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16 September, 2016

Advanced Critical thinking (27/30)

Pyramid scheme time.

Have a go at getting two others interested in reading my Ordinary Level Critical Thinking course.

It ain't easy. Well, it wasn't for me.

The average human being is more than capable of critically thinking. For a great many reasons, critical thought directed at major institutions is not encouraged. Major institutions would be government and banks. There are others. Those who are politically active are generally conditioned to think in terms of red or blue. Thus critically thought is directed and channelled away from questioning the 'establishment' and towards choosing a favourite colour.

Critical Thought is mainly thwarted by whoever we voice the thought at. Should I voice the notion that banks do not have any money, a lively debate does not begin. I am basically ridiculed. No new thoughts or ideas are voiced, my understanding is not advanced.

Critical Thought and then voicing that critical thought is the start of an interesting conversation, or should be. Try it. Keep trying it. You soon find out who just regurgitates what they believe everyone else believes and the ones who are willing to have a novel, original and interesting conversation.

Once everyone believes that everyone else can and does critically think, then the human race takes a huge leap towards its potential. You can do your bit by both encouraging and initializing interesting conversations that are based on critical thinking rather than the colour of Kim Kardashians dress.

That said, silly conversations about nothing do have their place. Most conversations should be trivial and amusing, even those based on a very serious critical thought. Just not every conversation.

Just bear in mind that novel conversations requiring critical thought are very taxing. These mental muscles need to be built up, over time. Hence my early blogs about buying watches or cars. Be aware of peoples limits and gently encourage them along. Two skills that I just do not have.

More next week.

Actually, the colour of Kim Kardashians dress did provoke a great deal of critical thought, which was both novel and interesting.

You all take extra special care

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