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20 April, 2016

Accountability 102 (Stanford Experiment)

The Stanford Experiment was quite remarkable. In my opinion, it clearly demonstrated the ease with which anyone can go from normal to Nazi in just under a week. The Professor in charge went from amiable to Goerbles in the same time frame.

So, under similar circumstances, the human race goes from whatever you wish to call it now to George Orwells 1984, fairly quickly.

The experiment isn't a mainstream topic, the results haven't been endlessly discussed. The clever Facebook person summed up the problem far more concisely than I would ever bother with. Accountability.

No one was accountable to anyone. Which is sufficient to go from normal American man in his twenties to something far darker, in a week.

Whatever, who cares? Well may I posit that without anyone bothering to hold our governments to account they drift ever closer to tyranny.

Fairly obvious, once someone points it out to you.

So, dear reader, does anyone hold our governments to account?

We all, as individuals, should hold each other to account. Anyone claiming to be ' in authority' requires us to be extra vigilant and perhaps increase their medication.

One thing those in 'authority' excel at is forming committees and thus thwarting anyone from holding anyone else to account. For example many may say, 'it isn't my fault, it is what the committee decided.' Hold the individual to account anyway but do it firmer. Don't worry about fair, just send a clear message. The committee will hear it.

Please give it some (critical) thought and form your own opinion. Then express it, discuss it and refine it.

Could I please have more comments from people please? You can do it anonymously, yet less than 1% of you bother. Thank you to John who gave me additional information regarding the Nazi system / regime and nightmares.

So how can we practically hold governments, banks and huge corporations to account?

Try giving it some (critical) thought then do as much or as little as you like.

Bear in mind that, the biggest threat to us is not terrorists but our own governments. Please give this some undivided attention, when you get a moment.

You could also try to steer people to this blog. Or write a better one. I am happy to steer people over to yours.

You have fun fellow Earthlings whichever area of the planet you are currently taxed in and not allowed to leave without 'papers'.