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02 April, 2018

Dominance Hierarchy

I write this post with Jordan B Peterson in mind. If you don't know who he is then type his name into youtube. He has a million followers and is very interesting.

Peterson often mentions dominance hierarchies being the key to success and of finding your place in society. He is correct. He mentions the pyramid with the eye on top, believing that if you climb to the top of the pyramid you are closer to the eye. In this we disagree.

He discusses that young children playing will often develop games with very flexible rules and thoroughly enjoy playing them. They are cooperative and will pursue common goals. Hold that thought.

Society takes these children and stamps upon them the need for society. Fear is instilled in these young human beings which over develops their inherent inner 'lobster' / monkey, which is hardwired to need dominance hierarchies - which society provides in spades. These children develop into unbalanced adults, craving status symbols, promotions, money, wealth, power over others, respect and the rest. Peterson describes and teaches how best to position yourself within society.

Well that is as you already know. That is the pyramid. What about the eye? The eye floats above and is separate from the pyramid. Well you know that but are you beginning to understand it yet?

Climbing the dominance hierarchy is the game of society. Play it if you wish but it is just a game. It is similar to the game the young children play but the key difference is that society is not a human game. Society is a 'lobster' / monkey game. The childrens game was entirely human.

This post is fantastically advanced. I am of the eye but I do also have a role in society and a boss, he has a boss, he has a Director / owner boss. All work within the framework of the law. All have differing positions in various pyramids that all add into the vast pyramid which is society. However, once you are of the eye, the dominance hierarchy ceases to exist and society is simply revealed as a game.

You can most definitely have fun with people who believe that the game is real. You can make them feel weak or powerful, comfortable or ill at ease. You can do as you wish with them. I did this rather brutally throughout my twenties. Was a little gentler in my thirties and stopped in my forties, mosly. I have played the society game but it is pointless and lacks a human soul.

Again, this is all reasonably obvious if you stop and think about this thing we call the real world.

Now, given the choice will you stay fully immersed in the society game?

Or would you like to join those of us of the eye, above and separate from the pyramid of society?

Remembering know that you know exactly what society is and exactly what being in the eye is too. You were once a young human child playing made up games with other human children. You were of the eye then.

How wondrous, interesting and enjoyable would a civilisation be, made up of experienced versions of the young human children. A human civilisation rather than a dominance hierarchical society.

Anyway, Jordan B Peterson will help you come to terms with society and help you find a role within it. I, on the other hand will help you be what you born to be. A civilised human being rather than a member of society.

This is achieved however you wish to achieve it. My guidelines are:-

Number One - become Mindful of self
Number Two - develop awareness of others
Number Three - be conscious of the demands of society

Hence the three books I wrote a while ago

The books are short but the even shorter version is

Let go of fear
be aware of when others are being dominated by their lobster / inner monkey
know what society is and that the alternative is both natural and beautiful

There you go, saved you six currency units and given you the option of fully appreciating and enjoying your time in this place.

Now, your humanity will feel that this post has revealed to you that which you already knew. I have merely directed your attention to it.

Now, your lobster will be having none of this. Why would it? Your intellect will create a cloud of 'cognitive dissonance' by which you will think one or two thoughts and then dismiss this entire post as preposterous nonsense. You will be firmly of the belief that I am living in cloud cuckoo land and that civilisation, as I describe it, would never work because of 'reasons'.

I am not telling you how things should be or could be. I am simply telling you how things are.

Illuminating a choice you have always had and always will have. Not a choice for mankind but a choice for you to make for yourself.

2) Be a member of the public living in a society - the current default 'choice'

1) Be a human being living in a civilisation - a future default 'choice'

Please exercise your free will in a reasonable fashion