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09 September, 2016

Advanced Critical thinking (26/30)

So where are we? Do you still believe the nonsense Obama or Cameron blathered on about?

The point of these exercises is to expose your brain to world views that you don't feel or believe are true. If you are actually doing the tasks I keep setting, you are increasing the flexibility of your brain. It is really hard as you haven't been trained or educated to do it. Unlike some career politicians. Or members of the skull and bones society etcetera.

Dare I mention pensions yet? Two opposing views are:-

The government will reward you for obeying them for all your young and working life.

You are living in cloud cuckoo land.

Two opposing points of view. Research both. Argue both cases convincingly.

Which do you believe?

Don't bother telling me your feelings. Allow your feelings to guide you after you have done your due diligence.

My view should not matter to you. Obama's opinion should not matter to you. Cameron's or Putin's view should not matter more to you than your own.

Am I making you more powerful or less?

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