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10 April, 2018

How to increase your IQ by forty points or so in about two years

This particular post is dedicated to my Aunty Kay. She asked a question I was stunned to hear and was unable to answer. She asked if she was not clever enough to understand my posts.

As far as I can tell, most of my posts are abrupt, harsh and inhuman. This is how I like my information. I like to process the information in my own time. Then, if necessary, have a conversation about the information. Warmth and humanity doesn't really come into it. I like a bit of humour but information is a serious business for me.

This post, is intentionally warm and human. As is my Aunty Kay. Now perhaps the title intrigues you. The average IQ is 100 and so a forty point increase puts the average member of public into genius territory, more or less. Is this even possible? Well, yes. Is it easy? Well, no. Not especially. It will take some effort and perhaps one to two years of your time. It could even cost you up to 10 bank credits but let us not rush into things.

My posts contain alternative world views, alternative points of view, bizarre statements and the rest. The idea is that you read them and note your personal reaction to them. Some reactions may be emotional, perhaps anger or annoyance. You might laugh at my apparent naivety or decide not to read such utter nonsense. In monitoring your responses to my posts you can become more mindful of your self and this is a crucial first step to increasing your IQ by forty points.

Many people will just skip the becoming more mindful of self as if it was a skill they already have. Well, you do have some skill but are you a master of your 'self'. For example,  I really like the Honda Civic Type R. I just do. I could even buy one. Will it make me more attractive to woman? I don't really care. It will cost me far more of my income than my Honda Civic SE has. It will be far faster and unduly harsh on poor road surfaces aka roads. So, I like the idea of owning one but probably not enjoy the actual experience of owning one. To be honest, as I haven't had a midlife crisis I might treat myself to a Porsche, to celebrate my heightened mindfulness of self. (That was what I call humour, you may call it whatever you wish.)

You might be able to guess where I am going to go with this post. After increasing your mindfulness of self you can start increasing your awareness of others, which is book two of my trilogy. However, the posts are a great exercise in and of themselves. Believing impossible things will increase the flexibility of your brain. Believing is a strong word. Perhaps a better word would be understanding. Feel free to re-read my posts until you feel that you can understand why I might 'believe' what I wrote. At this point, my opinion of my own posts is far less important than your own. I can have six different views on my own posts during breakfast.

Book three of the trilogy is about society. Again, this book is an important step in increasing your IQ by forty points. As is reading ALL my posts, several times each.

At this point you will be deciding how credible I am. Experts in the field will be wanting me to cite my qualifications and provide links to approved studies in the domain of IQ. I have no problem with that. Unfortunately, increasing your IQ by forty points is incredible. It is not something that will have had a great deal of funding. Most likely, funding for this sort of thing will be non-existent.

Imagine that you are completely relaxed. You have plenty of time. You have plenty of local bank credits. It is warm and your are completely at peace with everything. You have a little bit of a think about what you are going to do next and then go do it. Assuming that you have mastered the content of my trilogy, you will be operating, quite naturally, at a genius level.

Now imagine you are waiting for a job interview, a crucial one. You must get the job or lose your home and car. You fear that your wife / husband is having an affair and will leave you anyway. You haven't enough bank credit for food and your car is going to be repossessed as soon as they find it. Your gas and electric have been cut off and whilst shaving in cold water you have cut your face or legs or whatever. Your clothes are both disheveled and dirty. You are in a room of hopefuls and they look on you in horror. You are passed a pencil by an angry looking woman and asked why you haven't started the IQ test yet? A large gentleman walks in and laughs at you, motions to the most attractive woman in the room and they then leave together. Under those circumstances, I doubt that you are going to score too highly in the battery of tests you will be 'assaulted' with.

If you have just agreed with me, in principal, you know or believe or feel that an IQ test result is dependent upon circumstances. As are school exams and the like. The absolute purpose of my trilogy of books in conjunction with reading the posts (several times each) is to enable you to operate at your highest level even in unfavourable conditions. In fact, their purpose is to enable you to perform at your highest level, should you choose too, in extreme circumstances.

Time for some anecdotal evidence. Me. I have done all this as a young child. I have never accepted anything anyone has ever told me, ever. Not parents. Not teachers. Not police. Not anyone. Nobody. I listen and I listen intently. Ultimately, I decide for myself. What this means in practise is that being told I am clumsy, or will never amount to anything or whatever has no affect on me whatsoever. Which isn't quite true. I will simply consider them to be wrong beyond my comprehension and utterly rude. I simply view them as demonstrating very bizarre behaviour. My point is that most people, particularly children, do accept what others tell them. Will accept what parents tell them. Will accept what teachers tell them. Will accept what the police tell them. Will accept what the news tells them. They accept all this until the day they die.

Keep that thought in your mind. In reading my books I will have introduced you to the concept that you have a human mind and an inner monkey. Neuro-scientists and the like will prefer me to write amygdala and associated organs. OK but I am going to write inner monkey. It has been demonstrated that the inner monkey can release chemicals that cripple the human portions of your mind. Even worse, your inner monkey can tamper with the blood flow in your brain. Diverting blood away from your human mind and toward the inner monkey parts of your brain. This makes for poor decision making as your cognitive function is lowered towards zero.

Keeping in mind the last two paragraphs I would like you to remember when you had done something 'wrong' and were being admonished for it by an annoyed boss, teacher, policeman or whoever. Did your eyes look to the floor and you mumbled an apology? Did you respond in a physical fashion with a level of violence that you deemed sufficient? Did you just simply feel 'bad'?

Bearing in mind the last four paragraphs, are you beginning to believe? Are you beginning to believe in yourself? Are you beginning to believe that you can increase your IQ by forty points within a couple of years. The great news is that whatever you believe is essentially true.

If you believe that you can, then you will.

If you believe that you can't, then you won't.

Now place into your mind, the entirety of this post. Re-read as often as required.

I don't ask that you agree with me. I hope that I haven't persuaded you to do anything. I merely wonder, have you concluded that I might have stumbled into something that is essentially, obvious?

Are you beginning to believe, to believe in yourself?

I do.

I believe in me.

I believe in you.

This post was designed to plant an idea into your imagination. The idea that society has formed you into that which it thought you were. That society has formed you into a member of the public who have average IQ's of exactly 100.

Police have a over used strategy of quickly establishing dominance in a room. Basically, they are deliberately stimulating your inner monkey which then cripples your ability to think. Bad bosses use this technique, particularly when you have annoyed them. Politicians will often abuse this technique in order to get your support. I use it too. It just works. (However, it shouldn't.)

You could choose to be that which you were born to be. A human being with very little input from your inner monkey. Wouldn't that be nice? Remembering now that an active inner monkey has released chemicals for years and years that will have impacted upon your cognitive function. An inner monkey that for years has directed blood flow away from the areas of your brain capable of thinking. To encourage blood flow to the human parts of your brain and get the inner monkey to release some 'more useful' chemicals is your challenge in order to increase your IQ by forty points. Just do it. Yo can use the first two books in my trilogy for guidance and these posts for your sparring partner in your quest to increase your ability to think and reason clearly and to increase your IQ by forty points or so.

Anyway, Thanks Aunty Kay for simply being a part of my world. It is appreciated.

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