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30 April, 2016

Accountability 105 (issuing orders)

Issuing 'orders' to 'superiors' What us the trick?

First, be confident in your assessment of the situation.
Ask yourself a question, am I prepared to lose / be wrong? The answer should be yes and you ought to be able to readily admit to any errors of judgement.

Then there are a few other tricks. You need to unbalance the wrongdoer. Try to shake his belief in his assessment of the situation. Ask him if he is sure? Is he prepared to lose his job? Is he absolutely certain?

Remember, he doesn't know who you are. He doesn't know who you know. He doesn't know what you are about to do. Don't tell him but feel free to give him your name but don't give him the opportunity to question you. Silence is a good weapon here. Short, brief questions. What are you doing? Are you sure? What is your name? Get them to explain their behaviour to you. Simply assume responsibility for the entire situation.

This unbalances people but don't succumb to the Dark side. It won't end well for you.

Wait for the moment that they yield 'authority' to you. Then make your suggestion as to what should be done, keep it simple. Cognitive dissonance, research it yourself, does the rest. Allow them to retake 'control' and then allow them to take credit for, more or less, carrying out your 'orders'. (Might have just lost my job.)

Perhaps my best advice, for beginners, is to think of a situation that you would rather have handled differently. Then replay various versions in your imagination. Doing this also enhances your brains flexibility and cognitive functions.

Once you are certain about what you could have, would have and should have done, then you are more prepared for a similar situation.

It is difficult to describe, just take responsibility for yourself and those around you. Even the wrongdoer. Be accountable to yourself, accept no other 'authority'.

People have various roles to play in society. Fireman, police officer, school teacher, employee, parent etcetera. Every adult has their own area of expertise and responsibility. You can hold anyone accountable for their own behaviour whenever you choose to. You can make suggestions and point out things you feel they have missed. All blindingly obvious but somehow we continually sabotage ourselves. In doing so, sabotage the entire human race.

You take care and don't forget to take the time to appreciate that which you find beautiful, like my watch and especially my motorbike. And my princess, obviously.

Take the time and spend the effort on appreciating what you already have.
For instance, I have an awesome boss, an interesting hobby and live in a truly beautiful part of England. And my Princess, whom I mentioned some moments ago, who is at the very top of the list.

You all take care, of yourselves and one another.

Especially the rich and powerful who depend on us far more than we depend upon them. Not the reality they wish us to perceive but an illusion is an illusion.

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