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25 June, 2016

Accountability 203 (central planners vs God)

I have covered a great deal of topics. You should have plenty to think about. You should be engaging more with people and having some interesting chats.

Public opinion does change, sometimes rapidly. We are each a single member of the public. What we think about something can change in an instant. Thus, public opinion can to.

These posts are about you and the personal power I am attempting to give each and everyone of you. Yes, some will abuse it but not many. That is why I write these accountability posts, so the many can either tolerate or neutralise their abusers.

Central planners want one thing, more control over you.
For them to succeed, you must give them control of your life.

God gave you free will. Central planners want you to want the limited choices that they offer.
Many religions also like to offer you a limited range of options too. Jesus would be appalled. He saw the beauty of people's souls, as we all should. Jesus did a fantastic job of helping people see others souls as well as their own. To recognise that we each walk around with a spark of life, a touch of divinity or whatever you wish to name it.

After two thousand years, we should all be aware of our souls and their innate beauty. We should be nourishing our souls with art, poetry, music, dance, writing, sculptures and basically enjoying each other's company.

This isn't happening is it? These central planners have produced a world of menace and tyranny. Of children starving. What do we do? Nothing. We accept it as the way things are. Well people, things will only get worse. See Detroit, see Greece. Watch for companies going bankrupt and pensions evaporating.

Do you want the truth? Can you handle it? I am preparing you for it.

Truth is understanding. Knowing is the comfort blanket of an immature mankind.

Knowing is a barrier against understanding. The greatest barrier.

Central planners are fighting against the will of God. They are fighting the very thing that makes us human.

God didn't give us free will for us to then collectively give it Trump or Clinton or Lagarde or me.

God gave us some great gifts. We are just one small step away from greatness.

I keep mentioning God and Jesus. Please feel free to substitute these words for others that are more in line with your own personal beliefs.

There are seven billion of us. Ideally, I want to see seven billion individuals with seven billion ideas on how to live beautiful lives. I want to see 7 billion interesting blogs or Facebook pages.

Central planners want one idea and us all to accept it. That one idea being theirs.

No one on this planet out ranks me. No one.

Does anyone out rank you?

I do have a boss, I do have a job. I have discussed this with him. He has his areas of responsibility and accountability and I have mine. In the army, 250 is the maximum number for units under your control. The FED chairman assumes control of the world's reserve currency. One of these institutions is competent, the other wants us to believe in her more than most believe in a God.

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