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23 April, 2016

Accountability 103 (fluoride)

I am attempting to take my own advice. Obviously, it is far easier to just rant at you lot.

A couple of years ago I had an enlightening conversation with a Critical Thinker. We had common ground regarding banks and government. He had his own pet topic, toothpaste. Now, I had researched this many year's earlier. I suggest you do the same.

Our great grandparents bought a very effective rat poison that contained, as it's key lethal ingredient, fluoride. Go back in time and show them what you encourage your children to clean their teeth with and they will be both appalled and amazed.

The fluoride in toothpaste may very well protect your teeth but it is also a Neuro-toxin. Just like the carrier in our children's vaccines, go research that too.

I met the chap again, recently, I mentioned the blog and he immediately thought it was a great idea but my biggest problem, in his opinion, would be getting people thinking clearly. Toothpaste, he says, get them off fluoride toothpastes. I must agree. I don't use fluoride toothpastes or mouthwash.

I hesitate to relate this story as it is one of those topics that generates intense emotional arguments. I might as well try discussing aliens, God, Lizard people or inform you that the moon is actually made of pulped bedsheets. The main arguments being 'I wouldn't poison my own kids' and 'the government wouldn't allow it.' Neither argument makes any sense. There are only two responses. People capable of Critical thought say, 'I will research this at my first available opportunity.' I said, ' What toothpaste do you use?' Then I bought some. I must be unusually sensitive to fluoride as my body and brain both reacted very well to not consuming fluoride. I stopped waking up with a 'hang over'. Drinking alcohol usually gave me three day hangovers. Not drinking alcohol left me with a daily two hour 'hang over'. Now my thoughts are far less muggy and confused. My concentration is much sharper. You may not be so sensitive or you may be far more sensitive. Euthymol is the toothpaste I use. The other chap now goes with bicarbonate of soda, lemon juice and I think that was it. Perhaps he can leave a comment below.

Please do comment on where your self directed research has led you. Then you may tell me how you feel about that.

You might want to try consuming high quality food and water too. Grow your own, assuming your government allows it.

Research away.

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