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11 April, 2018

How to dramatically slow the ageing process

As this is a critical thought blog, health and beauty type posts are not going to occur particularly frequently. However, as I try and inject humanity and warmth into my posts, I will give it a go.

OK, first allow me to list my health and beauty qualifications - none.
Second, allow me to detail my experience in this lucrative arena - none.

I wasted my youth reading a great many 'white papers'. Absorbing masses of information and processing it at my leisure. One of my interests was aging. More accurately, how to die more slowly. I have been successful and I am more or less happy to share this with you. Let me quantify my success. Recently I had to see a court appointed specialist aka Doctor. He sees a great many people, far more than a standard GP. So, his opinion is as valid as it gets on 'judging' people. He didn't say that I looked young for my age. He said that he was struggling to believe that I was as old as my records indicated. Quite frankly, he was astonished. Now, if I'd have known that I was ever going to mention this, ever, I would have asked what age he thought I was. Thus giving you a number and or percentage to consider.

How is your belief system handling this post so far? How do you feel?

Anyway, high quality food and water is the way to go but there is more, a lot more.

Some exercise, cardio and free weights all help but there is more, a lot more.

If you have read my post on increasing your IQ by forty points you will be aware of a great many things. One of which is your inner monkey / amygdala and associated organs. I suggest that by 'taming' your inner monkey then you can start to increase your IQ by forty or so points. In our modern society, a forty point IQ increase is perhaps not particularly beneficial. However, looking young, staying fit and healthy is probably of far higher value to most. Now, where do you need to send your money for the rest of this article? Just kidding.

Let me share an anecdote with you. I had a boss, a shouty boss. An alpha male boss. Now, in fairness to him, he did cope well with me. He said that I was like a little adorable puppy who occasionally shits in your slippers. Me, adorable, who knew. Anyway, one day he came down into Stores where I like to be, escaping from the madness that is people. He was giving it large over some misdemeanor of mine. I looked at him and decided to wind him up. Just to provoke him for fun. So I did. He became louder and louder and louder. He became increasingly animated and agitated. I carried on wondering if he would have a heart attack or perhaps a stroke. Eventually, he told me that unless I changed my attitude that I would lose my job and off he skulked. I carried on doing whatever it is I find to do all day.

A few hours later, in the sales office, an old colleague asked me about the massive 'telling off' I received earlier. I asked him what he was on about. My boss interjected (alpha male remember) could you hear me he asked? Yes, was the reply. We all could. We all stopped and listened for about five minutes. My boss looked uncomfortable. His epic rant had been heard by some very important people. He had used a great many words that perhaps he shouldn't. He had been very loud and perhaps he shouldn't have. I nearly wet myself laughing and went back into stores. My boss called me a fatherless child, or words to that effect and I laughed some more.

What was the point of that anecdote? (Critical thought blog remember.) Well, how would a standard beta male have coped? He would have felt 'bad' and been quite stressed. His inner monkey would have flooded his body with a range of chemicals to achieve a wide range of objectives. The beta male may have re-told the incident many times, thus re-living it many times, with colleagues and friends. Each time feeling as 'bad' as when it happened. His inner monkey repeatedly shoving a cocktail of potent chemicals into his blood stream. One of the chemicals, if memory serves, is cortisone. You might wish to start your independent research there. Anyway, a side effect of this potent mess of cocktails is that you undergo a rapid ageing process. A standard beta male might have 2 - 3 hours of stress, worry and the like from this one incident. That is 2 - 3 hours of rapid ageing. All completely avoidable. I still smile when I remember the incident that I had.

These rapid ageing cycles add up. My partner won't be happy about me telling you this next bit, so I won't. I will tell you this instead. I know that I am one year older than a woman who manages a local store. We speak often and she is convinced that I am far younger than her. These rapid ageing cycles effect the organs, bones, muscle and skin. It is not just superficial. So, if you are or if you aren't doing the IQ thing that I suggested, you may wish to seriously consider this 'slow the ageing process' post.

In order to be stronger, healthier, look and feel younger you will have to put in some effort. In fact, a lifetime of effort for maximum results. Luckily, I have written a trilogy of books about this very thing. There are even over 100 posts for you to read. The only question that remains is how much to charge you for this information. You may have questions and that is a good thing.

You already know the answer and you did before reading this post. Yet, many will need me to write the answer concisely such that they can have an immediate gut reaction and based on nothing whatsoever, believe themselves to be competent to judge my work. There is a word for that, two in fact. It is the dunning - kruger effect.

You already understand what you need to do. That is right, just buy the three books I always mention and read all of my blog posts at least twice. same as ever. In being mindful of self, aware of others and in understanding the demands of society, you can lead a satisfying life with very few moments of accelerated ageing.

I just thought that I would mention the ageing thing. Perhaps there are people that want to know this sort of thing who wouldn't necessarily be interested in critical thought.

I am currently in my fiftieth year, also known as being 49. How old do I look? Well, younger but I don't really care by how much. 120 or so posts on critical thought and just this one on health and beauty, that ought to give you a clue as to what I feel to be truly important.

So, for the newbies. Read the stuff about increasing your IQ by forty points as that path is the same path as slowing the ageing process.

This is not a coincidence, this is just the way it is. Or more simply, 'the way'. Or more accurately, 'my way.'

For those who worry, I didn't lose my job by deliberately antagonising my boss and then laughing at him later. My boss has a new job and I have a new boss. I still hideaway in the Stores but where else would you expect a Sigma to be? Perhaps a post about being Sigma might be helpful to you. Or read the books, read the posts and become one yourself! You can then choose to act and be as you please.

To summarise, do as I have suggested and have a genius level IQ, look younger, be healthier, be increasingly powerful, be confident and be more capable of whatever it is that you are interested in.

Now you might ask, what is in it for me - besides fame and book sales?

Great question. I find living in a world controlled by a few over confident idiots to be truly bizarre. I seek to change that and you already know how I will accomplish that goal.

(The trilogy, the blog and time.)

You take care and remember that I make everything up for entertainment purposes only, my own, not necessarily yours. Have fun!