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15 April, 2018

Comical Weapons Attacks

I write this a day after finding out that 3 'leaders' May Trump Macron ordered a military strike on three industrial buildings involved in the process industry.

Boris amazed me with his comment that this was a civilised response. Let us assume that these people actually believe what they say because they do.

The words legal and international law were used a great deal. Let me start there. Legal in the UK is whatever UK Government says is legal in the UK. International law is whatever best suits whichever country at the time. Assuming that Trump initiated this comically precise and 100% successful military attack, he needs UK and France to keep saying international laws were observed because then they were.

Why what happened will never be known. There are layers upon layers upon layers of things happening that are not discussed except at the highest levels of 'Intelligence'. One of the layers or 'truths' is that US, UK and French tax donkeys paid for the destruction of Syrian tax donkey property.

What we are expected to believe, without any prompting, is that the Syrian people need the help of the US regime, the UK regime and the French regime to overthrow the Assad Government. Really? The unspoken 'truth' is that a country of 60 million can easily be over whelmed by the whims of an elderly lady called theresa may. That 330 million people with one billion firearms cannot withstand the nonsensical outbursts of a 12 year old boy in an old mans body called Donald Duck Trump. Obviously, the French are powerless against mostly everything.

Boris says that this dominance hierarchy is the civilised way of doing things. No doubt he truly believes it but that doesn't make it true. Boris merely speaks the truth as he sees it. I merely write about the truth as I see it. The difference is that the Russian Defence Minister can ignore me telling him to go fuck himself but when Boris announces it, a proportionate or perhaps absolute response will be considered. In other words, Boris's truth can get you killed.

I am trying to make a point here but I don't know if I have hit my target. Somewhat similar to Donald Duck Trump. However he believes he was 100% successful, as he is in all things. He did win the US presidential race or seat or post or whatever it is that the US people think it is. He believes himself to be a brilliant business man. Well, he did inherit 1000 life times of wealth from Daddy Duck Trump and he still has most of it left. So, well done?

Have I made a point yet? Who knows? Anyway, the UK regime of weak old woman May and weak old woman Boris have decided what is best for 60 million UK tax donkeys and however many Syrians are still alive after 7 years of CIA meddling.

How is this presented to us, subjects of a UK regime headed up by two of the weakest characters on planet earth? Not quite as brashly as the worlds weakest man Donald Duck Trump who knows all the big words, such as 'H U G E'. Oops, I have forgotten about the French character in this comically precise military action on some buildings involved in chemical production. Chemicals such as soap, bleach, shampoo and baby lotion, as has everyone else. We are told that our regimes are powerful and know things and do things for us. Which is true, they piss away our wealth and piss away our wealth thinking up new ways to piss away our wealth. Which is my opinion. Theirs will be the opposite. They do good things and we should pay them more, trust them more, obey them more and respect them more. They are the alphas of our society and we are the betas.

Which brings me to another point as I have lost interest in the last one. Our UK alpha Theresa May (really?) needs to piss away our beta wealth to protect the Syrian betas from a rogue alpha Assad. Seriously, why is alpha and beta still a thing? Well, while ever we have regimes in place such as we have then the alpha beta split is the necessary foundation. This is not civilisation. This is baboon group mentality. Quietly kill all the alphas in a baboon group and then you get a baboon civilisation. Lots of peace, sharing and cooperation. Until an alpha stumbles across the group. then you get a brief period of intense cooperation and a dead alpha. The baboon civilisation continues.

Yes but....... yes but............ yes but........ are all beta questions and all betas ensure the continuity of society because they are basically scared of the unknown. Fear traps them and us in this reality known as society. A bizarre synthetic reality created by beta fear of each other.

Alphas are required by the betas to look after the betas. So they do. I have no problem with that.

There is a third group. Alphas and betas make up society. The third group usually keep very quiet. The third group are Sigma and they live amongst the alphas and betas. Human beings can be split into alphas or betas or simply remain as human beings. In Human being form they both create and live in a human civilisation. I believe that this secret no longer serves a purpose and so I have revealed it.

Perhaps I have just made another point. Perhaps not.

Forget about the word 'truth'. Truth has an opposite in the word 'lie'. Boris May Trump don't lie, they speak the truth as they see it. They speak little old lady truth and deluded fuckwit truth and bumbling prick truth. All of them are completely genuine fuckwits, genuine old ladies and genuine pricks. I have no problem with them at all. I have no problem with alphas. They look after those who genuinely believe that they need to be looked after. The betas continue this nonsense ad nauseum. The betas massively outnumber everyone else and so we live in a beta society created out of beta fear of other betas.

To have a civilisation the betas must be encouraged and gently helped to shed their fear. I courteously ask all alphas and sigmas to try and assist betas to shed their fear. Once accomplished, all alphas and Sigmas to carry on organising and helping their fellow man, same as always.

The final point, the above paragraph is the only point I wish to make in my lifetime. Thanks.



Let me start again, fear that Assad is using comical weapons against his own tax donkeys has allowed two major regimes and the french 'leader' to piss away their own tax donkey wealth to destroy three factories paid for by some other tax donkeys. This pissing away of wealth must continue, fear in the tax donkeys must be maintained or increased in order for the pissing away of wealth to continue because this is apparently the best we can hope for.

We continue to piss away wealth and delay WW3 and a financial collapse and energy infrastructure collapse for as long as we are able.

Fear keeps us racing down a path that leads to more fear and then the realisation of that fear.

Written as simply as I am able, beta fear will call into existence exactly what betas fear.

Fear creates that which it fears.

Or perhaps, Jesus would say, 'love creates that which it loves.'

Jesus and I have differing views but we are both Sigma.

Feel free to argue the details but let us be that which we are. Let us do that which we are here to do.

Ladies and Gentleman, thanks for all your help in illuminating my path

Think       }        Breathe
Act            }       Relax
Reflect     }        Repeat

Most importantly of all

Take care and have fun