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08 April, 2018

How much does Society cost you?

Jordan Peterson | The Most Terrifying IQ Statistic

In the brief youtube clip mentioned above, Jordan says that one in ten of us can just about understand a basic written instruction.

I made a brief comment as below:-

Perhaps 1 in 10 people simply accept the social conditioning they are saturated in from birth.

To which I received a reply, as below

intelligence is heritable. all the data out now disproportionately shows "nurture" has only a small effect on early childhood development but by the 5th grade level the childrens iq balanced closer to their genetic averages.

Now, there is a possibility that even hwnboy925 hasn't actually understood the content of his own comment. At this point I challenge you to guess where I am going to go with this. You might wish to consider watching or re-viewing my cognitive dissonance series.

This post is about society and how much social conditioning actually costs you. There is a financial cost but I am not an accountant. School is one of many methods of social conditioning. hwnboy925 tells us that studies show that any 'nurture' a diligent parent gives their children is a waste of time. Did you understand that as you read the comment? Do you understand it now? Are you capable of understanding it? Do you believe it? How does it make you feel? :-) 

Did you pick up on an even more corrosive aspect of this societal conditioning we call school? You can agree or disagree with my conclusion but my point is that you probably never even noticed it. Assuming you have re-read hwnboy925 post a few times, I will carry on. Regardless of your childs potential, they will leave school with the average IQ of their parents. Are you happy about that? Is that what you 'think' school is for?

Now, I know of a study where a 'credible authority' figure tells a teacher that one or two of their young pupils are geniuses but that are to be shown no favouritism and in order to guarantee this, the teacher is not told who the geniuses are. This is a lie, there are no geniuses but by the end of the year one or two geniuses are 'discovered' anyway.

Now, neither me nor hwnboy925 have given you our sources. So, feel free to write your own research paper and do the studies or locate the original material, should it still be publicly available.

Have you fully appreciated the content of this post? Do you understand the value of it?

It doesn't matter how this post has come into being. If it is essentially correct, will you still be sending your children to school tomorrow? Why?

Well, the Elite don't. Now you have a basic undrstanding as to why.

I suggest that people with an IQ of 83 have fully taken on board all of societies conditioning.

Those with genius level IQ's are usually considered to have some form of autism, this can be a polite way of saying that their social skills are lacking Another possibility is that they haven't accepted a great deal of societies social conditioning.

You can endlessly argue the details but is this post 'about right'.

If yes, then I suggest that successful societal conditioning (school) will reduce your child's potential IQ by around 40 points.

In simple terms, you send your potential genius child to school and get an average member of public back by 5th grade.

In simpler terms, a member of the public with an average IQ, would have been a genius without the corrosive effect of societal conditioning / school.

I am sure a genius who is an actuary can put a life-time value on a 40 point IQ reduction, without needing to understand much of anything.

Multiply that number by 3 billion to determine how much this thing called Society costs humanity annually and then double it. During World Wars these costs can and do soar dramatically.

Anyway, forget the financial aspect. The contents of this post need to be subjected to a great deal of critical thought before you make your own decisions for yourself and those dependent upon you. Or not. You could simply just do what Trump / Clinton and May / Corbyn expect you to do.

I just offer you food for thought. hwnboy925 gave me a banquet, thanks.