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09 October, 2016

What next?

The masses productivity cannot increase forever. Nor should it be expected to. However, our financial system demands it or it simply crashes to zero.

This is why I believe that we, the masses, are slaves. We must run ever faster on the treadmill for less and less. (Not exactly true but our share of the spoils grows ever smaller. This will become intensely problematic incredibly quickly as the spoils contract. This will be portrayed as a lack of social cohesion, the blame will be directed towards Muslims, unemployed, maybe Jews again. The actual blame lies at the feet of central banks and other centres of control, such as government.)
Governments have big ideas on this or that but mainly they just take your wealth and waste a great deal of it. Enriching themselves and their cohorts along the way. The masses allow this for a variety of reasons, research away. (Cognitive dissonance is an topic you ought to be familiar with.)

Anyways the reason for this blog was to prepare as many people as I can for the moment when the masses stop increasing their productivity and the global financial system collapses. This is the point at which social cohesion is critical. At this point the bonds of slavery are weakened or hardened. World war three becomes less likely or more likely. So, important enough for me to write these blogs. Important enough for you to both read and consider them.

Mankind really does face a fork in the road. Will it laugh at its own stupidity or ask government and finance for forgiveness? Will the masses accept blame and ask to be worked harder and longer? Or will the masses correctly assume that they have the power and the wealth and have no need for pretend wealth and the pretend protection of government?

I expect mankind is stupider than even I think they are. However, I hope many more of us will have the time to prepare for a coming crisis whereby we will be forced to make a choice, more of the same but worse or take a chance on doing something beautiful.

Even if you believe we could and should all work continually harder for less and less, demographics will be against us too.

Call it light and dark. Call it good and evil. That type of digital thinking is leading us into a crisis. Think analogue. Think in 8 bit grayscale. Think in 255 colours. Think in 65,535 colours. Think in 4 billion colours. Think in true colour.

The world is big and complicated when viewed digitally, when viewed in terms of black and white or right and wrong. The world is small and simple when viewed in true colour.

Do yourself a favour, guide others to this blog once you UNDERSTAND it. Better yet, simply guide others as you see fit.

7 billion people should mean 7 billion ideas.

When I use the phrase, 'coming crisis' many people wonder why things cannot continue as they have. Well, they will, for an unknown and unknowable period of time.

Mechanical engineers, since the industrial revolution have increased everyone's standard of living.

Electrical / electronics engineers have performed miracle after miracle too. Particularly in my lifetime.

Mankind should be so much more. Unfortunately, despite the wealth of material goods that engineers have enabled us to produce cheaply and in vast quantities we have a financial and political system based upon fraud.

I have covered this fraud in other blog posts. The vast majority of us not only accept this fraud but argue that it is part of our civilised society. Which is where I must disagree. This fraud is the basis of our society and this fraud opposes us even trying to form an actual civilisation.

Again, this is an unbelievably difficult concept to grasp. Let me explain it in one sentence.

Our society is based on a single fraud which enslaves all mankind.

Until this fraud is brought out into the sunlight and destroyed, then the very best efforts of the very best engineers merely continues the enslavement and far worse. Our collective efforts delay and amplify the coming crisis which leads to World war three or enlightenment of all mankind.

Eventually, we will have a civilisation. Those in charge fight against such a civilisation with all OUR wealth. They say it will be the end of civilisation, as we know it. Strangely enough, they are correct.

An actual civilisation does not need massive government and 'bank credit' finance. An actual civilisation is made up of groups of people working together for the good of all.

Many will panic at this concept and worry about the two percent of people who, lacking any empathy, will attempt to take our property. Well if I had earned a one hundred pound bonus. With zero effort the government would take £40 of it away from me. Of the sixty remaining pounds, the government will take another twenty percent at the point of sale. Our legal and lawful government, in their own eyes, leave me with the ability to acquire forty eight pounds of goods and services from my fellow man. Our government, with no effort, would have taken over half of my bonus.

Currently, I have one hundred pounds in my wallet. Try taking half of it and experience how much difficulty you will have simply continuing to breathe. So, would you freely give your government half of your extra income to be protected against someone who might take your wealth?

Do you freely give away one third of your wealth, such that 'laws' entitle you to keep most of it?

Since brexit the pound has been at a thirty year low, relative to the dollar. This week it crashed a further 7 percent. This is a loss of the wealth the government allows you to keep and save. Centralised control and a lack of critical thought amongst the masses is destroying our accumulated wealth at an amazing rate. How fragile is a pound that it can lose and then recover seven percent of its value in a few days? A brexit vote cost us a similar seven percent that we have yet to recover from.

You allow a government to steal from you for all your adult live. No one man, or group of men, would be able to do that to a civilised group of people. Yet we allow our governments to do it for centuries.

I could go on but I waste our time. Many would argue that without government we would not have roads and bridges. They say this knowing with certainty that only a small portion of the road tax motorists pay to government is spent on roads and bridges.

What you fear most will be done to you by your own government, just give it time.

What is truly horrific, horrors beyond your imagination will be inflicted upon your children and your grandchildren. Should mankind continue to endure a society built upon a foundation of fraud.

Perhaps, I am being a little harsh but world war three will not be a picnic either. Clinton and her cronies have been attempting to start an armed conflict with Russia all this century. Let us see how long it takes her to escalate this fear once she is in office. (Spoiler alert, not long!)

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