.  These would no longer be zero or negative. Assuming a sudden spike upwards then financial asset prices would smash just as hard downwards. The value of bonds, which is what government debt is denominated in, also crashes.

Thus the twenty trillion of debt crashes too. For example, a recently issued thirty year bond at a 0.25% coupon is worth far less should interest rates spike to 15%. Under these circumstances only a five fold increase in gold price could be sufficient to restore confidence in the financial system.

Basically, gold is money and everything else is just credit. As little as two percent of your net worth in physical gold could prove to your grandchildren that you understood the world, at least a little.

Timing is the major problem here. How do I know when everyone else will lose confidence in paper currencies and want gold?

I haven't mentioned silver. Central banks don't have silver they have gold. This article was about global trade and confidence in the dollar as having any value, other than tradition. As a last resort, central banks have gold to restore confidence and not silver. I might write about silver later. Potentially, silver could and should easily out perform gold. If gold increases five fold, silver 'should' increase 25 fold. However, it probably won't. (I have just swapped all of my silver for gold over at bullion vault. I hope to be proven wrong, in my lifetime.)

This article was written on 20th August 2016

This article is well worth a read too

28 October, 2016

Defeating the Matrix (Elite level) 2/4

The Matrix is not one thing. It isn't banks, governments or fiat currencies. It isn't some elites. The Matrix is us. The Matrix consists of all our greatest hopes, dreams and nightmares. The Matrix is neither good or evil.

The Matrix gains power when an individual gives his power away.

This is where we can all start arguing. How much power should the Matrix have relative to a single human being.

Trump or Clinton will soon become the most powerful being in the western world. The Matrix, whatever that is, makes it so. I don't agree. Therefore, I state that the Matrix has too much power.

I wish to return a great deal of the Matrix power back to individuals. This can happen in a heart beat. It just takes understanding of ourselves and the Matrix.

Fiat currencies are a massive power transfer from productive and creative individuals to governments.

Fiat currencies are a massive wealth transfer from productive and creative individuals to banks.

Thus the afore mentioned productive and creative people need only buy a little gold as a small step for an individual but as a major leap forward for mankind.

Are you overwhelmed with emotion and have an instant response that is identical to most everyone's you know? Or are you having a quiet think?

The vast majority of us won't have understood any of this post or most of the blog.

20 October, 2016

What is the Matrix? (Elite level) 1/4

The matrix is a powerful tool in the art of control engineering. With matrices, systems can be mathematically modelled and their control systems mathematically designed. I should know, David Watkinson B.Eng(hons) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

So, the matrix is about control. As is our financial and political systems. Read on.

Money is just an idea, it is not real.
What we have is fiat currencies.

Gold is the closest tangible thing we have to money. However, gold is more of a long term wealth storage vehicle for Kings and countries, rather than something you spend in a shop.

Fiat currencies are simply an incredibly subtle / utterly brutal controlling mechanism. They are a means of turning human beings into cattle / slaves.

Explaining how requires you to forget, for a time, everything you believe you know.

Our fiat currencies only exist for a short time. Borrowing creates the currency and paying it back destroys it. Interest and fees are how wealth is skimmed from the masses.

Banks can encourage lending towards certain sectors and these sectors then flourish.
Banks can discourage lending towards other sectors and those sectors die back.

Wouldn't it be nice to know which sectors were to be inflated or depressed? The potential for great wealth accumulation from expansions and contractions is massive.

As I wrote earlier, the controlling mechanism is subtle and is readily explained away. Otherwise we would refuse to participate.

A silly example. Banks, for whatever reason, allow 120% loans on red cars but no more than 80% on black cars. Banks cannot force us to borrow. Banks cannot force us to buy certain colour cars. But.....Friends of the bank would be very grateful receiving such information in advance. As I believe premiums on and waiting times for red cars would increase. Vice versa for black cars.

Imagine two equally skilled entrepreneurs. One has the backing of a large bank, willing to lend whatever amounts  are requested at very low interest rates. The other doesn't. One becomes a billionaire and the other would eventually, assuming them to be immortal.

The control is both brutal and subtle.

I believe that this control is subtle, brutal, barbaric and will eventually crush humanity into dust.

It can be reversed. The potential destruction averted. The crushing weight on humanity eased and eventually removed.

Most of mankind will not agree with the ideas expressed above. Many of those who do, will not agree with my solution. UNIVERSAL INCOME FOR ALL  

The fiat currencies we use do not help humanity to mature, develop and flourish. They are designed to keep the masses distracted and enslaved.

The universal income for all will destroy fiat currencies. This may seem to be a good reason not to have a universal income. However, the alternative is similar, more abrupt and will include some really brutal wars. Hopefully not a nuclear powered world war three but it is only a hope.

Government and banks are really simultaneous control and distraction mechanisms.

Do yourselves a favour, give this all some critical thought and discuss your concerns with others. The future has yet to be written, I hope.

14 October, 2016

Thank you

Thank you for your time and your efforts.

The blog wasn't meant to be an easy read. It has many layers, depths and errors.

Reading the blog has already cost you the most valuable resource ever to exist, time. I hope that your resource of time was invested wisely rather than utterly wasted.

God gave you free will and if you require permission to exercise that gift, then you have it.

Always hold anyone to account who impacts upon you in a negative fashion.

Do not impact negatively on others, unless they demand it and you can deliver it. Even then, you can still choose not too.

Recently, I did not to impact negatively on someone who massively impacted upon me. I decided to let the police deal or not deal with it, as they see fit. My solicitor will or won't successfully sue him. Society and civilisation exist concurrently and overlap. In this instance, I am behaving in a civilised manner and this encourages others to do the same. Writing this blog taught me that.

09 October, 2016

What next?

The masses productivity cannot increase forever. Nor should it be expected to. However, our financial system demands it or it simply crashes to zero.

This is why I believe that we, the masses, are slaves. We must run ever faster on the treadmill for less and less. (Not exactly true but our share of the spoils grows ever smaller. This will become intensely problematic incredibly quickly as the spoils contract. This will be portrayed as a lack of social cohesion, the blame will be directed towards Muslims, unemployed, maybe Jews again. The actual blame lies at the feet of central banks and other centres of control, such as government.)
Governments have big ideas on this or that but mainly they just take your wealth and waste a great deal of it. Enriching themselves and their cohorts along the way. The masses allow this for a variety of reasons, research away. (Cognitive dissonance is an topic you ought to be familiar with.)

Anyways the reason for this blog was to prepare as many people as I can for the moment when the masses stop increasing their productivity and the global financial system collapses. This is the point at which social cohesion is critical. At this point the bonds of slavery are weakened or hardened. World war three becomes less likely or more likely. So, important enough for me to write these blogs. Important enough for you to both read and consider them.

Mankind really does face a fork in the road. Will it laugh at its own stupidity or ask government and finance for forgiveness? Will the masses accept blame and ask to be worked harder and longer? Or will the masses correctly assume that they have the power and the wealth and have no need for pretend wealth and the pretend protection of government?

I expect mankind is stupider than even I think they are. However, I hope many more of us will have the time to prepare for a coming crisis whereby we will be forced to make a choice, more of the same but worse or take a chance on doing something beautiful.

Even if you believe we could and should all work continually harder for less and less, demographics will be against us too.

Call it light and dark. Call it good and evil. That type of digital thinking is leading us into a crisis. Think analogue. Think in 8 bit grayscale. Think in 255 colours. Think in 65,535 colours. Think in 4 billion colours. Think in true colour.

The world is big and complicated when viewed digitally, when viewed in terms of black and white or right and wrong. The world is small and simple when viewed in true colour.

Do yourself a favour, guide others to this blog once you UNDERSTAND it. Better yet, simply guide others as you see fit.

7 billion people should mean 7 billion ideas.

When I use the phrase, 'coming crisis' many people wonder why things cannot continue as they have. Well, they will, for an unknown and unknowable period of time.

Mechanical engineers, since the industrial revolution have increased everyone's standard of living.

Electrical / electronics engineers have performed miracle after miracle too. Particularly in my lifetime.

Mankind should be so much more. Unfortunately, despite the wealth of material goods that engineers have enabled us to produce cheaply and in vast quantities we have a financial and political system based upon fraud.

I have covered this fraud in other blog posts. The vast majority of us not only accept this fraud but argue that it is part of our civilised society. Which is where I must disagree. This fraud is the basis of our society and this fraud opposes us even trying to form an actual civilisation.

Again, this is an unbelievably difficult concept to grasp. Let me explain it in one sentence.

Our society is based on a single fraud which enslaves all mankind.

Until this fraud is brought out into the sunlight and destroyed, then the very best efforts of the very best engineers merely continues the enslavement and far worse. Our collective efforts delay and amplify the coming crisis which leads to World war three or enlightenment of all mankind.

Eventually, we will have a civilisation. Those in charge fight against such a civilisation with all OUR wealth. They say it will be the end of civilisation, as we know it. Strangely enough, they are correct.

An actual civilisation does not need massive government and 'bank credit' finance. An actual civilisation is made up of groups of people working together for the good of all.

Many will panic at this concept and worry about the two percent of people who, lacking any empathy, will attempt to take our property. Well if I had earned a one hundred pound bonus. With zero effort the government would take £40 of it away from me. Of the sixty remaining pounds, the government will take another twenty percent at the point of sale. Our legal and lawful government, in their own eyes, leave me with the ability to acquire forty eight pounds of goods and services from my fellow man. Our government, with no effort, would have taken over half of my bonus.

Currently, I have one hundred pounds in my wallet. Try taking half of it and experience how much difficulty you will have simply continuing to breathe. So, would you freely give your government half of your extra income to be protected against someone who might take your wealth?

Do you freely give away one third of your wealth, such that 'laws' entitle you to keep most of it?

Since brexit the pound has been at a thirty year low, relative to the dollar. This week it crashed a further 7 percent. This is a loss of the wealth the government allows you to keep and save. Centralised control and a lack of critical thought amongst the masses is destroying our accumulated wealth at an amazing rate. How fragile is a pound that it can lose and then recover seven percent of its value in a few days? A brexit vote cost us a similar seven percent that we have yet to recover from.

You allow a government to steal from you for all your adult live. No one man, or group of men, would be able to do that to a civilised group of people. Yet we allow our governments to do it for centuries.

I could go on but I waste our time. Many would argue that without government we would not have roads and bridges. They say this knowing with certainty that only a small portion of the road tax motorists pay to government is spent on roads and bridges.

What you fear most will be done to you by your own government, just give it time.

What is truly horrific, horrors beyond your imagination will be inflicted upon your children and your grandchildren. Should mankind continue to endure a society built upon a foundation of fraud.

Perhaps, I am being a little harsh but world war three will not be a picnic either. Clinton and her cronies have been attempting to start an armed conflict with Russia all this century. Let us see how long it takes her to escalate this fear once she is in office. (Spoiler alert, not long!)

07 October, 2016

The 30 part course ends where it began (30/30)

For those of you who feel that this blog was just an odd joke, or a sales pitch for something, sleep easy. You are correct.

For those of you who aren't so sure......


Confessions of an economic hit man by John Perkins, a book by a boy about 225 pages


Extreme Prejudice by Susan Lindaeur, a book by a girl about the intelligence community.

http://econimica.blogspot.co.uk - a man of great clarity and Another

Need a little help? Guidance available at http://www.amazon.com/Build-Real-Career-Bewildering-Economy/dp/1497533406 or anything Charles Hugh Smith writes.

Are you unable to cope psychologically with this blog?
Try http://www.bemindfulonline.com (not free)

This gentleman has been generous enough to write a free ebook about watches, https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=hcIYuKQ355g He has lots of advice about lots of things. (Real Men Real Style.)

http://twoicefloes.com This website may ease your confusion. Or not, how would I know.

Please do not let anyone, especially me, tell you how to perceive this blog. If you have a particular opinion about something I wrote, then good. Your opinion on something I wrote is as valid as mine. If your opinion infers that I am witty, a genius, or a complex multifaceted individual of enormous intellect then I am going to go with your interpretation and conveniently forget whatever it was that I previously thought I meant. Thanks, so very much, for indulging me.

I could go on, indefinitely, but it is time to end this thirty post blog where it all started. The final words are supplied by Darth Rayne, he comments on a single sentence in the following article.


30 September, 2016

Master Level Critical Thinking (29/30)

Thanks for reading this. I will simply assume you are accredited at an Advanced Level, well done.

To become a Master is not easy. Well it wasn't for me. The criteria is simple enough, Do a blog or YouTube channel, or whatever, referencing my blog just once.

Choose a topic of interest to you and mention, from time to time, how critical thought has helped you understand or appreciate something on a deeper level.

Change the way people perceive the world, one mind at a time. Be gentle, for you are treading upon people's beliefs and dreams.

23 September, 2016

Advanced Critical thinking (28/30)

Your choice. Pick a political view you hold strongly. Research the opposing view.

Try and balance the two views in your mind. On other words, attempt to believe two contrasting views. Simultaneously, if you are truly adept.

The world is not black and white is the lesson to be EXPERIENCED here.

Try the same exercise with the Gulf War, the war on drugs and the war on terror. Quite expensive wars that take wealth from the many and give it to the few.

You should now be skilled enough to guide interested people through this, the Advanced Level critical thinking course, so do so.

Once you have successfully guided two others you have my permission to call yourself a David Watkinson certified Advanced Critical Thinker.

What will you be critically thinking about next week?
Share your conclusions.


Should you not feel that you are NOT an Advanced Level Critical thinker, you perhaps rushed a little to get to THE END.

Don't worry. Start again from the beginning. Perhaps you need more support? Ask a local friend to go through the Ordinary Level course with you.

Give whatever problems you had some thought, ask for help and advice. Perhaps ask your Facebook friends for help.

Let mankind have the future it deserves rather than the one the elected leaders of our society are directing us towards.

Question everything, always.

Thank you for your time and efforts. I gave my time freely to help you and I appreciate the time and effort you will put in to help others.

16 September, 2016

Advanced Critical thinking (27/30)

Pyramid scheme time.

Have a go at getting two others interested in reading my Ordinary Level Critical Thinking course.

It ain't easy. Well, it wasn't for me.

The average human being is more than capable of critically thinking. For a great many reasons, critical thought directed at major institutions is not encouraged. Major institutions would be government and banks. There are others. Those who are politically active are generally conditioned to think in terms of red or blue. Thus critically thought is directed and channelled away from questioning the 'establishment' and towards choosing a favourite colour.

Critical Thought is mainly thwarted by whoever we voice the thought at. Should I voice the notion that banks do not have any money, a lively debate does not begin. I am basically ridiculed. No new thoughts or ideas are voiced, my understanding is not advanced.

Critical Thought and then voicing that critical thought is the start of an interesting conversation, or should be. Try it. Keep trying it. You soon find out who just regurgitates what they believe everyone else believes and the ones who are willing to have a novel, original and interesting conversation.

Once everyone believes that everyone else can and does critically think, then the human race takes a huge leap towards its potential. You can do your bit by both encouraging and initializing interesting conversations that are based on critical thinking rather than the colour of Kim Kardashians dress.

That said, silly conversations about nothing do have their place. Most conversations should be trivial and amusing, even those based on a very serious critical thought. Just not every conversation.

Just bear in mind that novel conversations requiring critical thought are very taxing. These mental muscles need to be built up, over time. Hence my early blogs about buying watches or cars. Be aware of peoples limits and gently encourage them along. Two skills that I just do not have.

More next week.

Actually, the colour of Kim Kardashians dress did provoke a great deal of critical thought, which was both novel and interesting.

You all take extra special care

09 September, 2016

Advanced Critical thinking (26/30)

So where are we? Do you still believe the nonsense Obama or Cameron blathered on about?

The point of these exercises is to expose your brain to world views that you don't feel or believe are true. If you are actually doing the tasks I keep setting, you are increasing the flexibility of your brain. It is really hard as you haven't been trained or educated to do it. Unlike some career politicians. Or members of the skull and bones society etcetera.

Dare I mention pensions yet? Two opposing views are:-

The government will reward you for obeying them for all your young and working life.

You are living in cloud cuckoo land.

Two opposing points of view. Research both. Argue both cases convincingly.

Which do you believe?

Don't bother telling me your feelings. Allow your feelings to guide you after you have done your due diligence.

My view should not matter to you. Obama's opinion should not matter to you. Cameron's or Putin's view should not matter more to you than your own.

Am I making you more powerful or less?

02 September, 2016

Advanced Critical thinking (25/30)

So any thoughts about DOLLARS?
Or pounds or euros or quatloos or any other fiat currencies?

Are they a neutral lubricant for commercial interaction?
Or a method for the few to skim wealth from the many?

Get good at arguing both sides. Do your own research. Talk to people. Use YouTube.

This blog is about you critically thinking about big things and small things. The dollar is a big thing, regardless of where you live. Give that some thought.

If we assume that the dollar / Euro / sterling is a subtle form of theft, any ideas on how best to minimise this theft?

A new article next week. Old Man Time will reveal all but he certainly won't be explaining anything.

This year, on the eleventh day of the eleventh month, at eleven minutes past eleven, I shall publish my own conclusions. Any research you do will enable you to rapidly evaluate my theories. You may deem my findings as good as gold or about as valuable as a politicians promise. (Hint / subtle manipulation / well intentioned guidance / what difference does it make?)

26 August, 2016

Advanced Critical thinking (24/30)

The World bank loans to India can be viewed from two opposite view points. Both are actually true, which will be difficult for many to understand.
1) These allow the building of infrastructure, such as roads, rail, electricity, commercial, residential and modern industrial parks and airports. This will enable blah blah blah. Get comfortable with that view. Do some research.

Now, another view.
2) Get some large consulting firms in to convince the Indian government to take on these massive DOLLAR loans. Get some huge American conglomerates in to build the infrastructure. To be paid in DOLLARS. Now the Indian government gets tax payers to pay the bill, or at least maintain the interest payments. The few make lots of DOLLARS the many pay.

Get comfortable with both points of view.

Follow the money. Who gets paid and who pays? Who benefits the most? Sure?
You should be able to argue the point convincingly, either way. Without emotion.

However, you are a caring human being. Feel free to express your feelings in the comments but only after completing the above tasks.

Remember the blog is about you thinking and understanding. Not about me explaining or convincing you of anything. I am not a politician. I am not selling you anything. I am trying to give you back your power. Which is incredibly difficult as many don't want it. Why not give that some thought after researching cognitive dissonance?

19 August, 2016

Advanced Critical Thinking (23/30)

Advanced Critical Thinking

If you haven't passed ordinary critical thinking then this will be a waste of your time.

This course is not about yourself or your loved ones, it is about the world and how you perceive it.

Just reading my blogs is not going to help. You must put in the effort. Quickly review the IMF and what they say they do. Perhaps review what they are doing to Greece.

One point of view is that the IMF is providing emergency loans to blah blah. The Greek government are going to make cuts to enable blah blah blah.
This is what our media outlets and the IMF are saying they are doing.

I have given this some critical thought along with self directed independent research. The IMF are not helping Greek people. The IMF are bailing out German banks. The bill is being given to the Greek people.

Now, forget your feelings. In order to become an advanced critical thinker you will need to read a few articles until you can make a good argument for both what nonsense I have just written and the nonsense the IMF blather on about.

You need to be able to hold two opposing views, in your head simultaneously. I have just given you two opposing views.

Now, read a fresh article about Greece and the IMF, or watch a YouTube clip of the same. What are your feelings now?

When you become better at this you will watch the news with either utter contempt or simply be appalled. You will never again believe news that is handed to you on a plate.

You will have to do your own research, your own critical thinking and seek out others who have done the same.

That was quite deep. Probably, too much to take. You have as long as you want to get comfortable with the two views of the same thing. Proceed at your own pace, it isn't a race.

12 August, 2016

Gold (22/30)

I have been asked about gold. I'd really rather not say. However, I will.

Gold is money, everything else is credit.

Explaining this will take forever as you already know about gold and money which prevents you from understanding what gold and money is.

Imagine that you are in a really large and very busy casino. You are having a great time and are winning big. Your pile of multicoloured chips is vast. At this point you glance around the casino and notice a great many people are winning big. You decide to cash out most of your chips but keep playing as you keep winning. You manage to cash out once more before the casino declares bankruptcy.

As this blog is about critical thinking you shouldn't really be reading this bit yet. You should be thinking, critically, about gold, money and currency.

You already know that the banks can't actually function if just a few percent of the population try exchanging their bank credit for cash. You may already know that only a few percent of pensioners can convert their pensions into bank credit before the financial system can't function.

So, what I am suggesting is that exchanging some bank credit for gold or even silver is behaving similarly to the astute person in the about to be bankrupt casino.

Believe me, I know how hard it is for you to overcome your conditioning about the concept of money. After I had broken my conditioning, I spent three months having a gentle nervous breakdown. I am better now.

Thanks for your patience thus far. Sorry for any discomfort you may be feeling. Be aware that I have presented you with both a potential problem and a potential solution. I have, in the preceding months, done my utmost to prepare you for this moment. If you aren't panicking, you haven't understood anything or you have understood everything.

Thanks for you time.

07 August, 2016

What are interest rates 501

Interest rates are an interesting topic. We all know what they are. They are important. For me to suggest something different is dangerous for me. Not from the 'elites' but from every day normal folk. Normal people don't like feeling stupid, gullible and wrong about things they already 'know' about. Which makes keeping them enslaved to a barbaric financial system effortless.

Interest rates mean different things depending upon the underlying financial system. Our financial system uses interest rates to take wealth from the productive. The more productive we are the higher interest rates can be. Our governments also take wealth from the productive. Not just with taxes but by borrowing and only ever repaying the interest.

So how does this theft take place? Forget taxes, this post is about interest.

Whether it is us or the government, at the instant we are granted a loan the electronic currency is created at that very moment.

The above sentence is absolutely crucial, everybody 'should' understand it. You aren't borrowing 'money'. You are creating it.

Currently the bank of England will allow its chosen few customers to borrow into existence vast quantities of currency at 0.25% interest. What a massive advantage their chosen few customers have over the rest of us! This isn't real money, it is rules based currency creation. Who makes these rules up? Not government. The bank of England makes up the rules. The rules of currency creation!

My local hospital is going to be shut down due to funding issues. I live in Huddersfield. Many are objecting. Government and banking and every business either meets the public's needs or should eliminated. With rules based currency creation, the public is either served or the the public are enslaved. Guess which version we have?

We have financial enslavement which crushes humanity.

Are we powerless? No. Should you agree with me in sufficient numbers and you are prepared to expend some effort critically thinking, then things change in a single heart beat.

What changes? Everything. How? The US president is the most powerful man in the western world. What happens if when she/he speaks no one listens? Are they still powerful? No. Effectively, they no longer exist.

It is said that the pen is mightier than the sword. I would add that an idea is far more powerful and is the only thing capable of faster than light travel.

The world could easily be so much more.

06 August, 2016

Enterprise vs Critical Thinker (part three)

I hired a car from Enterprise and it suffered a superficial change of condition of around $1,000 according to Enterprise, who took the sum out of my visa issued deposit.

I thought this sum to be outrageous and asked Enterprise for documentation, specifically an engineers report of the damage. They have yet to reply. I also contacted VISA who were surprisingly sympathetic.

Recently visa sent me an email, copied and pasted below

Thank you for your patience during our investigations regarding the transactions for £900 and £500 from Enterprise.

I am pleased to advise that our investigations are now complete and the credits of £900 and £500 applied to your June 2016 statements will remain on your account.

In the circumstances the refund from Enterprise of £764.09 showing on your July 2016 statement has been reversed and a debit adjustment for this amount will show on your next statement.

I trust that this clarifies this matter.

Yours sincerely

So, what next?

I could speculate but I don't want to give Enterprise any ideas.
I could explain where Enterprise need to streamline their back office systems. However, I am a systems analyst and design engineer so that would be billable work.

I could guess as to how VISA conducted their investigations. I am not going to do that either.

I shall simply say this. The law was not on my side. It was already on the side of the property owner. This should be sufficient to cause public unrest on a massive scale and utterly destroy our current legal system because justice is crucial and justice is completely absent.

VISA, almost certainly asked for an engineers report too. I guess they didn't receive one either. I never thought for a moment that VISA would be the champion of justice. So, I am not always right. I do enjoy surprises.

Enterprise is a huge multinational company with huge financial resources and access to the very highest levels of government. They will pay lobbyists vast sums of wealth to protect their own interests. For all their wealth and power, they are just a business. I am a human being. I am alive. My government has police, courts, laws, wealth and power, they are just a public bureaucracy. I am a human being. I am alive.

I understand that I am a critically thinking human being and as such I outrank both government and business. They are there to serve me. They are there to serve us.

We all know this to be true. When will we understand it?

We should all seriously consider which businesses we wish to encourage with our custom. Not simply look at the price.

We should all seriously consider how coercive and destructive our governments are. How lacking in justice our millions of laws are.

We should all critically think about our world because it is ours.

05 August, 2016

House buying (21/30)

I mentioned that I would cover house buying and so here it is.

I nearly bought a house in 1990. I didn't. Zero critical thought allowed my mother and grand mother to easily dissuade me.  So, their advice has cost me dearly. £15,000 would have bought me a house valued at £100,000 plus today.

So, that is a really good reason for bothering with critical thought. I do live in a £100,000 plus home at a cost of £600 a month in rent. Critical Thought applied in 1990 would be saving me £600 a month. Every month.

Should buying a home really depend on what the first two people you mention it to think?

Can you blame them if their advice turns out to be bewilderingly bad?

Well yes, you can. Or you can blame yourself for not critically thinking about it.

Well that was then and this is now. Critical Thought means thinking critically. Thinking is hard. Reacting is easy. If I say buy or perhaps don't buy you will have an instant reaction. That is not critically thinking.

I know of a couple who worked hard all their lives running a bakery. They saved hard and dreamed one day of retiring to a brand new house full of brand new furniture. They have my best wishes. Unfortunately, the first house wasn't as they had hoped. Neither was the third. Lack of funds prevented further attempts.

Would it have benefited them consulting me for forty minutes? I have no idea but I would like to think that it would. Otherwise, why write these blogs?

Back to you. Today, a mortgage is for 25 years or so. What are your job prospects like for the next quarter century? Now that should be a topic on its own.

How about the general economy? Is that looking solid? Again, another topic for critical thought.

How about interest rates? Back in 1990 they were just under 10% with homes about 2.5 times income. Now they are about 2.5% with homes 6 times income. What are your thoughts for the coming decades?

Are you aware that house prices and interest rates are indirectly linked? High interest rates are linked with low house prices. See 1990. Low interest rates lead to high house prices.

So should you buy or rent? Tricky question. It does need a large amount of critical thinking. Yours not mine.

I didn't mention deposits. 25% gets you a low interest rate. As does getting your parents to act as guarantors. Neither of these methods is without risk.

Critically think about worse case scenarios and how you will cope with them.

As always, I wish you the very best of luck.

02 August, 2016

Making Changes 405 (enlightenment?)

Variety is the spice of life. I denominate my surplus wealth in gold. Others may wish to denominate it in experiences, or knowledge, or their children, or in their car collection, or silver, or platinum, or Palladian, or arable land, or property, whatever they wish.

Everyone denominating wealth in the same pretend money system is foolish beyond the realms of my imagination . Everyone and anyone relying on government to feed them, in retirement, risks their lives on a long dead politicians promise. Good luck with that.

Actually, I denominate most of my wealth in my cognitive abilities. That is where virtually all my efforts and wealth has been expended. I can't not do it, I have issues and problems. :-)

One day course, for up to four people. £5,000
One week course, for up to four people, £20,000
Four week course, for up to four people, £60,000

Courses held where I work in Wakefield, England. Starting 30th March 2017

Or just read all this, again carefully, for free and discuss it with friends, family and colleagues. Or seek someone out, who will help for less currency units or is happy to barter. There are a wealth of possibilities and seven billion people to ask, I am one.

The key question to ask is, does our financial system support or leach from the common man?

My answer is simple, it brutally crushes an ever increasing percentage of people, whilst corrupting the lives of practically everyone . Very subtly, totally imperceptible to almost everyone. (Including those doing the crushing!)

Being part of such a system dehumanizing.

The system(s) are built upon our ignorance. Our enlightenment dissolves the system(s) with no effort. New systems spring into life with the phrase, 'shall we.....' rather than 'you must.......' or 'you must not'.  

29 July, 2016

An explanation (20/30) as to the parasitic nature of today's banks / global financial system

If you have read all my blogs and spent many a half hour thinking deeply, whilst gently nosing and sipping a fine Scottish Whisky whilst keeping an eye on the time with a COSC certified Swiss watch then you have passed. (The watch and whisky are optional discretionary purchases.)

You are now a David Watkinson certified Critical Thinker, Ordinary Level. Well done. It wasn't easy. Take a moment, enjoy the movement on your well crafted time piece and enjoy the smell of your single malt with a teaspoon of chilled distilled water. (Again, watch and whisky are at your own discretion.)

Now, I shall just give you my conclusion on banking and finance. You can critically think about it if you are concerned. Congratulations on passing, whether you passed first time or not is of no importance, well done.

Banks do not lend money, they extend bank credit. This basically means getting you to sign a piece of paper saying you will pay back both principal and interest or the government will use force against you. I don't know, prison or take some of your stuff, whatever, that would be your problem not mine. The banker then just types a new number into your account. Unbelievable but true.

Anyway, the idea of banking is to get a productive person to take a loan such that you can then easily steal from them. I.E interest payments on bank credit that only exists once typed into your account.

The world bank, IMF and others run the same scam on entire countries. Usually, those with oil & gas in abundance.

In summary, banks are scamming the entire human race.

There, no need to have any feelings whatsoever about who I am or whether I am correct. You are either interested or concerned and will do your own critical thinking or you you haven't actually passed.

The End

23 July, 2016

Making Changes 404 (storing wealth)

Fully consider how you wish to store your surplus currency units for future use.

Reconsider how you denominate your wealth.

For example, in April I exchanged 2000 currency units for silver, instead of buying an electrically assisted bicycle. The silver is now valued at 2700 currency units. However, I do not value my wealth in currency units. I value wealth in grams of gold. My silver is up 15% percent in terms of gold. I can exchange the silver for 15% more gold than if I originally swapped the currency units for gold.

Anyway, the point is not to gain but to save / store surplus wealth for the future.

Currency units are useful, or at least potentially useful. The electric bike would be useful. Swapping currency for silver is how I chose to store some wealth. My choice, my responsibility, my problem, my opportunity. I did not exchange my own sovereignty by asking a government puppet what the government has told him to tell me.

Did you UNDERSTAND? Do you know what is real?

Your children are real.
Your skills are real.
Your home is real.

Government is an illusion of power.
Banks are illusions of wealth.

Together, finance and politics, are an illusory controlling mechanism.

Terrorists continue to prove that governments are not powerful.

Bailing out the banks in 2008 proved that the banks are not wealthy.

Yet we still cling to the illusion of (financial and political) control tighter than a mewling baby to its safety blanket. At least the baby clings to something that is REAL

22 July, 2016

What is real? (19/30)

Perhaps you may find it interesting to know what I discovered when I recently invested lots of my free time critically thinking about which watch to buy. I have guessed the answer is no and deleted lots of text but not all of it.

I started with Rolex. I ended up with a Casio and a Chinese watch. However, even the Casio was 'cased' in China and the watch strap has China written on it. I suspect that a great many luxury / expensive Swiss watches have some Chinese assembly or Chinese parts in them. Not Rolex but the others, I am not so sure.

After buying my two new watches I viewed a YouTube clip from a watch maker suggesting what type of watch to purchase. Neither of my watches met his criteria. He made his points clearly and I could not find fault with his advice. However, I am still just as happy with both watches.

The watch makers advice was to buy a standard Swiss movement, sapphire crystal, 100m minimum water resistance and a screw case back. Each of my watches only meets one or two of his criteria. I suggest you follow his advice. If you are spending less than one hundred pounds buy whatever you like the look of.

Google images is great for rapidly looking at a great many things to determine what it is that you have an affinity for. For example, most Rolex watches do not appeal to me and Breitling currently use the wrong font on their bezels.

By this stage, I am spending lots of time watching you tube videos and reading other people's views on watches. I am becoming knowledgeable, slightly obsessed but thoroughly enjoying myself. The pay off being buying the right watch or watches. I can now also chat (endlessly according to the girlfriend) about watches.

Critical thinking is much more than making good decisions. It is about being comfortable with yourself and your life. Bear in mind that your current life is largely determined by the results of all your previous decisions and your parents decisions when you were a youngling.

For me to say that critical thinking is important is me merely being modest. It is critical.

You take care.

16 July, 2016

Truthsaying (18/30)

It is good to develop and practice a new skill. Buying the right watch or torch may be trivial. Gut instinct and friends opinion should suffice. Is gut instinct and friends advice the way to go with everything? What about what is truly important, raising children and investing for their future?

Unfortunately, for 98% of the population the answer is yes. I must assume you are one of the two percent, or why read this? Perhaps you aspire to be in the 2%, I am more than happy to help you help yourself.

Critical Thought requires some basic research followed by evaluation of that research. You now have some idea of what you don't know. Time for more research and evaluation. Now, knowing what you now know, what will you research next? This is an iterative process without end.

Use or don't use critical thought, it is your choice and your responsibility.

Question everything, always.

A few paragraphs ago I mentioned two truly important things. Your children and their future. Now a drone would do whatever the 'state' told them to do. Get this inoculation, send them to us and we will 'educate' them. Financially, a drone would do what the 'state' told them to do. Pay into your 'state' pension, go see a 'state' sanctioned financial expert. The drones comply without thought. I see drones everywhere.

The truth really is inside us all.

15 July, 2016

Making Changes 403 (Fifty million?)

How much wealth should you store for retirement?

In the current system, we need to mainly work full time for forty years. What utter nonsense but there it is. So retire at 69 and die immediately. Or may be you expect up to twenty years of life, maximum. The mathematics is easy, store one third of the wealth you earn.

There are two problems with this, most cannot afford to do it. The other is the truly difficult problem. Wealth cannot be stored. Whatever you earn is spent by you or someone else. That is a massive thing to understand. Truly massive. Go for it.

For example, you win a thousand currency units on the national voluntary (stupidity tax) lottery and your government approved financial adviser gives you the only advice he can give you without losing his government licence to give you financial advice. He says that you ought to buy a government bond as you don't want any risk. Good luck with that.

A government bond is part of the financial scam you researched earlier. Or if you couldn't be bothered,  a safe investment vehicle. Enjoy the illusion of wealth. Obviously, the government bond was swapped for currency units which were then spent. Like I say, you spend the currency units or someone else will.

The name of this confidence trick / financial illusion is Ponzi Scheme. It works brilliantly until it doesn't. Obviously, when it doesn't we get to kill lots of Muslims probably. I will explain why the elite have picked Muslims as the target if I can be bothered, in a later post.

Question everyone in 'authority' until they yield that 'authority'. They have NO AUTHORITY that you don't give them. That is another massive concept to UNDERSTAND .

Two massive concepts in the one post. Notice I wrote that you need to understand them. Not that I need to explain them.

I will explain whatever you want for £50 million or fifty kilograms of gold.

Go on, do the mathematics and tell me my error. The error is yours.