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30 June, 2016

Banks and governments (16/30)

I have mentioned an unholy alliance between banks and governments, then failed to explain what it was. You, dearest reader, was supposed to think about it yourself after researching what 'money' is.

I am convinced that explaining it is pointless and that you must determine what is is for yourself. I have repeatedly pointed out that you must break your conditioning. Then rambled on about education.

Basically, I don't know how to help you break your conditioning. I can only keep pointing out anomalies.

We have, as western world occupants, given away our power to a government we know lies to us. This is easy when the lies they tell are lies we want to hear. The big lie is do as you are told and have a nice life and lovely retirement. Well, so far so good. The lie is believed and the central banks are doing everything possible to sustain this belief system.

The government's say the banks can counterfeit at will, legally, because the government say so. The banks never refuse to loan counterfeit 'money' to the government. That is the unholy alliance.

All those 'yes But' explanations you are bursting to give me is due to your conditioning. What an actual human being would do would be to think, both long and hard, due to the seriousness of my accusation.

You require proof? Of what exactly?

100 years ago $100 is placed in a box. Today the box is opened. It contains $100. It's purchasing power is less than 1% of what it was.

That is theft, orchestrated by the unholy alliance between banks and governments. Welcome to the real world. You already know this, I am trying to help you understand it. Things change real fast once you do.

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