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04 April, 2018

Sigma - a call to serve the greater good

First of all, how each Sigma decides to act is their own business.

I politely request that each Sigma who serves society, ask themselves why?

What purpose does keeping society going serve?

I ask this question as society is not the best way of organising a complex system. Society is a top down hierarchical control system which is neither effective or robust. I say this as a Systems Analyst and Design Engineer, a global learner and as an Alpha Sigma.

Now maintaining society, if the alternative is chaos is serving the greater good.

However, Sigmas can help form a civilisation.

The reasoning for this is clear. Society is what forms when our amygdala / inner monkey are collectively over stimulated. Primarily by fear of the unknown. Nothing cements a society more than a war against people who are different. A war cannot start without fear.

A civilisation forms when our inner humanity is in ascendance. The unknown becomes interesting. Fear gives way to love.

Plenty to argue about, no doubt about that. If society were to collapse, fear would lead to chaos. Love would lead to the formation of a human civilisation.

Now, if I was an Alpha Sigma I would reluctantly ask that each Sigma stops expending energy maintaining society. I humbly ask that energies are to be directed towards developing the Alphas and Betas and Omegas into a more Sigma like state of being. As each Sigma once conquered their own fear, I ask now that they help society conquer its own fear. (One person at a time.)

A Sigma state of being is one where fear is not really a thing.

For example, I can have a conversation with an Alpha or Beta and either bring them into a Sigma like state or enrage them beyond their ability to think coherently. I just can. It is an Alpha Sigma thing.

If you are a Sigma, please consider this:-

An Alpha Sigma is simply an Alpha without fear
A Beta Sigma is simply a Beta without fear.

A civilisation is simply a society without fear.

A Sigma can best serve humanity by helping their fellow man overcome their fear. This will quite naturally and without effort allow society to slowly dissolve and a civilisation to rise at a pace that we are all comfortable with.

Let me provide a hypothetical example. With a crowd saturated in fear, an 'authority' figure can just point at someone who is different and firmly say, 'they did it'. The crowd will tear the highlighted individual limb from limb. Pushing my luck a little, perhaps Hitler used this technique to get the 'rule loving' Germans to behave inhumanely.

Now imagine a crowd of Sigmas, they would see the 'authority figure' as deluded for thinking that he or she was a figure of authority. As this person yelled, 'they did it', the Sigmas would instantly know that the deluded authority figure was responsible for doing whatever nasty deed had been done.

If I am correct and only if, then the only question a Sigma need consider is am I personally capable of helping birth a human civilisation or not. Obviously you are, as you are Sigma.

If you are not a Sigma, you do have options. The best would be to become Sigma by facing your fear(s). Your other choices are whatever you decide.

Finally, I must confess that I see Sigmas as true Human Beings and everyone can be one.

I can say that because most people are in a Sigma like state most of the time. It is just low-level fear that keeps them behaving like an Alpha arsehole or a clingy Beta for brief, or not so brief, periods of time.

If you have been able to watch Sarah Reynolds videos then I would say, we have arrived. Stop 'repairing' the bus. The Human Race is over, please allow the Human Civilisation to start.

For the 'bad' Sigmas who would like to allow society to burn as they feel undervalued. I understand. In a civilisation you will be highly valued. Your awareness will enable you to hand out Justice and help coordinate the best use of resources. You already know this, we all do. Talented individuals capable of doing stuff will be celebrated and supported. The not so talented who want to do something will be encouraged and their successes celebrated by all. Each failure met by more support.

You all know this, you just do. I am writing nothing new. I am just writing it.

This is your world and it is time to stop pretending that it is society or chaos. It is time to birth a civilisation, it just is. Lose your fear of chaos to become a truly powerful Sigma. Understand this, a civilisation will naturally produce Sigmas and you will lose your rarity value completely.

I humbly ask that you simply consider birthing a civilisation by using your proven Sigma ability to dissolve fear. You need not reply or reveal yourself. I am neither leading you or asking you to lead.

If my request is not sufficiently well heard or understood, I will be compelled to ask a Rothschild for guidance, expertise and access to the financial resources to do what needs to be done. To seek you out and ask of what you are frightened. To determine that which is stopping you from reaching your true potential as a powerful Sigma, an actual Human Being.

Anyway, you take care and have a bit of a think