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08 April, 2016

Feedback (2/30)
Thanks everyone for the feedback.
There are concerns that this blog is not of a sufficiently high calibre. Which is fair.

I would rate it at Ordinary Level. Nothing I wouldn't expect the majority of 13 to 16 year olds to cope with.

I take the point that I could have spared a sentence to stir the juices of the type of people that would independently search out such a blog. I humbly apologise.

Let me make up for my error. Why isn't this taught at schools, college or university?

I will cover the reason later, much later.

An associate asked me which watch I bought? I suppose I could have mentioned that too. The curious crowd can look at it at http://www.finewatchesofchina.com/ga8378-bbb.html

Another serious point raised is that I haven't thought critically enough about this blog. Perhaps, but to those I say carpe diem.

Finally, after I bought my watch I came across T100 and T25. The curious can look here but it isn't part of this critical thinking blog. Feel free to make it part of your critical thinking.


Keep the comments flowing, they are appreciated

Just for fun, if you find a watch that you feel I would swap mine for, let me know. Upper price range is only £200 - comment on why you think that I would prefer it. Be warned, quarts watches with seconds hands will NEVER be considered.

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