X marks the spot


29 July, 2016

An explanation (20/30) as to the parasitic nature of today's banks / global financial system

If you have read all my blogs and spent many a half hour thinking deeply, whilst gently nosing and sipping a fine Scottish Whisky whilst keeping an eye on the time with a COSC certified Swiss watch then you have passed. (The watch and whisky are optional discretionary purchases.)

You are now a David Watkinson certified Critical Thinker, Ordinary Level. Well done. It wasn't easy. Take a moment, enjoy the movement on your well crafted time piece and enjoy the smell of your single malt with a teaspoon of chilled distilled water. (Again, watch and whisky are at your own discretion.)

Now, I shall just give you my conclusion on banking and finance. You can critically think about it if you are concerned. Congratulations on passing, whether you passed first time or not is of no importance, well done.

Banks do not lend money, they extend bank credit. This basically means getting you to sign a piece of paper saying you will pay back both principal and interest or the government will use force against you. I don't know, prison or take some of your stuff, whatever, that would be your problem not mine. The banker then just types a new number into your account. Unbelievable but true.

Anyway, the idea of banking is to get a productive person to take a loan such that you can then easily steal from them. I.E interest payments on bank credit that only exists once typed into your account.

The world bank, IMF and others run the same scam on entire countries. Usually, those with oil & gas in abundance.

In summary, banks are scamming the entire human race.

There, no need to have any feelings whatsoever about who I am or whether I am correct. You are either interested or concerned and will do your own critical thinking or you you haven't actually passed.

The End