X marks the spot


18 April, 2016

Accountability 101

I have an inbuilt ability which I believed was the ability to think critically in real time during 'intense' situations. However, a kind and generous soul, has stated that my ability is that 'I hold people to account for their actions.'

Due to the nature of the blog, I feel the need to critically think about each comment before posting a reply. So I am.

Accountability starts with yourself. I suggest that you attempt to behave in a courteous, polite and professional manner. Balance that with a sense of fun and adventure and you are halfway there.

Now comes the hard part, you need to be able to judge, in real time, when someone is not behaving appropriately. Then you need both courage and strength of character to address that behaviour. To hold that individual, or group, accountable for their actions.

I know, I know, along with critical thinking you do this all the time. May I humbly suggest that if everyone did this all the time the world would be far different from what it is.

So let us give Accountability some critical thought.

Let us start with some common ground, please go and research The Stanford Experiment. Then give it some critical thought, then guess how many posts I am going to write about Accountability.

I will write posts about Accountability whenever I get the time and publish them immediately. I will both label and number them for clarity.

My bosses boss has read one or two of my blogs and was interested in my view of Master of Critical Thinking whereby I get to issue orders to superiors. This concept must be thought of in the context of Accountability.

Anyway, that is the plan. Well done to Mr Skinner for at least attempting to hold Dodgy Dave Cameron to account. If you cannot do it, I promise I will do my best to enable you to do it. If you can, please do it more often.

So, that is two special talents. Let us hope that God has given me the additional talents of teach and inspire. Perhaps some Facebook people can help get people interested in this blog? Or more likely, the Zero Hedge crowd. Or the Twitterers?