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29 April, 2018

Playing the Victim

Playing the victim is especially corrosive to oneself as well as debilitating to society.

Playing the victim is very different from being a victim. Being an eleven year old girl and being duped into taking drugs / alcohol before being raped by half a dozen men in Sheffield, Rotherham or Telford is simply horrific. Playing the victim is what the paedophile rapists do when asked a question about their hobbies and recent activities

I could go on, do I need to?

Probably. When I was five I took an illegal wager to an illegal bookie. At the time I was simply taking a piece of paper from my Grandma to a man in the village. A week later I told my Grandma that her request was completely unacceptable and that she was never to ask me to do anything like that again. I made my statement, I asked no questions and my Grandma remained silent.

This startled everybody, not so much my speech but the fact that my Grandma responded with silence. I had not played the victim. I was five.

Playing the victim is not something I do but I find that many others thrive on it. I know of a very fit, healthy and strong man who does it all the time. It is bizarre. Not quite as bizarre as how all listeners to his tales of woe appear to accept his victim status. 'You should tell the police', they say. 'I have', he says, nods of agreement all round as to how pathetic the police are.

This ladies and gentleman is how society functions / continues to exist. Is it not bizarre?

Most people presented with this sort of information react with, 'the alternative is worse.'

I could mention Rotherham, Sheffield, Telford and Catholic Priests and ask what alternative is worse than systematic rape of children for decades? The reply is 'yes, but they are one offs. Unlikely to happen again.' Well they are happening right now in towns that I haven't mentioned yet.

We have had this happen and continue to happen since before I was born. Jimmy Saville, some Mayor somewhere, I forget, and Margaret Thatchers number two all raped children and high ranking members of society covered it up, including Police, social workers, Mi6, Margaret Thatcher and the press. This is society and many believe that there is no alternative. (Or the alternative is worse.)

I believe that fear keeps this society from evolving into something far better. Fear ensures that we create the very thing that we fear the most. Love is the cure.

Raping children is about power and fear. There is no love there.

Society is about power and fear. There is no love there.

Civilisation is about love.

At this point, the only thing holding society together are the strands of civilisation weaving through and around society. I ask that you help me develop and strengthen these strands.

You can start by not playing the victim.
You can start by not indulging others in their belief that they are a victim.
You can start by actively listening to others, particularly children and the vulnerable.
You can start by relentlessly questioning those in power who are not doing that which you consider they should be doing.

Obviously, reading my three books will help you build a great life for you and yours and by extension, everybody else too.

Playing the victim = 99% of women
Playing the victim = 98% of men

I was told recently that life was serious and that 'things' took hard work. No it isn't. Life is fun, interesting and joyous. Well, it is for human beings, I can't begin to understand the life of a fly, a spider, a bird, a fish, a politician or member of the public.

As always take care.

A final note, I was recently told a 'story' about a policeman refusing to accept a 'story' from a member of public. The police man gave no reason for his lack of effort in regards to making his own inquiries about the 'story'. The member of public instantly transformed into an actual human being. He looked the police man directly in his eyes and told the policeman to, 'Fuck off.'

Suddenly, the police man was fully engaged. Not in the 'story' but in informing the human being that he couldn't tell a policeman to 'fuck off'. Let me be clear about this, the police men can do that which we think they ought to be doing or they can all FUCK OFF. This is the problem, those in power believing in their own superiority. Harvey Weinstein, Cosby, the rest and we indulge them!

Politicians ought be doing that which we think they ought to be doing or they can all FUCK OFF

Every member of society taking wealth from the productive few ought be doing that which the productive few believe they should be doing or they can FUCK OFF too.

The top three members of society in the US, UK and France recently decided to destroy some buildings somewhere else. They said they were chemical weapons facilities. If they had been active chemical weapons facilities then the resulting explosions and clouds of toxic gases would have killed tens of thousands. The cries of FUCK OFF should have been deafening. As should the cries of FUCK OFF in Sheffield, Rotherham and more recently Telford.

The previous paragraphs were deliberately extreme to highlight the following two points.

1) Those in power really do believe that being in power creates a better world for everybody and so do all members of the public. Therefore, telling those in power to FUCK OFF is a crime against society itself. Far worse than killing people and raping children. Is this not bizarre?

2) Point One tells us all we really need to know.*

* Basically, I firmly told my Grandma to FUCK OFF.**

** FUCK OFF is perhaps the sentiment of a controlled statement rather than an emotional outburst. I would recommend thinking FUCK OFF in your head but actually stating your position and disappointment is the way to go. Once you become a fully functioning human being then the thought FUCK OFF will be replaced with NO / UNACCEPTABLE. As it was with me at five years of age.

FUCK OFF is simply a bridge you may find useful in crossing over from member of the public to human being. (There are more bridges than people.)

I wrote an article about feminists, these people flaunt their playing the victim status.
I believe Kanye West is attempting to explain the same point to a great many others all playing the victim when in fact they are actually intrinsically powerful. Kanye will need a great deal of loving support to make the difference he aims to make.

The actual point of this post is to state that when you either play the victim or don't call out someone playing the victim, you are actually creating an environment which allows for the systematic rape of young children. Have a real good long think about that as the alternative is UNACCEPTABLE to me.