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19 August, 2016

Advanced Critical Thinking (23/30)

Advanced Critical Thinking

If you haven't passed ordinary critical thinking then this will be a waste of your time.

This course is not about yourself or your loved ones, it is about the world and how you perceive it.

Just reading my blogs is not going to help. You must put in the effort. Quickly review the IMF and what they say they do. Perhaps review what they are doing to Greece.

One point of view is that the IMF is providing emergency loans to blah blah. The Greek government are going to make cuts to enable blah blah blah.
This is what our media outlets and the IMF are saying they are doing.

I have given this some critical thought along with self directed independent research. The IMF are not helping Greek people. The IMF are bailing out German banks. The bill is being given to the Greek people.

Now, forget your feelings. In order to become an advanced critical thinker you will need to read a few articles until you can make a good argument for both what nonsense I have just written and the nonsense the IMF blather on about.

You need to be able to hold two opposing views, in your head simultaneously. I have just given you two opposing views.

Now, read a fresh article about Greece and the IMF, or watch a YouTube clip of the same. What are your feelings now?

When you become better at this you will watch the news with either utter contempt or simply be appalled. You will never again believe news that is handed to you on a plate.

You will have to do your own research, your own critical thinking and seek out others who have done the same.

That was quite deep. Probably, too much to take. You have as long as you want to get comfortable with the two views of the same thing. Proceed at your own pace, it isn't a race.

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