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28 October, 2016

Defeating the Matrix (Elite level) 2/4

The Matrix is not one thing. It isn't banks, governments or fiat currencies. It isn't some elites. The Matrix is us. The Matrix consists of all our greatest hopes, dreams and nightmares. The Matrix is neither good or evil.

The Matrix gains power when an individual gives his power away.

This is where we can all start arguing. How much power should the Matrix have relative to a single human being.

Trump or Clinton will soon become the most powerful being in the western world. The Matrix, whatever that is, makes it so. I don't agree. Therefore, I state that the Matrix has too much power.

I wish to return a great deal of the Matrix power back to individuals. This can happen in a heart beat. It just takes understanding of ourselves and the Matrix.

Fiat currencies are a massive power transfer from productive and creative individuals to governments.

Fiat currencies are a massive wealth transfer from productive and creative individuals to banks.

Thus the afore mentioned productive and creative people need only buy a little gold as a small step for an individual but as a major leap forward for mankind.

Are you overwhelmed with emotion and have an instant response that is identical to most everyone's you know? Or are you having a quiet think?

The vast majority of us won't have understood any of this post or most of the blog.

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