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29 April, 2016

How does the world actually work? (7/30)

I have mentioned 'trivial' examples of critically thinking in action. I have mentioned large things but I  haven't mentioned huge things.

Huge things would be too big to fail banks, governments and the on going global financial crisis. Critical thinking is vital to gaining an understanding of these massively complex systems.

However, I might be at a significant advantage as I am a systems analyst and design engineer but I doubt it. Before you can understand such huge complicated topics you must overcome what you already know. This puts me at a huge disadvantage as I thought I already knew a great deal. Apparently, what takes me years of self directed research, others know intuitively. I am attempting to get people to understand what they know. Once the many understand how the few steal from them, the stealing ends, instantly.

Anyway, the point of this blog is to encourage critical thought. Many people believe they can and do think critically. Fine, not a problem. Then why do we have too big to fail banks? Almost immediately I get the same set of answers from a wide range of people. Thus proving a lack of critical thinking in the majority of people. Not everyone, a few have critically thought about banks, governments and the economy. These are people I spend my time with.

I am probably alienating most readers at this point. You may be asking yourself who do I think I am? Who I am is unimportant, this blog is about you.

Let us start with what you call money. After three months critical thought on money I found out what you already know. I understood how the banks are robbing us blind. It was the same with governments, large corporations and the wealthy few.

Critical thinking, pointed in the correct direction, means that I now understand how we are being robbed and you non-critical thinkers already know that we are being robbed.

The point of critical thinking is that it allows us to understand things, rather than simply know things.

Henry Ford once said that if the people understood the financial system then they would immediately destroy it. We all know the banks are greedy. Yet we allow them to continue, we even bail them out because knowing something is different from understanding it. Henry Ford is correct.

Hopefully, I have just proved to you that the vast majority of people haven't even critically thought about money.

Now that you have some idea of critical thought, try critically thinking about money. Remember, YouTube is your friend when it comes to research. YouTube is a wealth beyond measure, so use it.

Once you understand money, you will be in a far better position to critically think about banks and government.

Obviously, I could just tell you but this blog is about critical thought. I want to get as many people as possible critically thinking. I have my reasons.

So, stop reading this nonsense and critically think about money. I will give you a clue but it is something that you already know.  Please understand that knowledge is the greatest  barrier to understanding anything. Are you ready? What you call money are just fancy bits of paper with writing on them. See, you already knew that.

Understanding money is the first step to understanding the world and your place in it. It is the first step in changing the world from what we have into something altogether more beautiful.

I am here to offer guidance in critical thinking only. I just thought you might like to try something huge. Understanding the world. Nearly everyone one knows what the world is, very few understand it.

A wise man, once said, pure logical analysis is not the key to understanding. It is merely a step in the journey.

Another said, once you can destroy a thing, then you control that thing.

The working class can destroy a great many things - I wrote that. Re-read what I wrote about Henry Ford.

More to follow. Peace out.