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03 April, 2018

The Elusive Sigma Male & The Mysterious Sigma Female

I found this topic to be interesting, whilst many others find it controversial.

I will let a Sigma Female explain it to you, exactly as she explained it to me.

So two videos to enjoy.



There is no need to over analyse the videos, just accept that she is describing the Sigma with her own unique style.

In my last post I mentioned shedding your fear, as if this was a simple thing. In the video Sarah noticed her fear and explored it. She allowed herself to fully experience it. In doing so reduced its effects over her to zero. At a similar age I did something similar. However, instead of hiding in the dark, I deliberately walked down an unlit lane and was petrified. I did this more than once until I simply became alert to my surroundings.

The key here is that we both intentionally did this to ourselves. I am not suggesting that you do this to your children or significant other.

In intentionally and fully experiencing fear, Sarah turned herself into a Sigma Female. Without this self determined experience, I believe that she would have been a potent alpha female.

Now, this is where I add even more of my flavour. A member of the public will struggle to critically think because of  basic low level fear combining with intellect creates cognitive dissonance. Sigmas do not have the fear and so the cognitive dissonance doesn't form. This manifests in 'hyper awareness' or as I call it, awareness.

From a brief research session into Sigmas, many do not believe that they exist. Greater numbers believe that they are probably Sigmas. This is very encouraging.

If you don't believe in Sigmas then you are likely an intelligent Alpha or Omega. You will not believe that it is your cognitive dissonance and fear that has led you to this firm conclusion. Your transition into a Sigma should be readily accomplished but only if that is what you choose to do.

If you associate yourself favorably with many of the qualities that Sarah mentions in the videos, you might wish to become a Sigma too. You know how. Determine what exactly causes you to feel fear and go and experience it in as controlled and safe way as possible. Repeat until you really struggle to find something that induces you into a state of fear. (Being intellectually alert to potential danger is not fear.) My significant other is terrified of the dentist. So that is an ideal safe and controlled environment for her to fully experience her fear in. She won't. Thus she is not Sigma.

Jordan P Peterson mentions that going into a biker bar would be something that would cause him intense fear. So, he needs to decide whether or not he wishes to be Sigma rather than whatever he is now. Then he needs to find a way of reasonably safe way of venturing into a biker bar. The man is intelligent, he will find a way. If he doesn't, that is his choice to make, but he will never be Sigma.

It is not all good, many Sigmas are unhappy with society and would gladly let it burn to the ground. This is understandable as Sigmas are not members of society. Sigmas do not live in the dominance hierarchy pyramid. Sigmas live in the eye above the pyramid.

I suggest that you give this particular post a great deal of thought.

My next post will be exclusively for the Sigma.

It will be publicly available and anyone can read it. Only Sigma will understand what I politely and with absolute respect will be requesting of them. (A call to serve Humanity.)

Until next time

Be seeing you

N.B. You may be wondering if I am Sigma or not. It is a reasonable thought but of no significance.

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