X marks the spot


24 April, 2016

Accountability 104 (God)

What happens when I die?

I will hold God to account. Any question I ask will receive the same response. He has probably automated this by now.

The reply will be, I gave you free will.

Yes but, I will stammer.

God will reply that he gave me the option to think critically.

So, what is life all about?

God will say, I was going to ask you the same thing.

So, what is life all about? Well, is it about following the rules of others which 'somehow' creates great wealth for a privileged few?

May I humbly suggest, that life is what we make it. I am happy to work with others and make mutually beneficial rules. When the arrangement ceases to provide any benefit, it can be disbanded and another association made. That won't benefit the wealthy few but it would make for a more interesting life for the other 7 billion of us.

With some Critical Thought, Accountability and a little bit of brainstorming, what a beautiful world we can create. The current world is less than adequate for most. Let us each live the lives we want to live.

But don't impact negatively on others lest they impact heavily on you.

At a minimum, we ALL get to lead, much more, interesting lives and the average exit interview with God, will take far longer than a minute.