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02 August, 2016

Making Changes 405 (enlightenment?)

Variety is the spice of life. I denominate my surplus wealth in gold. Others may wish to denominate it in experiences, or knowledge, or their children, or in their car collection, or silver, or platinum, or Palladian, or arable land, or property, whatever they wish.

Everyone denominating wealth in the same pretend money system is foolish beyond the realms of my imagination . Everyone and anyone relying on government to feed them, in retirement, risks their lives on a long dead politicians promise. Good luck with that.

Actually, I denominate most of my wealth in my cognitive abilities. That is where virtually all my efforts and wealth has been expended. I can't not do it, I have issues and problems. :-)

One day course, for up to four people. £5,000
One week course, for up to four people, £20,000
Four week course, for up to four people, £60,000

Courses held where I work in Wakefield, England. Starting 30th March 2017

Or just read all this, again carefully, for free and discuss it with friends, family and colleagues. Or seek someone out, who will help for less currency units or is happy to barter. There are a wealth of possibilities and seven billion people to ask, I am one.

The key question to ask is, does our financial system support or leach from the common man?

My answer is simple, it brutally crushes an ever increasing percentage of people, whilst corrupting the lives of practically everyone . Very subtly, totally imperceptible to almost everyone. (Including those doing the crushing!)

Being part of such a system dehumanizing.

The system(s) are built upon our ignorance. Our enlightenment dissolves the system(s) with no effort. New systems spring into life with the phrase, 'shall we.....' rather than 'you must.......' or 'you must not'.