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23 September, 2016

Advanced Critical thinking (28/30)

Your choice. Pick a political view you hold strongly. Research the opposing view.

Try and balance the two views in your mind. On other words, attempt to believe two contrasting views. Simultaneously, if you are truly adept.

The world is not black and white is the lesson to be EXPERIENCED here.

Try the same exercise with the Gulf War, the war on drugs and the war on terror. Quite expensive wars that take wealth from the many and give it to the few.

You should now be skilled enough to guide interested people through this, the Advanced Level critical thinking course, so do so.

Once you have successfully guided two others you have my permission to call yourself a David Watkinson certified Advanced Critical Thinker.

What will you be critically thinking about next week?
Share your conclusions.


Should you not feel that you are NOT an Advanced Level Critical thinker, you perhaps rushed a little to get to THE END.

Don't worry. Start again from the beginning. Perhaps you need more support? Ask a local friend to go through the Ordinary Level course with you.

Give whatever problems you had some thought, ask for help and advice. Perhaps ask your Facebook friends for help.

Let mankind have the future it deserves rather than the one the elected leaders of our society are directing us towards.

Question everything, always.

Thank you for your time and efforts. I gave my time freely to help you and I appreciate the time and effort you will put in to help others.

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