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16 July, 2016

Truthsaying (18/30)

It is good to develop and practice a new skill. Buying the right watch or torch may be trivial. Gut instinct and friends opinion should suffice. Is gut instinct and friends advice the way to go with everything? What about what is truly important, raising children and investing for their future?

Unfortunately, for 98% of the population the answer is yes. I must assume you are one of the two percent, or why read this? Perhaps you aspire to be in the 2%, I am more than happy to help you help yourself.

Critical Thought requires some basic research followed by evaluation of that research. You now have some idea of what you don't know. Time for more research and evaluation. Now, knowing what you now know, what will you research next? This is an iterative process without end.

Use or don't use critical thought, it is your choice and your responsibility.

Question everything, always.

A few paragraphs ago I mentioned two truly important things. Your children and their future. Now a drone would do whatever the 'state' told them to do. Get this inoculation, send them to us and we will 'educate' them. Financially, a drone would do what the 'state' told them to do. Pay into your 'state' pension, go see a 'state' sanctioned financial expert. The drones comply without thought. I see drones everywhere.

The truth really is inside us all.

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