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24 June, 2016

The world is as you perceive it (15/30)

Today, at work, I was making a rather theatrical big deal about all the pressure  I was under. Someone took the bait and a sarcastic comment was made. I carried on talking nonsense for a while but was ignored. I changed tack. I thanked the sarcastic comment maker for his earlier compliment. He laughed and this provoked another jester into making a sarcastic comment. I deliberately and with great effect, took that as a compliment too. The sarcastic duo then laughed at my seeming inability to detect their sarcasm. I then said, 'The world is as you perceive it'.

Which preamble leads me to my point, how do you perceive the world? In another post I touched upon the fact that the world wasn't as virtually everyone perceives it. Surely, I have contradicted myself? Perhaps I have.

Most find the world, the economy and the machinations of government incredibly complex. This indicates that your knowledge is preventing you from understanding the world.

I could just tell you but it is a waste of time, you wouldn't believe me. I fear that I am talking in riddles.

A while back I encouraged you to research 'money'. You should as understanding 'money' is crucial to understanding banks and governments.

I will just tell you. Banks and governments have formed an alliance to steal wealth from millions of productive men and women. Now, don't bother with that feeling you are having that I am a conspiracy theorist. I am a systems analyst and design engineer who has spent four years studying the global financial system. Don't bother with that feeling that you don't believe me. Think, think and then think some more.

Not that you will. Thinking is hard. It just is. Do you understand why you find it so hard? You haven't ever been encouraged to do it, nothing more than a superficial stab at giving an authority figure the answer they are expecting.

Individuals are wonderful creatures. Why, collectively, do I refer to us all as drones?

I have covered several points that you need to spend time considering. Yet you read on waiting to see how you feel about the explanations that you expect me to give.

Think again.

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