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22 April, 2016

How to critically think (6/30)

It needs discipline, focus, time and effort.

Schools and universities don't tend to mention it, they do not teach it.

Google used to want to know every grade you ever got at school. Now they don't care because the information has no value. If you want to talk to someone who can critically think, don't waste your time seeking out graduates. Just go get a haircut.

Most people don't do it. Doctors, Engineers and Lawyers generally don't bother with it. Most billionaires just keep doing whatever it is they did. Kim Kardashian may do it but she will likely take that secret to the grave.

So, I have written at length about why you should do it. I have given guidance and examples about how to do it. What is the trick?

Critical Thought is self directed thinking for a specific purpose.

Read the above sentence 100 times. Perhaps just ten as that is all I managed.
You can give yourself a specific purpose. 'I want to own a really nice house, for example. Or you might be given an objective. 'Increase sales of deodorant to pensioners.' Then the hard part starts, self directed thinking. You have to decide how to spend your time and resources to achieve the specific purpose.

Practice. Practice. Practice. I set myself objectives that I will never carry out. Such as, what car would I buy, if I had to. There is no need to buy the car. Review your choice from time to time. Was it a good choice or do you change your mind with the weather?

We all know how to think. It is hard so usually we just go with what we feel. Practice thinking, try to do it for a few minutes at a time. Or perhaps intermittently over a days chores. Your brain. Your time. Your choice.

I would suggest you discuss your conclusions with others. We all do this when somebody asks, 'what would you do with a million pounds?'. A well thought out response, one which you have given critical thought to, will stun your friends.

Go for it.

(Advanced Critical thinkers ought to point their intellect at the global financial system, particularly the central bankers. Waiting for me to do it for you could prove to be expensive.)

No jokes or amusing stories because this isn't funny. 700 million of you have been equipped with everything you need to change the world from the comfort of your own home. I just need 14 million of you to put in a fraction of the effort I have. So, thanks to those of you who are. Roughly speaking, we just need another 14 million.

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